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I love walking around OSJ, even at night. We do feel very safe but you always need to be careful no matter where you are at. 

Walking around at night and seeing the sites (while looking for food of course).




The day of the cruise we headed off to eat breakfast and walked around for a while. Right across the street from Mallorca is a little park area ... with pigeons, which Sakari loves. 




We headed down to a local skate shop, the hubby is a skater and owns his own skate shop. They never seem to be open and they weren't this time either. 




Down the street there is another park-line setting. It was one of the trolley stops too. 


They had this gazebo contraption blocked off last time we were here too. Sakari would call this pigeon park the 2nd.


Sakari and these birds! She actually got one to walk on her hands and she screamed with excitement. 

They had a beautiful fountain in the park as well.