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Day 5: Belize City, Belize

Day 4 on the ship: This was my husbands birthday and I figured why not "go out" with a bang right? So I decided to take him swimming with the sharks! YIKES! I had him so freaked out prior to the cruise and a lot of teasing went on about "You've had a good life right?" "You can still work with only 1 arm right?" (He didn't realize they are only nurse sharks and I made the most of it).

PB280068 copy.jpg
PB280069 copy.jpg

We were originally going to do this excursion with a private vendor. I was looking into doing one that took you over in a small plane (which freaked him out even more) and then swam with the sharks. I knew that the cruise excursion took you to Caye Caulker (which I had never been to before) and if you did a private tour by plane you would actually get to head over to Ambergris Cay (which seemed a little more exciting to me). Plus Ambergris Cay would included a snorkel at the barrier reef, which they say that it's a lot better over there than by Caye Caulker. However, we were doing this trip with the Ma'ams (had such a wonderful trip with them to Stingray City in Grand Cayman the year before) and some of the sisters wouldn't do this unless it was by ship excursion. I also knew that a lot of the ship excursions would pick you up directly from the ship (instead of having to tender over to the port and then on to another boat), which saved time. I have done this before when we went to Bannister Island (which is now called Starfish Island I believe). So we booked with the ship.

PB120221 copy.jpg

I had the alarm set for 7am and of course I was up at 6:45am. I don't know what was wrong with me this cruise. I'm not a morning person. I showered and got the family up and we headed to the buffet for breakfast.


I thought we were supposed to meet in the Stardust Lounge at 8:30am and I was rushing the family to get there only to find out that our meeting time was 8:45am in stead. They were thrilled with me.


I didn't notice until I took this picture that Sakari still had her war paint on from the night before. Oops.

PB120001 copy.jpg

When it was time for us to leave for our excursion, they took us down and out to the tender.

PB120002 copy.jpg

I would soon realize that we were actually on the TENDER to the port (ugh) instead of on our way to the excursion...the one thing that I had hoped to avoid.

PB120004 copy.jpg
PB120006 (2) copy.jpg

They tell you that it's a 20 minute ride over to the port. I didn't time it, but we have done this several times before and that seems about right.

PB120009 copy.jpg

I do know that the boat they took us over on had seen better days and was smoking pretty bad. The fumes were really getting to everyone in the back of the boat.


When we arrived at the port, they gave everyone a few minutes to go to the restroom and then meet back on the boat pier to board our boat for the excursion.


I did notice these new trellis. I guess it's good for keeping most of the sun off of you when there in line.

PB120010 copy.jpg
PB120011 copy.jpg

We had our pictures taken with the staff

PB280044 copy.jpg
PB280042 copy.jpg

Somehow I ended up with a Belize Brochure. I figured it might be good in future planning.

PB280012 copy.jpg
PB280013 copy.jpg

We were soon ready to start our tour and everyone piled on the boat. The tour operators did their little speech about what was going to happen today and then told us that it was a 1 hour and 15 minute ride. YIKES! I swear I have read it was around 45 minutes. I wasn't too thrilled with this, but figured I would make the best of it with taking pictures.


We could see all of the ships in the distance:

PB120012 copy.jpg

I amused myself by taking multiple shots of Sakari's wild hair blowing in the made for some interesting shots and she giggled when we reviewed all of them.

PB120015 copy.jpg

About half way to Caye Caulker, they slowed down and told us we were about to go in this little (I'm not sure what they called it) calm area you had to pass through.

PB120016 copy.jpg

It was a little canal and it had trees on both sides. Very pretty and very calm. This channel had a lot of mangroves and wildlife.

PB120018 copy.jpg
PB120021 copy.jpg

They told us they spot a lot of dolphins and manatees in the area, so keep a look out. They also past around a menu for the place we would be stopping at when we were done with our swim to eat. Then they started going around taking lunch orders from everyone.


I spotted a huge termite home in the trees. Sakari reminded me (and everyone else who was listening) that we had eaten them twice before when in Belize, now making us the "weird" family on the trip.

PB120019 copy.jpg

It definitely was beautiful in the channel, but no manatees or dolphins around.

PB120023 copy.jpg

I truely felt like this was just a ploy to get us to all be on the look out while it gave them time to take our lunch orders because as soon as they were done with the orders, the boat sped up again.


We did see some really huge birds up in the tree (I don't remember what they said the name of them was)

PB120031 copy.jpg
PB120026 copy.jpg

The driver of the boat decided to get a little closer to them so that we could all get pictures.

PB120032 copy.jpg

I mean REAL close...within feet close. If we were any closer, we would have been running into the mangroves.

PB120033 copy.jpg

Of course it got a little too close for comfort with the birds and they decided to hit the road (or sky) and fly off. Then we were on our way again...full speed.


