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Aruba 2021

Eagle Beach

We were beach hoping and we ended up at Eagle Beach. It's a beautiful beach with white powdery sand, but no shade unless you rent an umbrella off one of the vendors. 

P8082890 copy.jpg

Whew, it was hot out.

P8082892 copy.jpg
P8082893 copy.jpg

There were so many fish

P8082899 copy.jpg
P8082895 copy.jpg

Several of the beaches have turtle nesting area's closed off. There was a few post on the Aruba fb group saying "turtles are hatching on _____ beach" but we never went to see it. 

P8082903 copy.jpg

Turtle Facts:

*Females always come back to the same beach to lay eggs

*They lay 6-8 different nests

*1 out of 1000 will survive to adulthood 

*1 out of 50 babies make it

*Lay 50 eggs

*Lay eggs every 2-4 years

P8082904 copy.jpg

There were a lot of dogs on the beach playing in the water and not a care in the world. There was a family beside us with a dog and he did not like for his kid to go into the water without him. He would swim all the way out to where he was at each time. It was so cute.

P8082907 copy.jpg
P8082908 copy.jpg
P8082909 copy.jpg
P8082916 copy.jpg
P8082920 copy.jpg
P8082921 copy.jpg

We stayed here for the rest of the day and then headed home. 

We've been here several times and it is a very pretty, but very open with no shade or trees, beach with soft sand and very popular. 


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