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 We were at Tres Trapi the last time we were in Aruba...but only to scuba dive. The water was rough and stirred up and crashing against the waves that day. I have to say it wasn't a positive experience for us.


However, this time around the water was calm, not crashing on the rocks at the entrance and there was a small sandy area as you stepped down of the step this time. It was sunny out and I couldn't wait to check this place out in clear water.



Tres Trapi is located in the Malmok area and before you get to Boca Catalina and Arashi Beach.


There's not a beach here and it's very rocky. However, there are steps that are carved out of the rocks to make it easy to get down into the water. Tres Trapi...meaning 3 steps...only there's 4 for some reason. LOL



This place is loaded with starfish...I mean everywhere!!


There's a lot of them to be found between this place and Boca Catalina. You'll be amazed!




I really wanted to snorkel along the wall and around the corner, which is the exact same path we took when scuba diving, and around the corner was a wall. However, there were several people fishing from the rocks above that day and I didn't want to take the chance of being mistaken for a fish and get hooked. So, we were limited to staying just in the immediate area and to the right. I had hoped to come back and try again another day, but we didn't get the chance to.


We were lucky to be able to pull up and find a palapa and was able to park the car right under it on one sid and us sitting on the other out of the sun.


As we sat there, there were a lot of Aruban lizards running around. At one point the hubby filled up a bottlecap with some of my diet pop and they came running to get a drink.




Sakari manged to find a brittle starfish. It was a baby and so cute.  (Although I believe they are considered a serpent starfish when they are smooth).


I was able to talk the hubby into coming in the water and checking out the starfish. Immediately we started brining them up for him to see and hold.


When I went to go put one of them back in it's place on the ocean floor, I noticed it had a hitchhiker. A starfish with a starfish on it. LOL







We had a great day here and will definitely come back in the future.







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