Then all of a sudden....STOP! The engines of the boat were killed and everyone got quiet. A dolphin pod was spotted. Is this just a ploy to get our hopes up high and make it look like this was a trip of a life time? No...THERE THEY WERE!!! Real the wild...on our excursion!!! Sakari was so excited.

PB120039 copy.jpg

I took so many pictures of this I was pretty sure my battery would be dead before we ever made it to the sharks. But it was the first time that I had ever seen dolphins in the wild. I haven't even been able to spot them while on the cruise ship pulling out of port or anything. So this was super exciting for me...I mean Sakari. wink wink

PB120046 copy.jpg

We followed them for awhile getting closer and closer. We finally managed to get them over to an area that you could tell was more shallow and we could get better pictures and actually see down into the water where they were at.

PB120053 copy.jpg
PB120054 copy.jpg

Of course the bad thing about being on an excursion with a bunch of other people, instead of being on a private excursion with only a handful of people, is that when something like this happens, you are left to battle for your position to take pictures. Everyone is up and running from side to side to try to see and get a good picture that it's really hard to get that picture yourself. It takes perfect timing to spot the dolphin and be able to focus for that split second on whatever area they will pop up at to get the shot. Then we were having to deal with a little one, who is a dolphin freak and names every stuffed dolphin animal she gets "Foxy Dolphin" from swimming with the dolphins at age 3 in Chankanaab, trying to be able to see them as well. 45" of pure dolphin love versus 5'-6' adults acting like they had never seen a dolphin before and fighting for that position...YES, me being one of them of course! hehe (So not saying this in a negative way...just a joking way of course).

They came within feet of the boat and it was an awesome experience.

I believe there were 3 of them most of the time.

As much as none of us wanted to leave the dolphins or the area, we knew we had to move on with the tour. (Now I realize why they tell you it takes 1 hr and 15 minutes to get to the Caye...they factor in the time for looking for dolphins and manatees....which is a good thing and well worth it. I would find that our ride on the way back would be much shorter and we didn't even go through this mangrove channel, which made it quicker).


Moving on...we passed a huge house sitting on a small island in the middle of nowhere. I really wish that I could have got a cleared picture.

Then to find out it wasn't even a house but a boat dock and the "house" only looked like that from the front. On the sides and the back...was no house or walls. LOL I thought this was interesting.


On to Caye Caulker for a restroom stop and to stretch our legs before heading out to the sharks.

PB120057 copy.jpg
PB120060 copy.jpg
PB120063 copy.jpg
PB120069 copy.jpg
PB120068 copy.jpg

This was the area that we docked at:

PB120065 copy.jpg

Sakari found that Sponge Bob was on vacation there this day too.

We hit the streets to find a local store that we would be able to purchase some ear plugs for the hubbys swim today. I mean if he was going to get eaten by sharks today, at least I wasn't going to let him get another ear infection on top of it. I tell you I am the nicest wife you'll ever meet!

PB120070 copy.jpg
PB120066 copy.jpg
PB120183 copy.jpg

It was a very short ride out to the sharks and as soon as we pulled up, here they all came...ready for my husband...I mean lunch...I mean to swim with us.

PB120093 copy.jpg

I was so worried when booking this excursion that we would be on an excursion that wouldn't "lure" the sharks to us. Well, I guess I didn't have to worry about that because the boat arriving meant food was on it and they all came really fast before we could even get "parked".


The hubby looking on at what awaits him. (If only I could have had a shot of the look on his face).

PB120095 copy.jpg

I know Sakari squealed with excitement.

PB120094 copy.jpg
PB120115 copy.jpg


PB120110 copy.jpg

Ok, time to get in the water??? So soon? Are you sure? There's sharks down there!

PB120117 copy.jpg

Of course for some reason I had to be the first (of my family) to go in the water. I started climbing down the ladder into the water and I paused. I remember the captain of the ship saying "go ahead, it's ok" and the first thing I could think of to say wasn't "I'm a little scared" but instead blurted out "they are right under neath me and I don't want to step on one." hehe, yea I'm sure that was convincing and I'm sure they've heard that excuse before. It's sorta like using "the dog ate my paper" excuse in their book I'm sure.


I finally made it into the water and Sakari was eager to join me. Meanwhile the hubby is still fumbling with his "gear"...yea sure, I'm believing that one. He managed to get a few pictures of us out in the water. I'm sure he wanted to remember us just the way we know, just in case.

PB120090 copy.jpg
PB120091 copy.jpg

Now before entering the water, they were splitting everyone on the boat up in to 2 different groups. They ask for those that have never been snorkeling. Well that wasn't us of course. Then they ask for the non-swimmers or those that couldn't swim well...not us again. We were then informed that we were going to be going with the girl and the other group would go with the guy...who they happen to call "shark man". Why do they call him this? Because he is the one that catches the sharks while we are out in the water!!! I immediately told "shark man" that I wanted to be in his group because I had planned on holding, feeling, touching, kissing or whatever else you can do to a shark, one of them that day. He assured me that when he caught a shark, he would bring it around for everyone to see, feel and hold if they wanted.


