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We were trying to find a recommended place, called Salt & Pepper, and was told S&P was about 5 blocks down and my nose caught a whiff on something divine. Picture a cartoon character, floating in the air, using only his nose, following this “smell” of heaven. I’m pretty sure that’s what I looked like going down the street. We came to Smokey Joes. I knew we had to eat here.

It was a LONG LONG LONG wait. It was at least an hour. This place was packed with a lot of people waiting to get in. Either this place was as good as it smelled, or all the places were packed like this. I wasn’t sure.

After being seated, we waited for a long time before anyone ever came to take our drink order. Someone finally stopped and asked if we had been helped and after saying “no”, they walked away only for us to wait even longer. By the time they came for a drink order, we also told them we wanted to put our food order in as well. Our drinks arrived fairly quickly but the food did not.






However, the food was AMAZING! Like the best bbq I think I have ever had. We ordered ribs, rotisserie chicken, pulled pork, corn on the cob(s), salad and fries. The only thing that was not good was the corn on the cob…it was very dry and should have been ready to turn into popcorn. Everything else was so good. They did mess up our order and forgot to bring us 1 of the corn on the cobs and brought me the wrong salad dressing. We ate ourselves into a food coma and packed up the rest to go. It’s a little pricey, but there was so much food and enough food left over for later that it was well worth it.






Almost no one was left in the restaurant by the time we were done (maybe 10 couples), it still took us even longer to get our bill and I had to stop one of the other waiters to ask for it. Our waiter was sitting directly in front of us and few tables over and just sitting and talking to other co-workers. Ugh.






I would highly recommend this place to everyone. It had to be the best BBQ I think I have ever had. It is very expensive, but there's a lot of food. We were able to bring back enough food that we were able to make another meal of it for dinner the following night. So although expensive, it could possibly be 2 meals in 1.


The service was terrible. If only they could improve that it would be the best dining place ever.





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