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Ship Pictures

So the moment you've all been waiting for....the SHIP TOUR!!!


We will start with the lowest deck (that has things other than rooms of course).



The atrium. As always, I love these atriums that go up to the top floor and are open with the glass elevators. This would be just what I loved.


It was just like the Sun and had 2 glass elevators on each side of the atrium and then around the hall there were more regular elevators.  The layout was exactly like the Sun. The steps curving up to the next floor:

PB170134 copy.jpg
PB170034 copy.jpg
PB170135 copy.jpg
PB170151 copy.jpg
PB200370 copy.jpg

Walking away from the atrium, you will find the Palace Restaurant...or one of the MDR.

PB170136 copy.jpg
PB170137 copy.jpg

They have a lovely replica ship of the Sky there.

PB170138 copy.jpg
PB170139 copy.jpg
PB170140 copy.jpg
PB170142 copy.jpg
PB170141 copy.jpg
PB170143 copy.jpg
PB170144 copy.jpg
PB170146 copy.jpg
PB170145 copy.jpg
PB170148 copy.jpg
PB170149 copy.jpg

The Sky was a little different with the restaurant downstairs. If you remember, we were escorted from this floor, into a hallway that had steps that led us down to La Cucina for our VIP lunch when we boarded on the Sun. On this ship, it was Le Bistro that was downstairs. We did not go down there because we had not intentions of eating there and of course I should have went just to take pictures and forgot. But, it's set up the same way as the Sun was...just a different name/restaurant.


So, then you make it to the other MDR located on the back of the ship...The Crossings.


It was set up the same as on the Sun with the open type atrium up several floors in the entrance.

PB170213 copy.jpg
PB170214 copy.jpg
PB170236 copy.jpg
PB170237 copy.jpg
PB170239 copy.jpg
PB170240 copy.jpg
PB170241 copy.jpg
PB170242 copy.jpg

You can tell this use to be NCL's Hawaii ship with a lot of it's decor still remaining on the ship.

PB170245 copy.jpg
PB170244 copy.jpg
PB170247 copy.jpg
PB170251 copy.jpg
PB200326 copy.jpg
PB200330 copy.jpg
PB170243 copy.jpg
PB170246 copy.jpg
PB170250 copy.jpg
PB200325 copy.jpg
PB200328 copy.jpg
PB200331 copy.jpg

That completes the 5th floor of the ship. We will head up to the 6th floor now.

deck 6


Staying at the back of the ship, you will come to the Stardust Lounge on both the 6th floor and 7th floor. I will show you pics from both.

PB170215 copy.jpg
PB170216 copy.jpg

In this next picture, you will notice these bars in front of the seats. I really can't imagine who would come up with such an idea to put in a theater because they pretty much block your view of the stage as you peep through them during shows.

PB170217 copy.jpg
PB170218 copy.jpg
PB170219 copy.jpg
PB170221 copy.jpg

The seating was pretty much the same as on the Sun. They had the regular round chairs and the couch chairs and tables in front of you to put your drinks and such. It was just a little more elegant looking to me.

PB170222 copy.jpg
PB170224 copy.jpg
PB170227 copy.jpg
PB170229 copy.jpg
PB170232 copy.jpg
PB170233 copy.jpg

Walking out of the theater, you will come to a hallway with the library (which either I didn't notice it or it was exactly the same as the Sun and I didn't realize I hadn't taken pictures of it).


Then you are in the hallway with the pictures the ship takes of you. I didn't really take a picture of this area again. It's the same as the Sun and just a long hallway with your pictures everywhere and things that you can buy, duty free, like cameras, extras, scrapbooks, bobble heads and so on.


Then you come to Captain Crooks bar. It was also basically the same as the Sun and had pretty ships in a glass display in there. (You can see part of the photo gallery in the background in the following picture).

PB200348 copy.jpg
PB200349 copy.jpg
PB200347 copy.jpg

Next up is Dazzles Night Club. This was the place for parties at night and after hours and they also played games and had contest here during the day.

PB170006 (2) copy.jpg

I did notice that the Sky didn't seem to be as clean as the Sun was. It just seemed "older" to me and didn't have the upkeep that the Sun did. But, I guess you can expect this with a ship they are now running as 3 and 4 day cruises.