The rays were everywhere...just like at Grand Cayman, but this place had a grassy bottom.

PB120002 (2) copy.jpg
PB120043 (2) copy.jpg
PB120023 (2) copy.jpg

Then we spotted the sharks...IN the water with us!! Yikes. Ok, I got this!

PB120004 (2) copy.jpg

When the food fell, it was a race to see who could get to it first, stirring up the sand and making a ruckus.

PB120026 (2) copy.jpg

I gave the hubby one of the know to take pictures of his own and to also get pictures of me to prove I was actually in the water. Then I took the other camera (which is why we always have 2 cameras with us on vacation).


I was trying to take as many pictures as I could with capturing both him/Sakari in the water with the sharks in the background.

PB120007 (2) copy.jpg
PB120008 (2) copy.jpg
PB120004 (2) copy.jpg

There were a bunch of ballyhoo fish in the water with us. I remember first seeing these first at Sapphire Beach in St Thomas back in 2010 and was a little freaked out because of their appearance. Back then, I had no idea what type of "swordfish" (I thought) they were. But of course now I know they won't hurt you and they are actually prey for a lot of fish in the ocean.

PB120010 (2) copy.jpg
PB120012 (2) copy.jpg
PB120013 (2) copy.jpg
PB120017 (2) copy.jpg
PB120022 (2) copy.jpg
PB120024 (2) copy.jpg

I was really pleased with the quality of the pictures and how almost spot on the white balance was with them.

PB120027 (2) copy.jpg

This little guy was following us around. I have noticed that every time we have done a stingray excursion (this will be our 3rd), there is always a rather huge one in the area with the rays. I guess they must get along fine with them, but find it interesting. It's a spotted trunkfish and they have the cutest little faces with pucker lips.

PB120028 (2) copy.jpg

Now the people on the boat told us that we would be in 4 feet of water. I'm here to tell you that we definitely were in water well over our heads!! I was not liking it for this reason: On all of the other stingray excursions we have been told that we have to be barefoot. No water shoes! They said you need to plant your feet into the sand and "shuffle" so that you don't step on a ray and hurt them or get hurt.


This excursion, we were told that you HAVE to have water shoes on the whole time in the water. If you didn't bring any, they rented them to you. I found this kind of weird since I had been taught differently by previous excursions.


Well, have you ever tried to wear a pair of water shoes and try to swim in water over your head? It's not easy IMO and they weigh you down. I was struggling while trying to swim or just float still. It just wasn't working out to well for me. If I would have been able to remove my water shoes, I would have been just fine. If I would have been able to touch the ground, I would have been just fine. But it was wearing me out. Then I have Sakari who just has no fear and does her own thing getting further away from me and letting the water carry her the opposite way of where I'm trying to go. I'm telling her to "come this way toward the boat" and she's busy watching the rays and the sharks and I'm sure purposely ignoring me as well. I have been saying for awhile now that I'm going to have to make some type of contraption that attached to her floatie and mine to keep us together so she can't wonder off. I'm going to work on that now.

PB120031 (2) copy.jpg
PB120032 (2) copy.jpg
PB120037 (2) copy.jpg
PB120040 (2) copy.jpg
PB120042 (2) copy.jpg
PB120046 (2) copy.jpg

One thing I have noticed about my pictures when I return is that I can be in the same area, same depth and everything, taking pictures and I will get a different result within seconds. I looked at this picture and thought "ok, why does the water all of a sudden look so blue like we just went deeper, when I know we didn't and then Sakari turns red/orange like she's burnt?" I can only come up with the reason being the sun. Maybe the sun went behind the cloud and caused the white balance to be thrown off? I'm not sure. This happens all the time and sometimes it makes a weird effect in the picture. Non-the-less, I'll take them and enjoy them anyhow.

PB120047 (2) copy.jpg
PB120048 (2) copy.jpg

Remember how I take one camera and the hubby takes the other? This is another reason why...if I shared the camera with him, I would probably never get a good shot of the entire excursion. He is not to be trusted with the camera under any circumstance...and I learned this years ago. Most of the time he doesn't focus. He's worse than me with my walk and snap pictures. Other times he'll cut things a shark head or two. You will also die holding your breath waiting for him to get some pictures of you in the water as well...not gonna happen (and didn't) Sigh* Then somehow he'll managed to screw up the settings...even when I dialed in the settings prior to handing him the camera. Now I know for a fact there's NO WAY this picture (and all of his pictures he took) was on the "underwater" setting. There's just no way. With the pictures all turning out green, he had to have somehow switched the settings to land. So I will only be showing you 1 lonely picture he took, just to show you what I mean.

