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We decided to stop, on our way walking back from a day at Junkanoo Beach, to grab lunch before getting back onto the ship.


After arriving, Kendra sped off trying to get a wifi connection to check her and the family in for their flights home after the cruise.


So while we were waiting on her, I would do what I normally do...take pictures.






























We waited and waited. She did not return. Billy was getting worried and took off to try to find her. He didn't like the idea of her being out there by herself. 


It seemed like quite some time had went by and now we had 2 people missing. I was starting to get worried myself, but my worries were about being able to actually sit down and be served, eat, and have enough time to get back to the ship in time. I remember the last time we went to a Senor Frogs the wait was forever. If that happened again, it would make us late. 


People are coming and going and the main street was busy. I really didn't feel like having to sprint to the ship that day. The thought of being a pier runner just does not appeal to me. 


The waitress at the check-in counter outside ask if we were going to be seated. I told her we were waiting on the rest of our party. She let me know that Kendra had already checked in with her and got a table for 8 and the table was ready. 

I made the executive decision to go ahead and go inside and sit down, hoping our 2 lost people returned. Kendra likes to work my nerves, that's for sure. 

When you go inside, you actually walk along the water on a deck that hangs out above the water. I kept thinking "This is cool with a nice view", then we made a left and turned inside and I thought my ears were going to explode. Darnit. We ended up all the way in the back of the place and it was dark and VERY LOUD! I seriously hate going to places to eat where the music is blaring and you can't talk to one another or even hear your brain talking to you. It just annoys me. 

Brayden was getting worried that his mom and Billy hadn't came back yet. I could tell. 


There was a a lot going on there. Music playing, people on the dance floor dancing, announcements, free shots....ugh. Still no Kendra. They took our drink order and then returned to take our food order.


The ceiling was full of funny sayings. I liked this one because I find it so true for a (Dream big or go home right?)

"I hope your life someday is as awesome as you pretend it to be on facebook" lol
Well, we are here and this is going to happen, so we might as well order our food and if Kendra and Billy show up, then they can make their own decision if they'll have enough time to order and eat. So order we did. 


FINALLY...Kendra rolls in...with Billy. She tells us that she had just found Billy wondering the streets. She had only went around the corner for the wifi and Billy somehow didn't see her and had actually walked all the way back to the beach. Oh my. So they were both lost from each other. But she managed to find him and they were now here and ready to order. 


























I did ask the waitress how long would it take to get our food once we ordered. She said "no longer than 20 minutes" and I looked at my clock and told the clan that once our food arrived, we were to eat like someone was trying to take our food from us and this was the last bit of food on earth. They agreed and we ordered....

.....and our food arrived within 10 minutes. That was CRAZY. I have never been served that quickly before. It almost felt quicker than a lot of drive-thru's I go to here at home. Hey, I have a great idea, why don't they hire some of these people to work on the cruise ship in the MDR or O'Sheehans. I totally should have gave them NCL's information to apply. 

I finally got my cheeseburger and it was loaded with crunchy pig. 


The hubby ordered probably the most difficult food ever. Fajita's and he had to put them together. Didn't you know you can get that on the ship? It may take 2 hours, but you'll get it. 
It was steaming hot. 


We scarfed down our meals (hubby was still working on his) and we were waiting for the bill. I hear a "mom, look at Sakari" and I find her not only on the dance floor, but participating in a game...musical chairs. That girl will do anything I tell ya. Then I hear "Hi, what's your name and where are you from?" and I hear a little voice say "Sakari from Ohio" oh geesh. 

Once our bill arrived, I had to pull Sakari away from the game. I'm sure that messed them up somehow and ended up with an extra chair and everyone was winners that round. 

We headed out of the building, did a little shopping, then headed back to the ship to end our adventure in Nassau.



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