PB170031 copy.jpg
PB170161 copy.jpg
PB170050 (2) copy.jpg

Just inside of Dazzles, they had one of their coin machines. (This was located in the Sports Bar on the Sun). We did try to get some coins out of here...we were unsuccessful...more on that later.

PB170162 copy.jpg

Some days you would find that this hall and room was covered with their art collection.

PB200346 copy.jpg

Then you are back at the atrium again.


Now on NCL's page of blueprints for the Sky, you will see, located there off to the side of the atrium, it says "SHOP" on both sides. But it doesn't tell you what the "shops" are.


On one side there is a shop just like on the Sun, which I did not go in but a few feet because of all of the people movers in the way. This time I would go in and explore and find out what it was. It's a shop with everything in it for the price of $10!! I managed to get a really nice beach bag in there (since I managed to lose mine somehow). On the opposite side, there is a jewelry store.

PB170164 copy.jpg
PB170156 copy.jpg
PB170154 copy.jpg
PB170163 copy.jpg

Looking into the atrium.

PB170153 copy.jpg

There really isn't anything around the atrium area but places to sit. The Internet cafe was not located here on this ship.

PB170152 copy.jpg

So this is a "small" ship and you are once again to the end of this deck. On to




At the front of the ship is the kids club...or Splash Academy. I have to say, I really liked the way they had this one decorated compared to the boring look of the one on the Sun. It was brightly colored and looked more "exciting".

PB170166 copy.jpg
PB170167 copy.jpg
PB170169 copy.jpg
PB170172 copy.jpg

The hallway was pretty cool too with the decor and the peep holes.

PB170170 copy.jpg
PB170174 copy.jpg
PB170173 copy.jpg
PB170176 copy.jpg
PB170177 copy.jpg
PB170178 copy.jpg
PB170180 copy.jpg
PB170181 copy.jpg
PB170182 copy.jpg
PB170188 copy.jpg
PB170187 copy.jpg

Directly across from Splash Academy was an arcade room. Now on the Sun, this was the teen club.

PB170168 copy.jpg

Since the Sky is designed just like the Sun, it also has the "weird" floor that you have to go down the steps to access your rooms on "6a". There is no elevator access to these rooms and you can only climb the steps up and down to get to them.

PB170189 copy.jpg
PB170165 copy.jpg

You then come to the Casino.

PB170192 copy.jpg
PB200309 copy.jpg
PB170193 copy.jpg
PB170194 copy.jpg
PB170195 copy.jpg
PB170197 copy.jpg
PB170196 copy.jpg
PB170198 copy.jpg
PB170199 copy.jpg

Up next you will come out at the Coffee Bar.

PB200307 copy.jpg
PB170205 copy.jpg
PB170208 copy.jpg
PB170200 copy.jpg

Some displays along this hallway for the shopping area behind the wall.

PB170206 copy.jpg

Also beside the coffee bar they have an area to purchase watches and things. (The NCL blueprints does not list this area).

PB170207 copy.jpg

On the other side of the coffee bar is where their Internet Cafe was located.

PB170202 copy.jpg

Of course since it's only a 4 day cruise, there are different prices than what you would find on the 7 day cruise.

PB170203 copy.jpg
PB170211 copy.jpg

On the opposite side, you have the duty & tax-free Tradewinds.

PB170204 copy.jpg
PB170201 copy.jpg
PB170209 copy.jpg
PB170210 copy.jpg

On a small long hallway, right in front of the Internet Cafe, there is this small area to buy cz jewelry.

PB200310 copy.jpg

So we are at the end of the floor...ending at the Stardust Lounge again, which I have already covered.




Next up is our Interior Room.


We booked this room so that we could get the cheapest rate possible since this was an add on cruise that we hadn't really budgeted for.


I thought I would be funny and pick THE EXACT SAME ROOM that we had on the Sun. Room 8313. It of course was not the same, the layout was different, which was disappointing. It also was located the opposite direction than it was on the Sun. We were the first door as you turn right off the elevators on the Sun. This time we had to turn left and were 2 doors down. Oh well. I thought it would be funny to have the same room number and less confusing already knowing where our room was from the previous week.


