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During our drive around the island with our cruise friend Kia, we decided it was time to get some lunch. Kia had told us about a place that her family likes to visit that had amazing hamburgers. Her daughter, Michaela said they have the best hamburgers there and that sounded great about now. What's better than enjoying a hamburger while sitting on a beach right?

This looked like a cool place to hang out at. You had the bar or the picnic tables or even the lounge chairs on the beach.








The beach is at Simpson Bay and this would be the Kim Sha area. This is where a lot of cruisers are going to after the hurricane and one of the beaches that seems to be back to normal. Like I think I had previously said, RC had a beach excursion to this place.


I read an article that said the government gave out licenses to vendors (maybe it was 8, but I don't remember) for a period of 1 year, so that they could set up for chair rental and food for the cruisers to have a place to go to post Irma. If this becomes successful, then their license could be extended.


I thought the beach was really pretty and it was a very nice area. I could see myself hanging out here in the future.








P4031003 copy.jpg

The menu:








P4031006 copy.jpg
P4031005 copy.jpg

I ordered the cheeseburger with bacon, because good bacon is the theme of this whole cruise, and fries. If Michaela said it was the best, then I was going to have it!


We just hung for awhile and Sakari and Xander played in the water.


When our food came, it was just as Michaela said...YUMMY and cooked perfect...including the bacon and fries.








P4031008 copy.jpg

A look around the area:








It was almost 3:30pm and we decided it was time to head out and take the rental car back.


One last look at Buccaneer Bay. We really enjoyed our time here and would have loved to stay longer and enjoy the beach, but...we didn't want any close calls like the day before. No pier running for me!








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