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Now last time we were here, we did an excursion that went to Saoma Island. It was a nice day, just nearly not enough time to enjoy that island. While we were off at Saoma, our cruise friend (Kia and family) were going on a off-road buggy ride. We found out later that day that they never made the trip and were too late arriving. But, she had told me about it and it sounded like a lot of fun. We really wanted to do something "different" and thought this is definitely different than a beach. Sakari, of course, was unsure of it...well, because it didn't involve the beach of course. 


I did a little bit of research and decided to book with Pro Excursions. The price was $69 per adult and $35 per child. The name of the tour is called "Pro Buggy for Cruisers" tour. 


The tour will only take up to 20 people and they do require a $100 deposit (well, at least for us). You also add in $15 pp for transportation to the taxi's round trip (which was the same as the last time we were here going to Saoma Island). 



Interesting facts for your tours' safety & total pleasure:

Pro Excursions sets the standards in Bayahibe in the matter of safety and reliability so that you can enjoy to the fullest your tour with us in the Dominican Republic. This is what you don't know and that you should know so you can appreciate all the extra measures we took during your stop in La Romana...

  • There are taxis waiting at relay points. If there is a mechanical problem it usually will take no more than 5 minutes to change taxi to continue and  the drivers are always in communication. So your road trip is secured.

  • The tour is scheduled to bring you back at Bayahibe at least 1  hour before ship departure. This leaves plenty of time to bring you back to port. So if any delays occur during the tour we have plenty of loose time, all events have been calculated.

  • There is a complete first aid kit with people who know how to use it.

  • A tour will be cancelled in case of extreme weather forecast or if ship skips dock.  Deposit refunded.

  • If  a tour is cancelled for other reasons you will be notified at least before your Cruise vacation starts. Deposit refunded


The buggys come in 2 or 4 seaters. We rented 2 four-seaters. 


Here's the description online:



Exclusive & Authentic!

Pro Buggy Expedition for Cruisers is a real Safari activity of high quality, driving your own all terrain Buggy. Get away from the crowd, maximum 20 people! This is a Special Edition program only for Cruisers! Pick-up at 9:15 and return to Port before 3:00 PM garanteed.

From the charming village of Bayahibe, aboard our Safari truck, we will set course to the outback country of Benerito.  Arriving at our authentic ranch  your buggy awaits! At the wheel of your all terrain speedster we are riding towards the sugar cane fields in which you will learn all about this important industry. Eat some freshly cut, sweet & juicy sugar cane.

Then we will set course to reach GATO, at this colorful village the children and habitants will run in the streets to greet us and exchange!! If you have things you would want to give…this is the place. An experience you will never forget and will surely make you wonder!


Leaving Gato, let’s take a new direction via the jungle to meet with a Cultivator on his beautiful plantation. There freshly cooked from his wood stove he will serve us some specialties of his garden.  While at the plantation get wet in the famous river of Chavon in its most secluded area. This river offers a mesmerizing view. Hollywood even shot films in that area… Films like Anaconda, Rambo and Apocalypse Now, just to name a few. During your time at the river, letsmake a refreshing swim stop on a bed of river pebbles far from civilization surrounded by the Tropical forest.



Sounds like a great day right? I knew we had to book it! And we did!

We were told the taxi ride was around 15 minutes, but it was a lot longer than that. I'm guessing at least 25 minutes - 30 minutes.


We arrived at the Pro Excursions building and checked in. 

We were told to use the restroom if needed, grab some water if you wanted, then they gave us our glasses to wear for the buggys.

We piled into an open-air Safari bus and we were ready to roll.  We were on the tour with another awesome family and it was a great time.  Our guide, Danny, was awesome and very informative.

We waited for a HUGE group of buggys to go by at this intersection. I didn't think they would ever end. I was hoping our group was going to be a lot smaller (and it was). 

Now Danny was telling us that you can get a house there for around $120 a month for the so-so poverty areas. Average pay for the month for someone is around $200 month. He also told us how people didn't really get loans to fix a house. They would just put money into their homes whenever they had extra money to do so. That meant it was a work in progress and it could take 20 years to fix up your home. 

We were given specific directions not to have any body parts outside of the truck, but yet.....Brayden had body parts hanging out.  I remember him getting smacked in the face a few times along the way.

This is the cock fighting arena. It's open on Sundays. Danny told us that a lot of roosters get hit and killed on the roads and he can guarantee that the owner will tell you EVERY SINGLE TIME that it was his "best" fighter to make you pay more.

We had finally arrived at the buggys.

Everyone piled out of the safari bus...I still don't know why I felt the need to take a picture of everyone doing so. ?? LOL

They had given us trash bags to put our things in and said we would need them to keep everything from getting muddy. I think Kendra had brought enough stuff to stay the entire week.

We immediately starting gearing up in the area where we received our helmets for the day.

Of course my animal loving child will run up to any animal to pet it. Kam will copy anything and everything "sissy" does. She's in that stage...

We didn't waste any time and headed for our buggy. I opted to sit in the back so that Sakari would have more fun and be able to see. She still claims I sat back there so I wouldn't get as muddy...but we'll see about that.

Sakari was all smiles and so was everyone else in the back of us.  

A guy with a mask racing to the front of our line. You would think we were about to get held up.

Kam and B were fighting about the front seat of course and Kendra was trying to hold this single mom thing together.