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MITSUGIRLY'S birthday cruise on the JADE review/pictorialDay

Ship Tour



We'll start from the bottom and work our way up because isn't this how life is anyhow?




ALIZAR-one of the main dining rooms that is free of charge to eat in.

P2200086 copy.jpg
P2200087 copy.jpg
P2200088 copy.jpg
P2200089 copy.jpg
P2200090 copy.jpg


P2200110 copy.jpg
P2200122 copy.jpg
P2200111 copy.jpg
P2200113 copy.jpg
P2200112 copy.jpg
P2200114 copy.jpg
P2200115 copy.jpg
P2200117 copy.jpg
P2200116 copy.jpg
P2200119 copy.jpg

The room where the big dogs roll...

P2200120 copy.jpg
P2200118 copy.jpg

I just loved the lights in here

P2200123 copy.jpg
P2200125 copy.jpg

They had TONS of the bright throw-you-into-a-seizure slots.

P2200126 copy.jpg
P2200127 copy.jpg

One thing I noticed about the casino (after a few days) is that in the restroom, they had large windows. I remember another ship being like this (I think it might have been the Star??). I kept meaning to go in there and get a picture during the day time, but forgot.

P2250868 copy.jpg

The Grand Pacific-another main dining room that you could eat for free.

P2250822 copy.jpg
P2250823 copy.jpg
P2200217 copy.jpg
P2200216 copy.jpg

If you are wondering about the tables being covered it is because they were set during the life boat drill and this was a room that was used during the drill with people sitting there. I did see a lot of people and kids messing with the plates and silverware under the table coverings. I made a decision at that point that we would NOT be eating in there tonight with everyone's grimy hands on stuff. I would wait until after they had a chance to wash them.

P2200219 copy.jpg
P2250825 copy.jpg
P2210305 copy.jpg
P2210306 copy.jpg

This is the area you will enter and exit if you have mobility problems or in a wheelchair, instead of using the grand stairway entrance.

P2250828 copy.jpg
P2250830 copy.jpg

There seems to be a piano in all of these MDR's on the older ships set up exactly like this. I have to say I have never heard anyone play them when eating.

P2250831 copy.jpg
P2250826 copy.jpg

I had not even had a drink yet, but it appears my perception of things were a little distorted. (Actually there were several windows like this. I'm not sure what was going on with them).

P2250835 copy.jpg
P2250834 copy.jpg

Le Bistro (pay restaurant):

P2200103 copy.jpg

I loved this wall. When you walked in, it was very dark in the entrance. The bottles lined up and down this wall looked very dark. You could not tell they were colored bottles and one would simply just walk by it and never know. However, when you use a flash on a camera, it illuminated the bottles and you could see all the pretty colors. Pretty cool.

P2200104 copy.jpg
P2200105 copy.jpg
P2200106 copy.jpg
P2200107 copy.jpg
P2200108 copy.jpg
P2200109 copy.jpg

Magnums Champagne & Wine Bar

P2200098 copy.jpg
P2200102 copy.jpg

This is a 2 story open foyer in the middle of the ship. all of this class of ships have this section and they pretty much all look alike with some type of lit up ceiling design.

P2200099 copy.jpg
P2200100 copy.jpg

The bubbles were flowing in the glasses behind this glass.

P2200101 copy.jpg
P2200163 copy.jpg

Mixers Martini & Cocktail Bar:

P2200095 copy.jpg
P2200096 copy.jpg
P2200097 copy.jpg

Stardust Theater

P2200128 copy.jpg
P2200129 copy.jpg
P2200132 copy.jpg
P2200134 copy.jpg
P2200138 copy.jpg
P2200130 copy.jpg
P2200131 copy.jpg
P2200133 copy.jpg
P2230420 copy.jpg
P2210389 copy.jpg

Tankards Beer & Whiskey Bar

P2200093 copy.jpg
P2200094 copy.jpg
P2200092 copy.jpg
P2200091 copy.jpg



We are going to start with the beautiful atrium and flowers. I'm not sure if these are a part of the Chihuly collection or not. I know there was another ship that had some Chihuly collections on it (maybe the Pearl??) and just wondered if anyone knew for a fact if the flowers on this ship are Chihuly? I tried to search and seen plenty of people also asking this question, but never a definite answer.


So I believe I posted a picture, like the one below, when I announced that I was on a surprise cruise, to the people here on the forum. This was my hint and many knew which ship it was right away. If they didn't know, they would guess some type of Hawaiian ship, which is partially correct as well I guess. But this is a dead giveaway.

P2200082 copy.jpg
P2200164 copy.jpg

This wonderful display is in the main atrium, that is 2 stories tall, and each flowers stigma will light up and glow different colors. I did notice once, while eating at Blue Lagoon, that some of them did not work.

P2200165 copy.jpg
P2200084 copy.jpg

We also located the flowers in various other areas around different elevators.

P2250810 copy.jpg
P2250811 copy.jpg
P2250812 copy.jpg
P2250840 copy.jpg
P2250813 copy.jpg
P2250847 copy.jpg
P2250841 copy.jpg
P2250845 copy.jpg
P2250846 copy.jpg
P2250844 copy.jpg

The Aloha Bar in the atrium. There was absolutely no covering up that this use to be a Hawaii ship.