PB120076 copy.jpg

Doesn't it remind you of those old waterproof throw-away disposable camera pictures you see? For those of you that don't want to invest in an actual water-proof camera, but whine that you want great snorkeling picture but don't want to pay the price of one (which I personally think there's some great prices out there on point and shoot underwater cameras), these are the pictures you'll end up with.


So while we are swimming, the hubby managed to lose one of his ear plugs and had to go back to the boat. I was having an issue with my snorkel and every time I cleared it, I would get water back in it and get a mouthful. (This has happened to me a few times and it gets aggravating). I finally gave up and decided to struggle my way back to the boat.


Our "group leader" was on the boat and had some of the feeding fish out to feed to the sharks/rays and the seagulls and gave one to Sakari.

PB120096 copy.jpg

Sakari was able to throw them up in the air and the seagulls would go after it, sometimes diving to the water surface to grab it before a shark came along to scoop it up.

PB120097 copy.jpg
PB120098 copy.jpg

When she gave Sakari the fish, she said "Now you have to break them apart into smaller pieces to feed them" and Sakari starts ripping the fish apart with her bare hands. LOL Sometimes I think she should have been a boy, but then again, I was the same way growing up and use to bait everyone's fishing poles with worms for them.

PB120099 copy.jpg

Of course being the person that Sakari is and growing up with a mom in the medical field that works in the gory ER with traumas, she's gotten use to me watching weird surgeries online and can name off body parts and the shapes. It does not gross her out at all. She's riping apart fish and checking out the insides and says "look, there's the fishes heart, it's red" Only my child would take the time to check out the insides of a fish I tell ya.

PB120100 copy.jpg
PB120104 copy.jpg

Once we were back on the boat, I noticed that the other group was way over in front of the ship and a little ways away. Then I also noticed that they were STANDING in the water!! Wait...what the heck. No wonder they said we would be in 4' of water only for me to find out that we weren't. The 4' water was over there. Sigh* I would have much rather been over there than struggling to swim with water shoes on. I also noticed sharkman was over there letting them touch and hold sharks. So much for him "coming around to everyone" with them. I was a little "ticked" about that and it was going to be the highlight of the excursion for me...that never happened.


They had told me once I had said something about it that I could get back in the water and go over there, but at that point, I was tired and declined to do so.


Then the "shark man" came over to the boat and started catching the sharks in front of us.

PB120102 copy.jpg

Once he was over that way, the sharks started coming back. The hubby decided to get back in the water to touch one.


As he entered, they were waiting on him.

PB120105 copy.jpg
PB120106 copy.jpg

I noticed that sharkman was drifting futher and futher away from the boat as the hubby was trying to get into the water. But yet, there were still some pretty nice sized sharks in the water by the boat.

PB120108 copy.jpg
PB120119 copy.jpg
PB120120 copy.jpg
PB120121 copy.jpg

He went over to where the sharkman was at to see if he could hold one on his birthday. But they were so far out by that time that it was hard to get a picture. I kept telling him to come closer, like when he was right beside the boat, but it just wasn't working.

PB120122 copy.jpg
PB120124 copy.jpg

The one and only complaint I have about my 2 cameras is that they really suck when it comes to zooming in. The quality goes down the drain. I sometimes find it's better off to shoot a distance picture and then crop it closer than to actually zoom.


I was able to only get TWO pictures of the hubby with the shark. He was just too far away and I zoomed. One picture was completely blurry and the other (below)...well, since he was so far away, it was really hard to tell what he was doing or holding from just looking at the picture. Had they stayed right beside the boat, you would have been able to tell it's a shark and seen all of it. Sigh*

PB120126 copy.jpg

Of course at this point Sakari was a bit upset that they hadn't brought a shark for her to hold when she was in the water. The hubby was back out of the water and at this point and she was letting the tears flow about it. It kinda turned into an upset moment and I hate to see her like that. I know how much she wanted to hold a shark or "pet" it, but the sharkman was done with catching the sharks and had already climbed on the boat. There wasn't anything that could be done now and I had a teared up child. Sharkman had promised to bring sharks over to our group and let us touch them and the promise had not been fulfilled.

PB120130 copy.jpg

There's one thing that I have learned over the years and cruising...when you book an excursion with the ship, these various vendors do not take the time to assure that everyone on the excursion gets the same experience. Plain and simple....which is why I always have reservations about booking with the ship unless it involves something more than benefits me (like not having to tender to a port or it's the only way to get to a particular spot).

PB120127 copy.jpg

With a private excursion, you always get a lot less people on them and they cater to each individual. They take the time to make sure EVERYONE gets to do the same thing and everyone has the best experience possible. I have also noticed that excursions where there are children involved, they will take extra time to make sure they go out of their way to thrill the child beyond belief with the animals. I have also noticed that in Sakari's short few years of life and even shorter time of cruising, when they find out all of the things she has done already while cruising, they really make sure she has a great experience. This did not happen and it left me a little disappointed in our choice.

