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Now I'm not 100% sure, but pretty close, that we went to a place called Rotary Lookout Point. From trying to research it and finding other similar pictures, I think that's where she took us.

We pulled into the dirt with big rocks parking lot...bump, bump, bump...Sakari yells "Hey Kia, you sure you can drive this thing?" Kia tells her she's grounded to the car for the rest of the day and no mermaid activities. Just kidding...but it was a bumpy "parking" situation.

We got out and Sakari immediately grabbed her mermaid tail. "Nope, not at this place". The water is VERY rocky and it's not a swimming place and about knee deep in some places.

We told Sakari about the tons of Starfish in the area and the excitement came over her as she ran down to the water.








At first, we were the only one's here with the exception of a few locals hanging out. Then more people started to come, but not many.


Kia said usually you can walk in ankle deep water all the way to the other little island.


However, the water was a little deeper this time around and the water was moving quite a bit today. It was really hard to maneuver around and you had to be very careful of every step you took.


There were spiny black sea urchins everywhere and with the water moving, it was very hard to see what was under there. I would stick my camera under the water, at any given time when Sakari would point at something, to see what was under there...only to find out it wasn't anything but a weird rock.

We searched for awhile, but it really wasn't a good day for this. Sakari only had her flip flops and trying to walk on the rocky bottom of this area, she lost a flip flop a few times. It's not like you can go chasing it as the water quickly moves it down and away from you. I made sure that I stayed on the other side of her ("downstream" is the only way to describe it) just in case she continued to lose it then I would be able to catch it as it floated by me.


They did have some type of observation deck, but we didn't go up there. There were some ladies sitting under the deck trying to sell goods to everyone that walked by and I didn't want to deal with that so didn't go over there.


We were unsuccessful in finding any starfish that day. Maybe the water was just too rough or maybe they were out further.








Although this was a really neat place, we were unsuccessful in finding anything and it was time to leave.

We all piled in the car and was ready to pull out and some cars decided to park beside us AND BEHIND US!!! Hmm, ok. So Kia pulled the car up and back and up and...wait, why are we not going back easily again? She gave it more gas...then thump....kkkkeeerrrr. What was that dragging sound? The ladies at the lookout point was staring and pointing. Oh gosh, what just happened? Are we dragging the bumper?

After pulling out from the trapped in area we were in, I noticed this huge bolder buried in the dirt in the parking lot. That must have been what we were stuck on.

We hung our heads in shame and burned rubber and sped out of there like our life depended on shame.







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