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This place was recommended to us by others that have been to Aruba.


It's located along the Palm beach shopping area and a cute little place among other restaurants.


There were salt & pepper shakers from all over. I guess people that visit will bring a set from their home and you will see just how many people come here and where they are from (all over the world). Then in return, they are offered a free drink.


I ordered a cheeseburger and fries (so did the hubby) and my daughter ordered a chicken nuggets kids meal. The food looked yummy, but the burgers were very dry. I remember at one point peeling up the bun to see if there was any cheese on it because usually if there’s no cheese it can taste this way (to me), but there was cheese. So how do you spruce up a dry burger? Add condiments! I put some mayo and mustard on it and it was fabulous. They did forget to give my daughter a spoon for her applesauce and quickly brought it over when asked for.






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