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Aruba 2021

Arashi Beach

Beach hopping and the sunset was about to set. We decided to move to one of our favorite beaches...Arashi to watch it. This was our last evening in Aruba and wanted it to go out with a bang. 

Sakari immediately decided to dig a hole when we arrived. 

P8103419 copy.jpg

While Sakari was digging her way to China, the hubby decided he was going to walk out in the water. He kept walking and walking and walking and before long he was all the way out to the buoys. Like we couldn't see anything but a speck, which was his hat. I didn't realize you could go that far out and still be walking. It's that shallow! And it's pretty far out there. 

P8103423 copy.jpg

Sakari was still digging and decided to sit in her hole. 

P8103422 copy.jpg

But that wasn't good enough. She continued to dig. She wanted to be all the way in there and buried. Yes her body is up and down...she is not laying horizontal.

P8103430 copy.jpg

Then daddy slowly walked his way back to shore and you would look at him and you would see him in one spot frozen like a mannequin. Then you'd turn your head and then look back again and he would be frozen in another spot. He was trying to sneak up on us. Silly daddy.... 

P8103420 copy.jpg
P8103421 copy.jpg
P8103434 copy.jpg

Well, the sun was going down and all of a sudden I said "I think we should drive up to the lighthouse really quick and get sunset pictures". 

We hurried to the car and took off. 

Goodbye Arashi...until next time.....

P8103439 copy.jpg
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