PB120133 copy.jpg

I have vowed to return to Belize and next time around I will go with a private vendor to see if we have a different experience. She WILL get to touch her shark some day. I promise.


Now we are all headed back to Caye Caulker for our lunch and boy was I hungry.

PB120136 copy.jpg
PB120137 copy.jpg

We passed this area and they called it the "beach" and said if we had time, we were welcome to walk over to this area after lunch and check it out or go snorkeling. It didn't look like a "beach" to me and was just a hang out place where people were just lined down a pier sunbathing.

PB120138 copy.jpg

I honestly didn't think it looked too appealing.

PB120139 copy.jpg
PB120165 copy.jpg
PB120166 copy.jpg

They announced that we would be going to see some "really huge fish"...I knew right away that they were talking about the tarpon that I had read about. I told Sakari in my "I'm so excited voice" about the huge fish we were about to see. She was not talking to me at this point and gave me that "I'm not interested" if it was all my fault she did not get to touch the shark.

PB120168 copy.jpg

We arrived at the spot, which is right there at Caye Caulker, where the tarpon where located.

PB120142 copy.jpg
PB120140 copy.jpg

The tarpon were really huge, just like I had expected and seen pictures of.

PB120145 copy.jpg

Sharkman was holding up fish above the water and they were jumping up really high and grabbing the fish.

PB120147 copy.jpg

They gave several of the adults some fish to feed them and one lady managed to get one to jump really high up out of the water and take it out of her hand while her hubby caught it all on video...she squealed like it scared her to death.


Finally they gave Sakari a fish, but I had watched a video on youtube prior to going here and seen a guy that was feeding them and filming. By the time he was done feeding them, his hands were all bloody and I completely freaked out when I seen Sakari holding the fish above the water knowing that they have teeth and could probably swallow her entire arm.

I pulled her back...again, I managed to lose "mommy points" with her. Sigh* I tried to explain that they bite and then she told me to do it.

PB120148 copy.jpg
PB120152 copy.jpg
PB120158 copy.jpg

You could see them circling and looking up at my hand with the fish in it. Once again, I'm a little freaked out. I would raise it higher and higher to the point I knew they were not coming up out of that water. LOL Then of course I gave the excuse that they just not be that hungry anymore and threw the fish in the water to them to eat. Whew, I had escaped a close one.

One last picture before we headed back for fishing!

PB120163 copy.jpg

We arrived to the boat dock and where we would eat our lunch. The purpose of ordering lunch the first time around was to have our lunch ready for us when we arrived. It was not. Others did manage to get their meals, but we waited quite a bit for ours. They also had assigned seats at the tables as well.


This is where we ate:

PB120179 copy.jpg
PB120182 copy.jpg
PB120073 copy.jpg
PB120184 copy.jpg
PB120175 copy.jpg
PB120072 copy.jpg

Our food finally came and it was yummy.


I ordered the shrimp kabob, cole slaw, and beans and rice for me and sis and the hubby got a hamburger and fries. We ate every last bit of it and was good and full.

PB120185 copy.jpg

The one thing I found odd was they didn't have diet soda here. I have never ran across a place that didn't sell it and I know the stores there had it in them because I had purchased one before we left for our shark tour (when we bought the ear plugs).

PB120186 copy.jpg

The Ma'ams eating their lunch on over at the table the furthest from This was supposed to be a "get together" for all of us, like we did on the stingray excursion last year, but it didn't end up that way and we managed to get split up the entire time.

PB120181 copy.jpg

After lunch Sakari headed over to the water to gather some shells.

PB120178 copy.jpg

One of the ladies there that kept wanting to braid her hair found her a conch shell, well Sakari found it and picked it up and the lady told her she could have it. (Rolling my eyes at this point because I knew she was trying to work in some type of tip for this statement like if she had "given" it to her). But at least Sakari was happy at this point.

PB120050 (2) copy.jpg

We were told we were allowed to go wonder around the island until 2:10pm and then we were to meet back at the lunch tables. we went to explore and for me, to take pictures of this little town.

PB120071 copy.jpg
PB120049 copy.jpg
PB120051 (2) copy.jpg
PB120054 (2) copy.jpg
PB120052 (2) copy.jpg
PB120053 (2) copy.jpg

We found an entire area in front of a store that was loaded with bottle caps. I'm not sure if it was their way of decorating or not but I found it interesting.

PB120055 (2) copy.jpg
PB120190 copy.jpg
PB120189 copy.jpg
PB120057 (2) copy.jpg
PB120174 copy.jpg
PB120187 copy.jpg

Sakari is gullible at her age and doesn't have the concept of when these hawkers approach you trying to get you to buy things that you are supposed to hand them money for it. She has had things put in her hands, around her neck and so on and then them putting their hand out for money from me and instead getting their item put back in their hand. She thinks everyone out there is so nice and just ready to hand her anything she wants. She falls for it every time and any time we are in port you will hear me saying "Sakari keep walking, Sakari don't stop, Sakari get over here, No Sakari" because she'll get suckered into something that I have to get her out of.