My daughter and her family had the room right before ours. My son had the room right after ours. We PURPOSELY decided to give him and his gf THAT room (instead of Kendras) to play a joke on him and mess with him the entire cruise. It was a handicapped room for the hearing impaired. It had a doorbell and lights that went off in the room when someone rang it or called. The first time we did it, they thought they had hit something in the room. The next time they thought something was wrong with the ship. They never could figure out how to turn it off and it lasted for quite some time. hehe


So heres our always small.


The decor reminded me of going into grandma's house with old gold picture frames and flowers. It wasn't really appealing. Give me pictures of the ocean or beach or something "cruise" related.

PB170003 (2) copy.jpg
PB170035 copy.jpg
PB170036 copy.jpg

The small couch that pulled out into a bed for the 3rd and 4th persons....YIKES it was small.

PB170037 copy.jpg

The closet with the safe. This safe was super easy to lock and unlock. Just put in a code and you are done. Nothing like the old safes in the Sun rooms.

PB170040 copy.jpg
PB170039 copy.jpg

Notice the drawers below it. This is what you had to put your things in. That was pretty much IT! Other than the few hangers you had in the area next to it to hang a few things. The storage in this room was ridiculous and it's the WORSE that I have come across on any of the NCL fleet. I have always found that even though the rooms are small, they make the most of every inch of space they can for storage. This was the exception on this ship. I can't imagine spending 7 days on it and having your things everywhere.

PB170041 copy.jpg
PB200262 copy.jpg

Ok, you see this thing under the desk in the room??? I never could figure it out until we heard the announcements come across it one day on the cruise. It only happened 1 time and not with all the announcements. I have always wondered why you could never hear any of the announcements in your room and are forced to open up the doors to hear anything. I hate that.

PB200265 copy.jpg

The plugs available at the desk.

PB200266 copy.jpg

The bathroom was exactly the same as the Sun almost.

PB170042 copy.jpg
PB170043 copy.jpg

Of course it was just as small as the Sun and rounded with the shower curtain that loved to hug your body. However, at least I was able to take my knowledge from the Sun cruise and apply it here to keep it from sticking to me.

PB200271 copy.jpg
PB200272 copy.jpg
PB200274 copy.jpg
PB200275 copy.jpg

Notice the 3 towels here? Because there are 3 of us right?  This is the thermostat that no matter how many times I turned it to a little warmer, I would come back to a freezing room and the steward having it on full blast Alaska mode.

PB200276 copy.jpg
PB200278 copy.jpg

Here's your "comfy" was hard as a brick!  The phones were a lot different on here. You just dial the room number without a prefix before it. I kept messing this up because I was use to dialing the way it was on the Sun.

PB200282 copy.jpg
PB200283 copy.jpg
PB200286 copy.jpg

Notice anything here? See anything in the carpet? You had to use a lot of force to get your closet door open to use it. It drug the floor and carpet. Ugh

PB200285 copy.jpg

There's a hook to hang your....whatever on it.

PB200280 copy.jpg

A place to put your key card. No this did not control the lights like it does on some of the ships. They worked no matter what.

PB200291 copy.jpg

For those of you that needs to know pricing

PB200292 copy.jpg

Oh almost forgot...the drying line in the wasn't in the shower (can you imagine in this shower???), but across the bathroom itself.

PB200293 copy.jpg

We got a lovely down comforter...that was tore apart at the seems and while sleeping, it would bug the crap out of me because I would go to pull it up and only get what seemed to be a sheet while the rest of it remained down. Ugh

PB200296 copy.jpg

This is the hairdryer they provide for you

PB200375 copy.jpg

This is the couch pulled out into a bed. I can't imagine having to pull it all the way out for 2 more people to sleep there and someone from the regular bed having to get up to use the restroom. You would be climbing over them. The worse ever.

PB210387 copy.jpg
PB210388 copy.jpg
PB210389 copy.jpg

We had them just make up the couch for Sakari to sleep in. There was no way I wanted to deal with going over that thing. I tried it several different ways. Although she is getting a little too big for just sleeping on a couch this size. It won't last much longer.

Deck 11


The Outrigger Lounge. This lounge sets at the very front of the ship. On the Sun, this space is occupied by suites. Instead the Suns Observation Lounge is located on Deck 12. If you remember correctly, it was the room that had the really nice wooden floor that I liked so much.


This lounge wasn't as nearly nice to me.

