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This is a beach that is not usually reachable by just a car. This is located in Ariok National Park and the roads are pretty bumpy.  We were out with our Aruban friend, in her suv, and I knew this was a place I wanted to see.


To get here, you must park your vehicle and walk a bit of a way to reach it. The sand on the road gets really powdery and I would advise against driving on it because you might get stuck. 


So off we went.





On the way there, you'll come across 2 blow holes. You'll see the huge rocks forming a ring around them. This is located right between Andicuri beach and Blackstone. The holes go way down and you can hear the water below.




Continuing on toward Blackstone Beach, you'll see some natural formed bridges. It's not the "Natural Bridge" that everyone goes to see, but the Natural Bridge did fall years ago and this one is still here. 


There are actually 3 bridges here, formed by the furry of the ocean waves crashing on them. From above, they look like they form a peace sign.  We would also discover that a cactus decided to grow right on top of the rocks.




We made it to Blackstone Beach, which is right on the other side of these 3 natural bridges. It was beautiful. It's not your type of hang out and swim type of beach, but the beautiful black round volcanic stones were just amazing to me. The sand was black and the stones were all different sizes. It's the only beach in Aruba to have this and a must see. 




On our walk back, Sakari managed to step on some cactus thorns. It went straight through her sandle and into her foot.  We were on the hunt to find some blooming cactuses and hopefully find the fruit that comes with it and try it out. We were unsuccessful in finding any fruit, but many of them were blooming. There was even a mutant cactus.




Our friend took us off the path and showed us a little area where the ocean crosses under the road that we were walking and into a little cove area. It's bigger than the pictures make it look and if you are adventurous enough, you could go down into the water to cool off. We had to go down a small hill and pull back the  thorn bushes along the path to get there.




On the way back to the car, we seen the yellow/orange and black Aruban birds that had been everywhere on the island and especially in our back yard during this stay. They are so pretty.

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