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Travel with Mitsugirly

Cruise and land vacations

This website was created to help others in their travels, give ideas on places to go and what to do when there, and most of all to keep track of all of our precious memories during our travels. We travel both by land and cruise ship and I hope you enjoy this travel blog.

Check out our most recent vacation review  on board the Carnival Panorama!  



~Hello readers. My name is Kim (aka Mitsugirly) and I love to travel. 

~I love doing extensive reviews and started this "side-career" on the cruise forums as a way to help others with new places to try. I take hundreds of pictures so that you can get a feel for each place or excursion in hopes that others will feel drawn into the review, get some information, and maybe a few laughs. 

~This process is VERY time consuming and a lot of work but I recently had to upgrade my services for picture hosting, my website, and now buy a domain. I have been approached by many readers about contributions for the effort that I put into this site. Now, I'm asking for donations to help me keep it running for everyone all over the world. 

Any amount of donation is welcomed and will be applied to running this site for everyone.

If you are a business that has been reviewed on here, any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Don't forget to like, comment, hit the bell and subscribe to my youtube channel. I am going to start making informational videos to the places we travel. 

Welcome everyone from all over the world. 

(Map changes daily depending on traffic)

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