PB170094 copy.jpg
PB170096 copy.jpg

Wicker comfortable can this be?

PB170097 copy.jpg
PB170099 copy.jpg
PB170098 copy.jpg
PB170102 copy.jpg
PB170103 copy.jpg

These lights looked like they should have been on the "Sun" somewhere instead...

PB170104 copy.jpg

I don't know...the entire room really did nothing for me.

On one side you had the aerobics and fitness center, you know...the place I'm allergic to?

PB170091 copy.jpg
PB170123 copy.jpg

The odd thing about this area was it was down the hall that you use to get to the Lounge in the front of the ship. It's different than the Sun, which is a winding walkway from the elevators, down this hall and out the doors. If you are on the Sky, you will never have to wind down that hallway to get will see why in a minute.

On the opposite side is the same thing, but you will find the spa, salon and "pampering" area...another thing I don't go to, but we did explore this area after getting on the ship to take pictures and act as if we were interested just so that I could see it.

PB170106 copy.jpg
PB170107 copy.jpg
PB170110 copy.jpg
PB170112 copy.jpg
PB170108 copy.jpg
PB170114 copy.jpg

One thing that I did learn during this cruise (and I'm not sure if it was just this ship or they offer this fleet wide), they told us that we are welcome to use the steam rooms at any time during the cruise...for free! I seriously wanted to do this and I'm not sure why I didn't remember it. I'll have to see if this is the norm for most of the ships and check it out.

PB170115 copy.jpg
PB170118 copy.jpg
PB170117 copy.jpg
PB170119 copy.jpg
PB170111 copy.jpg
PB170116 copy.jpg
PB170120 copy.jpg
PB170121 copy.jpg
PB170122 copy.jpg

So while I won't be doing any of the "luxury" spa stuff while on a ship until I become rich and famous someday...or at least until I can overcome the fear of having a perfect stranger put their hands on my body, then I'll just have to "tour" the place pretending to be a potential customer on each ship. I forgot to play that part on the Sun cruise to get pictures.


So no, I'm not the person to ever ask during a review or a port how the massage was, because I will never be able to tell you that info. ;)

Now on to the middle area where the elevators are.


Remember on the Sun how you came up the glass elevators and you had to walk around this room, then wind your way back and forth down the hallways to come out to the pool area?


Well not on the Sky. When you came out of the elevators, you were surrounded by glass and could see right out to the pool deck. It was beautiful. There are chairs around the area that you can sit and relax in. Then of course since this has the atrium that goes from the 5th floor up to the top, it is all open to see down.


I loved this area and the way it looked. It was so much nicer than the Sun.

PB170037 (2) copy.jpg
PB170044 copy.jpg
PB170047 copy.jpg
PB170085 copy.jpg
PB190229 copy.jpg
PB190227 copy.jpg
PB190231 copy.jpg

Once out onto the pool deck, this round stair area was actually the towel hut.

PB170046 copy.jpg

Right past the towel hut was the smoking section.

PB170054 copy.jpg
PB170048 copy.jpg

Huge open pool deck of course

PB170055 copy.jpg
PB170080 copy.jpg
PB170056 copy.jpg
PB170081 copy.jpg
PB170082 copy.jpg
PB170033 (2) copy.jpg
PB170035 (2) copy.jpg
PB180214 copy.jpg
PB190226 copy.jpg

They had the round shower area under the steps just like the sun.

PB200299 copy.jpg

This are was right outside of a restaurant called Il Adagio.

PB170057 copy.jpg

I'm just a little confused about just what is Il Adagio. I know it's in the same place as Moderno on the Sun and you were allowed to eat in there for breakfast for free. However, this place also had lunch. It seemed to be a pasta bar and it was free is all I knew and I liked it.


They served pasta: pick your own type and own sauce and they cook it up there in front of you. Then they also had a PIZZA station as well. Woo hoo. I was going to actually find pizza on this cruise!

PB170058 copy.jpg
PB170059 copy.jpg
PB170060 copy.jpg
PB170061 copy.jpg
PB170062 copy.jpg
PB170063 copy.jpg

Now according to NCL's website, this is an Italian restaurant that has a cover charge. :confused:

PB170066 copy.jpg
PB170068 copy.jpg
PB170069 copy.jpg

Maybe it use to have a cover charge and they no longer do? Or maybe it does in the evenings and they serve different food? I'm not really sure myself.

