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I knew that I wanted to head to a "new" area of St Thomas and decided I was going to head over toward the airport and spend some time checking out the beaches in that area. That meant we were going to Brewers Bay and Lindbergh Beach. 

I set my MapsMe and we headed out. It was a fairly easy drive and I'm pretty sure I have mastered this driving on the left hand side thing. We are in the area of the airport and the first beach we decided to go to was Brewers. It was right past the college campus. When we pulled up, parking looked to be on the road so we took the very first open spot we could find. I will admit, I'm not the best parallel parker but I managed to get us in the spot with only going back and forth about 10 times. ;)  

It was a bit of a walk (for me) down to the beach area. There was a hill so I had to go nice and slow (no sidewalk or path from the area we were). They do have nice facilities here with bathrooms and showers outside. 

P7250734 copy.jpg
P7250740 copy.jpg
P7250736 copy.jpg
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P7250732 copy.jpg

We walked into a shaded area along the beach and my immediate thoughts of the beach was "wow, it's beautiful"! There were trees up and down the beach for shade with signs that stated to stay 6' apart. 

We found a spot right close to where we walked in at and set up our chairs and things.  There were some huge rocks behind us (think cave like setting) and plenty of shade. There was a lady at the next tree over on the phone (a local) and she would spend the next hour+ constantly complaining in a very loud voice. Like after awhile, it got super annoying. I hate when people talk on the phone so loud that everyone within a distance around them can hear their entire conversation. It's even worse when they are doing nothing but complaining non-stop. Like take your conversation somewhere that it can be private. No one wants to hear that...especially while trying to have a nice day at the beach. I usually don't verbally complain about these things but it was seriously on everyone's nerves after a solid hour of it. 

Here's the beautiful beach and sand. The water was gorgeous and the waves pretty calm.