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So we headed down to The Boatyard down from Pirates Cove. Our cruising friends wanted to check out The Boatyard due to my previous visit here consisted of encounters with A LOT of sanddollars. So off we went....





I started sifting the sand with my toes....nothing. Move over, sift again...nothing. We did it for awhile and absolutely no sand dollars were to be found. Darnit.


Since we were over here, I might as well check out my "go-to" spot...the dock/pier area.


Tons of fish under there but the sand was getting stirred up from the waves.


I did see a couple of black and white butterfly fish. I had to play ring around the rosy to get this picture and I'm sure they were laughing at me.


I was a little disappointed that there really wasn't much to see this time around.


There were people swinging off the pier, a boat going out for snorkeling and it looked like they have added another trampoline in the water.




P4051837 copy.jpg
P4051847 copy.jpg
P4051845 copy.jpg
P4051849 copy.jpg
P4051855 copy.jpg
P4051858 copy.jpg
P4051859 copy.jpg


We decided to head back to "our" area, a little disappointed that there were no sand dollars to be found. I really wanted to just believe that it was Kia's toes that weren't functioning properly and that's why she couldn't find them. Darnit.





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