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Aruba 2021


The hubby was itching to try out his new snorkel he bought yesterday, so a beach day it was! I started packing our snacks and sandwiches in the cooler and then all of our snorkeling goodies and beach towels as well. 

I decided that I wanted to find a "new" place to snorkel. I've always heard that Malmok was a good place and it's on the main street and down the road. Now I've never really BEEN here before but back in 2017 we were going up and down the road to find a place to go and checking out the beaches and I had pulled over on the side of the road and got out to look at a place. I found this couple that were going in to scuba dive and ask them what place this was. They told me Malmok and said it's an awesome place to go and there's usually tons of snorkelers here. I wanted to find that place!

Here's a few pictures from back then when I stopped to show you what I was seeing. 


Here's a picture of those divers going in:


So I wanted to attempt to find this place and snorkel around the area. We drove up the main street and pulled over a few times and I would tell the hubby "No, it doesn't look the same. This is not it."

We would continue on down. Now this entire area looks different to me. I think they have redone it. I may be wrong but I just didn't remember the nice sidewalk all the way down the road and there were some trails and wooden pathways. Then there were small area's along the street to pull over and park. However, there sure wasn't many! Maybe 4-5 cars could pull in there. 

I did find a spot to pull over and we grabbed our things and went down to a little beach area with only a few (maybe 4 or 5) palapa's there. There were some other people there: Two families with children. 

It was a very rocky shoreline and you would have to maneuver around them to get down to the water, but there was some sand as well. The small sandy area was nice.

IMG_0727 copy.jpg
IMG_0730 copy.jpg
IMG_0728 copy.jpg
IMG_0731 copy.jpg
IMG_0732 copy.jpg

We grabbed our snorkeling equipment and the hubby and I headed out. Sakari did not want to go and said she would just stay at the palapa for now.

P8041420 copy.jpg
P8041407 copy.jpg
P8041408 copy.jpg

It really didn't look like there was much in that cove area. I kept thinking there has to be more!

P8041409 copy.jpg
P8041418 copy.jpg

On the side of the cove by the big rocks and shoreline, there was a rope. The hubby and I were trying to decide what this rope was for. Does it mean we are not to cross it? We took awhile trying to decide what we should do and then finally decided we were going for it. We were going under the rope and snorkeling along the shoreline to see what was there. That's when we started seeing all kinds of fish. 

P8041421 copy.jpg

There were so many Needlefish in the area. I don't think I have ever seen as many as we did that day. 

P8041424 copy.jpg
P8041427 copy.jpg
P8041432 copy.jpg
P8041433 copy.jpg
P8041435 copy.jpg

The color along the rocks at the shoreline was starting to come to life. It was very pretty!

P8041442 copy.jpg
P8041443 copy.jpg

Then something caught my eye over on a was a Chain Moray Eel

P8041444 copy.jpg
P8041446 copy.jpg
P8041447 copy.jpg

We continued on down the rocky area:

Then we ran across some really huge and beautiful Rainbow Parrotfish

P8041483 copy.jpg
P8041486 copy.jpg
P8041481 copy.jpg

We came across a little cove area where you could stand up and it was a little rocky. It was a great place to rest.

P8041502 copy.jpg