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We headed all the way across to the other side where we would end up at Chez Raymond at Baie Rouge.

Getting in here was a little tricky. We almost missed our turn and Kia (our friend who was driving) pulled a fast and furious whip around and past something that looked like security guards and through these gates.

Parking lot...









Kia was telling us about how the place use to look and how there were trees lined up for shade and now there's just a bunch of brush and trash everywhere from the hurricane.


So there was a little trailer here and I guess that was Chez Raymonds beach restaurant.








I was able to locate some older pictures that showed what this place looked like before (from the internet and not my pictures).

As you can see in this picture, there was some lattice that extended to the side (and you can see the trailer and windows in the picture).


Obviously there used to be a lot more to this place with places to eat in the shade.


Then there's all this eating area and places in the shade...(hopefully these are the right place, but that's what the internet said...I'm sure Kia can confirm since she has been there many times).









The beach and water looked beautiful and at least they did have chairs and umbrellas here.


They even had chairs and umbrella's lined up along the beach.


Someone came out to ask us if we'd like a chair, but after a lot of determination, we decided to move on. I really wanted to see the sites of the entire island. Sakari...not so much. She was still begging for water. A mermaid can only survive out of water for so long.











Although this area is still recovering from the hurricane, the beach and water were very beautiful. I wouldn't mind returning some time in the future and staying longer. The only drawback is that the trees that used to line the back side of the beach are no longer there. Therefore, not much natural shade but they do have umbrella and chair rental.

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