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We were in the Savaneta area, and there was supposed to be a beach (or so I thought). I had the location marked on my mapsme app and it took us to this area (below). However, I did not see any type of beach. We were close, just not at an actual beach. After returning home and looking it up again, it seems like we were just down the street from it or just at the tip of it. We did see a place where people were camping in tents. This might actually be the location of the beginning of the beach area and it extends way down. It's not your typical "beach", but from what I have read, it's a rocky shore (but shallow) that you walk out and snorkel from. There also seems to be a wall (shelf) out there with great snorkeling and scuba diving as well that people have talked about.


So, I'm going to share the pictures we did get because it's still the same area.





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