We booked this excursion on the ship with NCL. We had such a great time snorkeling in St Thomas prior to this that we knew we wanted to do it again. Since we hadn't planned anything for this port and was just going to get off and walk around, we felt this would better suit our interests.


This excursion picked you up right inside the pier and took you to the snorkeling site down a ways. It allowed us to get some great pictures of the Epic in port as we pulled away.


We didn't have a good camera at this time and therefore, the pictures aren't the best, but hey, it captured the moments I suppose.

We were getting geared up and ready to go...


Then off we went....


All in all, we had a good time and seen some awesome fish. It was much better than hanging out in port and just walking around.

They did drop us off outside the port and we had to endure all the sales trying to get back into the cruise port.