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Walking around Heritage Wharf...

They have a neat Moon Gate at the dock so we had to stop to take pictures.

So what is a moon gate? Moon gates were brought to Bermuda in the late 19th century thanks to the British fascination with Asian culture. In China, these moon gates are meant to serve as ornamental and luxurious doorways to homes and gardens. In Bermuda, they are mostly freestanding. Bermuda people believe that the moongates bring them good luck, especially newlyweds. They are made of limestone and can be spotted in various areas in Bermuda including public parks, hotel grounds and private homes. It is stated that there are at least 40 moongates on the island (with many being on private property). When you stop to kiss under one, you are supposed to have a long happy life together. Make sure you make a wish too.

Several places you will find them are:

*Bermuda Botanical Gardens

*Par-la-Ville Park

*Somers Gardens

*Tobacco Bay Beach

*Shelly Bay Beach

*Hamilton Princess & Beach Club hotel

*Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa

*The Reefs Resort & Club

*Fairmont Southhampton

*Aunt Nea's Inn

*Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

*Pompano Beach Club

And of course the port

PA090154 copy.jpg
PA090192 copy.jpg
PA080590 copy.jpg

They have several phone booths located in the port town. The kids and hubby thought it was cute to walk in to one of them and pretend to talk on their cell phone instead.


The big gigantic gnome footsteps...

PA090131 copy.jpg

The bus stop. It looks like people were still coming and going.  The one thing I did notice this time is that there wasn't a canopy over the bus stop area. I'm pretty sure there was one there last time. The building behind it is where you go to buy your tokens for the bus.

Other sites as we walked around

Walking along the shopping mall area.

The pharmacy place was PACKED. It seem to be the store that had it all from trinkets to clothes. It was like a mini-Walmart at the dockyard. LOL After doing a little bit of shopping at the Pharmacy, the girls were still in there and Kolin come running in saying that he needed a penny. He had found a penny smasher next door and was getting Courtney a Bermuda penny. We followed him over there and of course I had to get Sakari one too (we didn't bring her with us and decided to leave her at the kids club to make things easier to shop in a hurry). We were over doing our penny and Kolin went back over with the girls...then we didn't see them again until the Clocktower Mall. So, anyone that collects the smashed penny's...this is the place to get it.