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Aruba 2021

Cruise Port Beach

We end up at the beach by the cruise port. 

P8072692 copy.jpg
P8072707 copy.jpg
P8072693 copy.jpg
P8072698 copy.jpg

When it was time to go, I managed to drive off with my can of pop on top of the car, which almost hit the car behind me and splattered all over the road. Go me! Now the good part is this all happened in front of a police officer. Then to top it off I got into the wrong lane at the round about and managed to switch 2 lanes over, cut some cars off, and I was sure I was about to get pulled over. The Aruban Gods were looking over me. I didn't get pulled over.

After that stressful moment, we arrived at home and I honestly don't remember anything after that. I'm sure we hung out at the pool then went to bed early. 

Sakari went to her sauna room (I seriously don't know how she stood it...turn on the darn a/c girl) and did a drawing and who knows when she went to sleep.

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