Here is a table full of polished conch shells for sale. Of course a hawker runs over and gives Sakari a bright shiney one in exchange for her older one that she just got out of the ocean. Hmmm, she's excited that she is going to get one of the pretty ones. She just don't understand and I'm left handing the pretty one back and giving her the old one back and having to explain to her why hers is better. Sigh* It sometimes gets aggravating for me. I can tell you that I'm the type of person that wants to be left alone when shopping...even back home. If you leave me alone while I'm shopping, I'm more likely to buy things from you. If you are hasseling me and pushing stuff in my face, I won't buy a darn thing off of you. I wish they could understand this and have a lesson on not being so pushy to the Americans. They would probably sell a lot more IMO.

PB120192 copy.jpg
PB120193 copy.jpg

I just love it when places are brightly painted different colors.

PB120195 copy.jpg
PB120196 copy.jpg
PB120200 copy.jpg

I don't believe there are any cars on this Caye. We seen a lot of bikes and go carts and I believe that's pretty much how they all get around. Which is neat.

PB120197 copy.jpg

The local bank

PB120201 copy.jpg

We went down the main road and the headed down a side street. Man it was hot! We tried to avoid walking in the direct sunlight and headed for every shady spot in the street we could find.

PB120203 copy.jpg
PB120202 copy.jpg

At one point, on the side street, we were able to look both directions and see the water. This made us realize just how small this small place was.


More colorful houses

PB120204 copy.jpg

I managed to buy another tee shirt. (I already had one, but decided it was time for a new one). I managed to get one with their saying on it:

PB280097 copy.jpg

The hubby decided to buy some sunscreen. He bought the highest spf he could find...I swear it must have been like 110spf or something like that.


We managed to get back to our meeting place around 2pm and had some time to spare.

We were told that the dogs around there are all "local neighborhood dogs" ...meaning they had no home and just roamed the neighborhoods. (Sakari hiding behind daddy because she just swam with sharks and stingrays and is scared of a dog).

PB120059 (2) copy.jpg

Most people had headed back to the boat and we just hung out with the tour people.


They gave us a brochure with their information on it. The name of their company was H2O. I'm not sure if they give private tours or just use the ships as their main source of income on cruise days. I know the lady said she did this job on cruise days and was a bartender on the other days.

PB280028 copy.jpg
PB280029 copy.jpg

Then after that, they pulled out tee shirts to try to solicit everyone with. They had their names on the shirts...which was weird and I kept thinking why would we want a tee shirt with your company name on it? I'm pretty sure most people would want a tee shirt with the shark-rays tour saying they done that. I didn't really see anyone buy any of them, and if they did, I would like to know what reason you had for buying it???


We finally headed down to the boat and sat there for a little while. Then all of a sudden some people from the restaurant came down the dock and called off several of which was ours. They said we didn't pay our bill. GASP! How embarrassing. We purchased 2 excursions with the cruise line and for some reason I thought the meal was included on this. I guess I was wrong and it was the meal for our Cozumel excursion that was included in the price. Geesh. It also confused me because this day was so much like the day we went to Stingray City in Grand Cayman....and the meal was included. You were on the boat, you ordered your food to be ready for you when you returned from swimming with the rays and you ate when you arrived at Rum Point. Oh well, leave us to be the family that is scorned upon after that. Honest mistake and I gave a good tip after that for my actually wiped my cash stash out, but a few dollars. Oops.


We finally headed out from the dock around 2:30pm, but first they did a roll call to make sure they weren't leaving anyone behind.


The ride back to the port was a lot faster of course. We didn't go through the channel where you see the dolphins and manatees.

PB120066 (2) copy.jpg
PB120062 (2) copy.jpg
PB120070 (2) copy.jpg

Just in case you need to know where that Diamonds International is...

PB120071 (2) copy.jpg

I was able to scrape up enough change to purchase some refrigerator magnets (since Sakari started collecting them a few cruises back).

PB280008 copy.jpg
PB120072 (2) copy.jpg

Then we headed back to the tender line to head back to the ship.

A few drinks to quench your thirst and a few cold, wet, sometimes frozen, wash clothes to cool you down.

PB120073 (2) copy.jpg
PB120074 (2) copy.jpg

Once we got on the tender boat, they told us it would be a short 15 minute ride back. Did the Sun decide to move closer to the port? I think not. They must have been on Belize don't you Belize them when they tell you 15 minutes.

PB120075 (2) copy.jpg

Someone got some sun today...

PB120076 (2) copy.jpg

We pulled out and the seagulls came flying. I guess maybe when the boats move it stirs the water up and they are able to get the fish?

