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A day of "beach-hopping" ended here at Surfside beach. We mainly came here to check out the beach and head to Reflexions to get a bite to eat. You can find the info on Reflexions located here ----> 



But this is just to show the beach area.


This beach is basically just past the downtown area of Oranjestad. There's a huge parking lot and it's very nice. 





The beach is a fairly decent side with very nice and soft sand. But, there's not a whole lot of places there to sit or eat.


If you head to the left, when you walk onto the beach, there's only one place down there and they rent time on their water park toys in the ocean.


At the end of the beach, you will be right under where the airplanes come in as well.








To the right, you'll find a few beach club restaurants (Reflextions and Barefoot).







I thought it was a nice little beach and definitely worth checking out and hanging out for awhile or having lunch/dinner. 







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