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Here is a link that you can see Sapphire Beach live on their webcam:




I was really skeptical about this island due to all the negative news reports after the shooting of the teenager from the cruise ship a few months ago and all the gang related violence taking place on this island. However, I’m SO glad I decided to go ahead with my plans for the island.

We knew before going on our cruise that we wanted to go places on our own by taxi instead of a tour service. Our plans were to visit Paradise Point first for pictures, then on to Sapphire for some snorkeling, then on to Maggens for a short period before heading back to the ship. However, when we arrived a Paradise Point, they were closed and we decided to head on over to Saphhire instead.


So, we decided to walk back to the port and catch a cab and go on with our plans to Sapphire Beach. A lady was there to take us to the beach. She waited until that van was OVER PACKED and people sitting on laps before she would leave. People in the van where complaining and saying “seriously you think you are going to fit more people in here-no way” only for her to get more people in the van. 4-5 people in a 3 person seat!

The driver was very talkative and talked about the island. She told us how they basically only rely on the cruise ships coming in to make a living. She stated how much it hurt them if a ship didn’t come in that day or rearranged their schedule. She told us that living in the “ghetto” would cost you no less than $250,000 per house and above. She said the nicer homes would cost you an average of 1 million. WOW.

She took us to Sapphire and dropped us off. Upon entering this beach area, all I can say is WOW!!! I had found Paradise finally! The beach was absolutely beautiful. The beach was lined with natural shade grape trees, clear blue water and white sandy beaches.


We quickly put out things under a tree and claimed our area then headed out to the water. Instantly fish greeted us. I didn’t realize just how many where under there until I put on my mask and went under. They were SURROUNDING ME! They followed us all over the place. They were very friendly and would get right up in your face. I couldn’t believe it.


I ran up and grabbed the box of fruit loops I had brought with me and began feeding the fish. They became our friends the rest of our visit and even took the food right out of my hand. It was amazing. We swam over to the right (in front of the Sapphire Beach Resort) and found even more types of fish. We snorkeled nonstop for hours only getting out a select few times to rest for about 10 min.


We swam over to the shaded area that we knew were coral and started investigating. When my husband went under the first time, right in front of him was a jelly fish. I ran back and got my camera and started taking pictures. I found it very hard to focus on something that clear in clear water to begin with. It was a task and I wasn’t very happy with the results, but continued on exploring for fish. They were everywhere. So many different species, colors and types of fish and coral everywhere. We were absolutely amazed at this place.


When we did get out, we were exploring the sand and trees that were full of huge Iguana’s at that point looking down on us and watching us like a hawk. How amazing was that! The best of both worlds-sand and water animals!


I have to say hands down, this was the absolutely BEST beach I have ever been to. We decided right then and there that we not only wanted to come back someday soon, but we wanted to actually stay on the island for an extended visit (not just on a cruise ship). I was that impressed with this beach.

We had brought our own snorkeling tube and goggles, but I was having a problem with my goggles fogging up for some reason. My husband did not. We were also lacking the fins to be able to adventure out deeper. So we decided to rent the entire snorkeling package (which included everything you needed) and it was only $7. The hut also sold ice cold pop and beer that hit the spot. I mean ICE COLD. We spoke to the workers there for awhile and they commented on how much they LOVE their job there at the beach hut. What a wonderful way to spend your working day.

We snorkeled for awhile longer and decided that we had better head back toward the port if we wanted to try to squeeze in our trip to Paradise on the skylift. (As much as we hated the thought of EVER leaving this paradise)!!!




Sapphire Beach was a beautiful beach. I highly recommend a day here. The beach was beautiful, the sand beautiful and the water just what you expect when you think of "Paradise". The snorkeling was awesome and we just couldn't get enough. I loved that the sea grape trees lined part of the beach and you were able to have natural shade. The iguana's walking the beach and in the trees made you feel like you were in the Caribbean. It was an amazing place.

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