PB170105 copy.jpg
PB170071 copy.jpg

Behind this restaurant is a place that said it was the teen club. I peeked in for a moment.

Then there is the "Longboard Bar" behind that. This is equivalent to the Sports Bar on the Sun and had things you would find at the Blue Lagoon/O'Sheehans, but of course was only open during certain hours.

PB180221 copy.jpg
PB180223 copy.jpg
PB180224 copy.jpg

Out back was the Outdoor cafe and was the same as the Sun, across the entire aft of the ship.

PB170074 copy.jpg

On the opposite side would be the Garden Cafe and for some reason I didn't get any pictures of it. It's set up the exact same as the Sun is and the buffet is very same with plenty of seating...unless the ship was overcrowded. :rolleyes: Then even with all the seating provided you would be lucky to find any seat available.


They had the ice cream station and the crepe station as soon as you walked in from the pool deck.


The a small section that curved around with basically the same thing on each side with maybe a variation or two from each other.

Up to the 12th deck at the back and inside.


To the right you have Cagneys.

PB170075 copy.jpg
PB170077 copy.jpg
PB170076 copy.jpg

To the left you have a place called The Plantation Club.

PB190241 copy.jpg
PB190240 copy.jpg
PB200341 copy.jpg
PB200342 copy.jpg
PB200343 copy.jpg

Walking outside you will have the sports deck with shuffleboard and golf driving nets.

PB170078 copy.jpg
PB170079 copy.jpg

Also a basketball and volleyball court.

The sundeck area (notice they didn't have the nice blue spongy things on this deck to keep your feet from burning on the hot surface like the Sun did.)

PB170084 copy.jpg

In the middle of the ship there's the same type of bar as the Sun called the Champs Bar.

PB170083 copy.jpg

And now we have made it to the front of the ship.

PB170089 copy.jpg

I really liked this area. It was the KIDS area. Remember the Sun had theirs on the side of the ship. Well this one is on the front of the ship and was really cool with a waterfall that the kids loved.

PB170087 copy.jpg
PB170088 copy.jpg
PB170090 copy.jpg

We would also find that the adults loved to try to hang out at this hot tub as well even though it's the "kids area". :rolleyes: Only is was x20 more than on the Sun.


Like I said before, if you come to the kids area to use the hot tub and children get in there and you have an attitude about it, try going to the ADULT hot tub area where you are supposed to be to avoid it. You know, the hot tub where all the adults complain about if there's any kids around the area and they want an "Adult only" pool and hot tub? That would be your area. ;)

So that completes the actual "ship" tour of the floors.


Here's a little extra added bonuses of things I took around the ship.

PB200302 copy.jpg
PB200306 copy.jpg
PB200371 copy.jpg
PB200373 copy.jpg

The one thing I noticed about the Sky was the elevators all looked the same inside (where the Sun was different in each)

PB170253 copy.jpg
PB170255 copy.jpg

Notice all the fish swimming in the same direction? On the Sky it was the exact same carpet except you had 1 little black fish swimming the opposite way every foot or so. (You know, NCL's trademark fish type of thing?) I missed that on this. Sakari and I made fun of the black swimming fish on the Sun. It was fun.

You know how the new ships have the touch screens that you can see anything about the ship? You can make reservations to eat, shows, maps and so on? Well the Sky has it too!

PB190232 copy.jpg
PB190233 copy.jpg
PB190234 copy.jpg

Now onto my tour of the I always do. I did this on the very first day (and drug my family along with me) to get it over with. LOL

PB170072 copy.jpg
PB170125 copy.jpg
PB170127 copy.jpg
PB170129 copy.jpg
PB170132 copy.jpg
PB170086 copy.jpg
PB170126 copy.jpg
PB170128 copy.jpg
PB170130 copy.jpg
PB170133 copy.jpg
PB170131 copy.jpg

I don't know...I really liked the stairways on this ship. It was so different than a lot of the others and I liked it better than the Sun. It was "interesting" and I liked how it went from top to bottom. When you were in the hallways and looking up or down at the stairs, you always noticed the stairway, unlike if there's just a picture of something hanging on the wall there. :)

Ok, so I am at the end of the ship photo tour.  Back to our first day on the ship located here ----->

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