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We have been here several times before and it's one of Sakari's favorites. So, when we asked her where shed'd like to go, she of course said "Animal Garden".  So off we went...

Now every vacation I always talk about how we need to get better with taking our videos. I've been enjoying putting together videos with music and I want to start to do more. I've been trying to figure out my issues with the GoPro the last several vacations and I think I have the problems solved. At least for now.

I handed the GoPro to the hubby and told him it is his responsibility to do the videos. I told him to start recording as we were pulling in and to do a commentary as well. He froze, Sakari grabbed it... but then froze. Geesh! They were both being camera shy. Ok, JUST FILM!!! GEESH! So while we were there, we all managed to take turns with the GoPro but I tried to mainly stay with my camera. Taking videos have never been my thing. I manage to cut them off too quick but I did want to get better at that. 


It will cost you $10 per adult and $5 for a child 2-13 years old. Sakari is right at the cut off. They are open every day from 9-6pm. It is about a 5-7 minute drive from the high-rise hotel area and on the way to the Chapel of our lady of Alto Vista. Super easy to get to (especially using mapsme) and there are signs. 

Now we've been here several times in the past, so I'm mostly going to just share our pictures of the day. 

Then it was that moment we had all been waiting for...the howler monkey! He was still there and ready to talk to us. We made of few grunting noises and he immediately started up. He talked to us quite some time and then came down off the tree and beside us by the bars. He continued to howl and put on a display. They are so cool and neat to listen to. Do you know that their howls in the wild can be heard up to 3 miles away??? Sakari felt that he did such a good job that she rewarded him with a carrot. They pass out carrots to give to the animals with your admission and is included with the price. Good way to feed all the animals and they have themselves some cheap labor. 


Now my experience with animals is never a good one. They just don't take to me like they do to Sakari. I decided to feed one of the ostrich in the yard and he wasn't so friendly with his free food. 


Yep it got me! Those beaks are powerful. And to think last time we were here we stood in front of them with our backs to them and they reached their heads around us and fed out of a bowl in front of us. What were we thinking? LOL


Now this guy was hilarious. We went over to feed him and he would smile for us. After awhile, we started to leave him and he threw a fit! He started making all kinds of noises for us to come back. Sakari was like "awwww, how cute". The hubby was like "awww, he wants us to come back". I was like "oh crap someone is going to think we are hurting him". LOL


The following pictures belong to Sakari. She loves her birds. She took a lot of pictures of the different birds and she used her phone. She also processed them in her phone (I didn't even realize you could do this until she showed me how...maybe I'll just stop using the camera and use my phone to get good pictures like this lol). She does such a great job and she loves her close up shots the most. 


Then a few others that I took,  which I used my phone after her showing me how to process them.

IMG_0513 (1).jpg

Here is our video from our day here. I hope you enjoy it. 

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