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When we were here 4 months ago, Sakari insisted on going to the water park at the Lost Mayan Kingdom something or other. She said it was her favorite day of the cruise and favorite port so far because she had such an amazing time there. She was super excited that we were returning and insisted on going back to the water park. I knew this meant it was just going to be a lazy day by the pool for me because I couldn't do any of the water slides or zipling. I also wasn't sure if I would even be able to make it in the pool because of the ladder situation. But, I did it while scuba diving, so I was going to at least attempt it if it got too hot.

Just know that if you purchase your tickets from the cruise line and are one of those "special status people" we are Platinum, you get a discount. We had purchased our tickets the night before.




Down the pier we started. I'm trying to take my mind off my sloth waddle walk by doing what I love to do...take pictures of everything around me.

Then along came a NCL worker with a wheelchair. He had just taken someone down the pier and the hubby flagged him down. I was SO relieved that I wouldn't have to walk it. They had several workers wheeling people down the dock and that was great. He wheeled me to the end of that pier, where you turn and go down the rest, and then I was set free. Wait, what?!? He said I would be able to ride the trolley the rest of the way and it would be coming shortly. But NCL said there was no transportation this time. I guess they meant by THEM! I knew there was always a trolley here but thought maybe they weren't working today or something.


Along came the trolley and away we went.

We made it to the entrance and was set free again of course. I was on my own to try to make it out of this twisting and turning port.

We slowly made our way past the vendors screaming "Senorita, you like jewelry come inside" and we finally made it out of the port area. People holding various signs with tours were outside and of course our "excursion" was at the very end. Go me! Almost immediately after arriving at the line for our excursion, it started to move out to get on the shuttles to take us to the waterpark. Now when I bought tickets for this excursion, they ask if I wanted the 9:30 or 11:30am time. We had picked the 9:30am time of course.


Off we went for the short 5 minute drive down the street to the waterpark. Remember last time we walked and I knew there was no way for that to happen again this time around.




There was no waiting this time and we walked right up to the window, they put our wristbands on and told us that we have "full access" to the entire park and off we went.


Oh no, don't let it drop on you!


As you can tell, it was a cloudy day. No blue skies or sun peaking out yet.

The park looked deserted for the most part. Either we were the first to arrive or everyone decided not to go because the weather looked as if it wasn't going to cooperate today.

Since we were just here, we knew our way around the place and I knew I wanted to go back to the area we had sat at before. It was pretty quiet and even with the weather nice the last time, it wasn't crowded like it was at the other pool (below).

There wasn't anyone back here yet. Hmmm, where should we sit?

Our view from the pool area consisted of the lazy river and the landing for the zipline.

This time we ended up all the way at the back and marked our territory.

This was my view for most of the day. I would be able to see the ziplines and hopefully catch Sakari and the hubby going by.

As soon as we sat down we immediately began to have mosquito's biting us. Oh great...not one of those days. We hadn't brought any spray with us this time. Now EVERY single cruise I have brought bug spray. Every.single.time. We have NEVER had to use it. The ONE time that I don't even bother to pack it...we needed it. We would spend about 20-30 minutes swatting mosquito's around us and doing matrix moves and then all of a sudden they vanished. Did they figure out we weren't about to let them have lunch that day and moved on to a different dining location? Either way, we were pretty happy about that and we showed them who's boss! We didn't end up with one bite on us! Now those are some skills!


Sakari started begging to go to the ziplines immediately. Of course I would have scurried off with her but that was going to be impossible this time. Daddy wasn't really feeling it but I gave him that look and said "You have obligated daddy duties today to make your munchkin happy." He hung his head and said "give me the camera" an prepared himself for what was about to happen. I handed him the camera and gave him strict instructions on what to do and what settings I wanted him to use...the regular sport setting, since he would be in motion and moving along quickly, the picture "pop" miniature setting that I use all the time for the "neat effects", and then the video of course. "Got it" he said. I gave him the side eye look and said "we'll see". Of course he knew that I wouldn't actually "see" until I got home, so he was least for several weeks to come. Sakari took the GoPro.


They headed off and I decided I needed to check-in with Kolin back home and see how the animals are doing. We had not had any internet service the entire cruise, but knew that this place had free wifi and I was going to make the most of it today. I really needed to know if he had done anything dumb this time a few times before...such as poisoning my dog. He has never lived it down since that. I also needed to know if any of their cats had a tasty treat while we were gone (Sakari's Axolotl). 


Obviously my children had been watching my location and Kolin had posted this on his snapchat....He also sent me this picture of him taking our dog out early this morning...well, at least he was still alive.

Wait, what's this white stuff???? It snowed?? Yikes! I picked the perfect time to be away on vacation (it melted before we returned and I haven't seen any since). The animals were ok and all still alive. Kolin gave me the normal talk about how he wished he would have went this time and he was regretting it....which he says every.single.time but yet still never goes. Little does he know...that would be his Christmas gift from us. He's going to be forced to go sooner or later!

Time for some ziplining fun. Now I made sure to tell the both of them to go on the zipline we didn't go on last time. Last time we went on the LONGEST route they had. It was about 1 hour or longer to complete. The one we went on before did not go over the pool where we were sitting and didn't have any of the swinging bridges that you see in the area.