PB120078 (2) copy.jpg

The water wasn't the only thing stirred up, so were the people on the back of this boat. The fumes and the smoke was unbearable. There was a mother with a young son sitting at the back that finally had to get up and move. One of the workers told them to go upstairs.

PB120079 (2) copy.jpg

A face of happiness that had forgotten about any of the upsetting things that happened today. (Well, not really, she just reminded me the other day how she didn't get to touch the sharks). LOL

PB120082 (2) copy.jpg

Now I have been on tenders before where the people on the boat usually pull up along the side of the ship a ways out, allowing you to take pictures of the ship in the ocean. These guys didn't stop, didn't go sideways or anything for you to get that perfect shot. Darn!

PB120088 (2) copy.jpg
PB120088 (2) copy.jpg
PB120092 (2) copy.jpg

We made it back to the ship around 4pm (all aboard was 4:30 with a ship depature of 5pm).


We headed back to the room to shower and get ready to eat again.


Sakari checked out her collection of shells

PB280014 copy.jpg

This is Sakari's conch shell from the day. I forgot to tell the story about this. When we got on the boat leaving Caye Caulker the tour lady approached us and told us that the ship would not allow us to carry the conch shell back to the ship. I sat here for a minute and thought about this knowing that I had done it before. She went in to this VERY long detailed explanation that they don't allow conch shells to be brought back because, by law, you have to purchase them from a vendor and the vendor is supposed to write on the shell the date it was caught from the ocean and their name on it proving that you did not take it from the ocean yourself, which is against the law. She kept on and on about it and...of course, Sakari thought she was going to take her shell from her and started tearing up. Here we go again...


So in the end, she said she had brought some markers just for this incident and could write something on it, like Sakari's name and the date and she should be ok. She wrote it on there and once we arrived back to the ship, they didn't even look at it or take it out of our bag. I'm still not sure about this, but did see a huge overflowing box of conch shells under the security scanner desk as we walked in. I only noticed them taking the shells when people were actually walking onto the ship with them in their hands. So, I'm not sure of what this story is all about and if they would have taken Sakari's shell if she had been carrying it. If anyone knows, please inform me for future reference.


This is Sakari's shell that she decorated on her dresser when we returned home:

PB280016 copy.jpg

I checked out my coins from Belize:

PB280088 copy.jpg

Then we were left with another VIP "treat"

PB120093 (2) copy.jpg

More "junk mail"

PB280075 copy.jpg
PB280071 copy.jpg

We headed to the buffet to get something to eat. There wasn't much there and not much interested me, but it was all that was open. They didn't open up the Sports Bar or the Outdoor Cafe until later and I wanted something to snack on now and to feed the munchkin so we could take her to the kids club once we pulled out of port.


We left on time and once again, there wasn't anyone missing. I'm telling ya, it was an entirely different vibe this time around cruising.


We dropped Sakari off at the kids club and headed to the casino to try our luck again.


Tonight was Pirate night, so we knew that they always did a parade around the ship with the kids and we didn't want to miss it. They told us their "maybe" route and about what time and we made sure to watch our clocks.

PB120003 (3) copy.jpg

I was scolded by one of the staff for taking a picture of Sakari from the round windows this time. They stated it was a privacy issue and I wasn't allowed to do it. I told them she was the only one in there at the moment so who's privacy was I invading? Then she told me that it was ok since no other kids were in there. What is the difference if there are other kids in there when they are all over the ship and I can guarantee that they end up in other peoples photos when they take pictures...just like anyone can end up in others photos around the ship. More about this later...

PB120004 (3) copy.jpg

We stopped by the Customer Service desk to pick up my ship pins. I'm not sure why I NEVER get these in my room when I cruise. I ALWAYS have to ask for them and I don't always remember. Then I'll have to come back to this forum and beg and plead with you fine people for an extra pin you may have laying around. Sigh*

PB280007 copy.jpg

We walked through Dazzles at one point tonight and they were playing a game. It was quite funny to watch. They had competing people, who's name was called from the audience. The game was something like 55 and under. You had to do various things that involved the audience member and a staff member on each team. The winning person won something from each round.

PB120013 (3) copy.jpg

Hey at least it was killing some time and not killing our pockets before hitting the casino right?


Once at the casino, I sat down at the slot that kept me playing for hours the other night. It did the same tonight as well and I played on $20 forever and actually ended up ahead. There was a lady in the next circle of machines beside me that stuck in money as she was walking by it, while still standing, hit the high bid button and hit for the jackpot in the machine...$6700. She had a crowd after that and half of the casino staff was there for the next hour or so waiting for the machine to count up her money. Lucky her.


When it was about time for the Pirate Parade, we headed up to the buffet area, which we knew they would be passing by there, and waited with someone from our roll call (who had grandchildren in there too). Finally they can't miss them, or at least their sound of singing.


However, they move way too fast for my camera to focus on them and I always forget to change the setting to sports mode.

