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El San Juan Hotel is synonymous with Puerto Rican luxury hospitality and live entertainment. We welcome you to create memories as you experience our playfully elegant property and all that we offer.

  • 2 Pools

  • Beachfront with chairs

  • casino

  • restaurants

  • shopping


Final thoughts:


Would I recommend this place? Yes, I would.



This place was being remodeled when we were there and we actually checked out the day they were closing it down to complete remodeling. The main pool was closed and I can only imagine how nice it was going to be when they were finished with it.


The rooms were a decent price. There was several things that needed fixed in the room (t.v. issues, ceiling fan controls, faulty electrical outlet and the refrigerator). However, I'm sure these things were fixed during the rennovation.


There are several places to eat inside here and also a little bit of shopping at some of the stores located within the building. There is also a casino.


We met several of the security guards and they were really nice.


The location of this place is perfect for walking to any place you need to go for food or out to the bars. There's even a small grocery place down the street to get something quick if you want to bring something back to your room to snack on.


I would love to go back to check it out now that it's remodeled. You can check out their website and see what it now looks like.





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