PB120026 (3) copy.jpg

Wait, look at all the people taking pictures of their kids as they walk you see anything wrong with this? Parents taking pictures...of kids in the parade...who has other peoples kids in that parade and in that picture! Why is this ok now? It's not ok to do it one time, but ok the next? Makes no sense to me.

PB120028 (3) copy.jpg

A little video of the kids stinky feet? LOL

Then on to the pool deck...notice all the flashes from the pictures being taken as they walk by? Yea, people once again taking pictures of their child with other children in it...which I was just told wasn't allowed. Geesh. LOL

We decided to head up to the Sports Bar. I was craving some wings and artichoke dip. YES! It was open this time.

PB120040 (3) copy.jpg

Now I have to say that their artichoke dip is way different than what I have had on the other ships. It was good, but just different. The soup tasted like some type of cream of potato soup or something, which was odd, but yet still good.

PB120041 (3) copy.jpg

The wings were yummy, the fries were yummy...or I was just extremely hungry from not really eating at the buffet earlier.


After that, we headed up to pick up Sakari. When I picked her up, one of the staff told me that Sakari was complaining and not feeling good because of her sunburn and didn't want to participate in the games they were playing. They said they didn't know where to reach me. (I figured since they were having their parade, I would just go to get something to eat at the Sports Bar really fast and who would know right?) <--of course they would. I told them that when I checked her in, I told them we were going to the casino, then coming upstairs for the parade, then would be going to eat. They then informed me that they can only put in 1 thing at a time. Well, I didn't know that and the guy that checked me in certainly didn't say anything about it when I gave him 3 places. I was told next time to call when we switch locations and they would just change it in their system. heh heh heh..done in my evil laugh. Yep, that's what I would be doing from now on. They would be sorry that I will be doing this from now on because they will spend a majority of their time answering the phone and changing the location because I change location A LOT. I walked out like a scolded puppy again with my tail between my legs.


We took her to go eat and one of her favorite things on this cruise was the ice cream. She had to have her ice cream fix every day. Who was I to say no? But for some reason she only wanted ice cream and the hubby says "well she's on vacation, so let her have ice cream instead". He always gives in to her. LOL I told her she would be hungry later...and I was right.


Does this face look like a face of someone who doesn't feel good or complaining of a sunburn? Really? Nope! She was perfectly fine after we picked her up.

PB120001 (3) copy.jpg
PB120002 (3) copy.jpg

We got back to the room and watched a little t.v.


Sakari started doing her drawings for the day.

PB290107 copy.jpg
PB290109 copy.jpg

Daddy did a little work on the know, the one that not as slow as everyone makes it out to be???


Meanwhile, I notice just how dusty my hair curler is. I would wipe this thing off every single night and it would be all dusty again by the following day. What's up with that? Are we just sleeping in a room full of allergy filled dust? Yuck

PB120006 copy.jpg

After awhile, like I said, Sakari decided she was hungry. We headed out the door, to the buffet area, to get her a late night snack while daddy continued to work. Girls night out I guess.


When we arrived at the buffet, it was closed. So we headed back to the Sports Bar and got her a hamburger and fries to go. However, it was really warm outside and she decided to eat it outside and warm up.


Tonight was Latino dance night at the pool deck and when we were walking back to the room on deck 10...we discovered this....(and had to stay for awhile).

So Sakari and I head back to the room and we are at the pool deck and she spots....the furries again. She just had to stop and dance with them. She absolutely loved these animals and they were oh so nice every time she was around. Hopefully the people in these costumes like kids because if they didn't, you would never be able to tell.


They gave her plenty of time to interact with them, take pictures and even danced with her. She loved every minute of it.

PB130002 copy.jpg

She was so excited I couldn't even get her to pose.

PB130016 copy.jpg
PB130004 copy.jpg
PB130011 copy.jpg
PB130007 copy.jpg
PB130012 copy.jpg

At this point and time, I knew nothing about the

"Furries". I had ask about them to someone that I was sitting by once and I was told their name (Furries), but they also told me that "Instead of having Sponge Bob and the Nickelodeon on this cruise, they have the Furries. So maybe I misunderstood them to mean that this ship had them on it all the time. I kept thinking..."now this is way better than Sponge Bob" and they were always around. PLUS, you never knew which one you'd see. I swear as the cruise went on, there were more and more.


I would later find out more about them...and I will tell more on that later. :)


After awhile, I was able to convince Sakari that the Furries needed their "me" time and we needed to say goodbye to them and head back to the room.


We got back to the room and daddy was already done working and watching his new favorite show...The Profit. :D

Our "mini" towel animal from last night...a cute little turtle. (I have to admit, I love the mini towel animals. They are just so cute).


We headed to bead about midnight knowing that tomorrow would bring another early morning day in Costa Maya.

PB130058 (2) copy.jpg
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