P2250843 copy.jpg
P2250842 copy.jpg

Tradewinds Shopping

P2250815 copy.jpg
P2240699 copy.jpg
P2240698 copy.jpg
P2240700 copy.jpg
P2240701 copy.jpg

Guest Services:

P2240704 copy.jpg
P2240702 copy.jpg

Shore Excursions

P2240703 copy.jpg

The Art Gallery and Internet Cafe were together and on opposite sides.

P2250836 copy.jpg
P2250837 copy.jpg

There were plenty of computers, but I did see this place really busy a few times. They do have a representative working there to help you out when needed. He was there from 9am-11pm daily.

P2250882 copy.jpg

Jasmine Garden (Asian food which is now free on the ships) & Sake Sushi Bar:

P2200157 copy.jpg
P2200158 copy.jpg
P2200159 copy.jpg
P2200160 copy.jpg
P2230409 copy.jpg

Teppanyaki (pay)

P2200161 copy.jpg
P2200162 copy.jpg

Medusa Lounge & Night Club.


This was an interesting place. Obviously Sakari loved it since it had an ocean/underwater theme to it.

P2200143 copy.jpg
P2200144 copy.jpg
P2200145 copy.jpg
P2200146 copy.jpg
P2200147 copy.jpg
P2200148 copy.jpg
P2200155 copy.jpg
P2200149 copy.jpg
P2200150 copy.jpg
P2200151 copy.jpg
P2200152 copy.jpg
P2200153 copy.jpg
P2200154 copy.jpg
P2200156 copy.jpg

Photo Gallery:

P2250814 copy.jpg

Deck 8


Blue Lagoon (24 hour free food). This is located on the 8th floor right above and surrounding the atrium.

P2200166 copy.jpg
P2200167 copy.jpg
P2200169 copy.jpg
P2200168 copy.jpg

On the opposite side of the Blue Lagoon is Moderno Churrascaria (which is a pay restaurant).


I can tell you that Moderno would have finger foods and fruits put out during the day that were free of charge and I would also see people in there enjoying coffee at times.


THEN...certain times, they seemed to use this area (instead of the Blue Lagoon area) to serve the Blue Lagoon 24/7 food. I'm not sure why and had never had this happen before.

P2200171 copy.jpg
P2200172 copy.jpg
P2200170 copy.jpg



Observation Deck. If you don't know about this (because it's not something you "just happen to run in to" and enjoy reading about the history of the ship and seeing their plaques, this is the place for you.


It's located on Deck 11 all the way to the front of the ship. There's nothing but rooms on this floor, other than the observation deck.


As I've said before, this ship was built as a Hawaii ship and was called the Pride of Hawaii.


Here is some background information on the Jade. (I'm not responsible for the authenticy of this information, just what I have gathered online).


Norwegian Jade was originally built as the Pride of Hawaii for their NCL America division. She was christened in a ceremony at the San Pedro Pier in Los Angeles, California[/url] on May 22, 2006.


When built, the ship comprised the third in a series of U.S. flagged ships operated by NCL America for the Hawaii market. At a cost of over half a billion U.S. dollars, the Pride of Hawaii was the largest and most expensive U.S. flagged passenger ship ever built. Her design was originally planned to be a sister ship to the Pride of America. After delivery to NCL, she joined the Pride of America and Pride of Aloha (which is now the Sky) as the final ship in the NCL America fleet. Later NCL America decided that it would be better to enlarge the Pride of Hawaii and make her a sister ship to the Norwegian Jewel.


On April 11, 2007 NCL announced that Pride of Hawaii would be withdrawn from the Hawaiian market in February, 2008. In a press release, NCL's CEO, cited substantial 2006 losses that had been caused by downward pricing pressure in the Hawaii market following the addition of Pride of Hawaii to the fleet, as well as an increase in the amount of foreign flagged competition entering the Hawaii market from the west coast as the reason for the vessels redeployment. NCL did not commit to sending Pride of Hawaii back to Hawaii until the other NCL America vessels reach an acceptable level of profitability. On February 4, 2008, "Pride of Hawaii" departed from Pier 2 in Honolulu for the last time. After several respositioning cruises, a name change, new livery, and an added onboard casino, she made her debut in Europe.


Despite the changes, "Norwegian Jade" maintains much of her original Hawaiian themed decor. Tropical flowers, Hawaiian landscapes, and Hawaiian names are throughout the ship's public spaces. Additionally, Matson menu inspired artwork and a large statue of King Kamehameha grace the main dining room.


"Norwegian Jade" is currently based in the Caribbean. There is little chance that she will ever return to Hawaii, as it would be difficult to regain her former US registration. November 2011: The ship underwent a dry dock in Marseille in France for two weeks. The ship received new carpets and tiling throughout and the hull was repainted plus the usual annual maintenance took place. The Norwegian Jade was used as a floating hotel during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


So there you have it. The history of what is now the Jade. I hope when ever they take her back to dry dock the next time, they always leave her Hawaiian heritage on the ship the way it is. We have been on the Sky and you could see some of the Hawaiian decor on it, but it is much more evident on the Jade. We loved it.

P2250769 copy.jpg
P2250763 copy.jpg
P2250762 copy.jpg
P2250764 copy.jpg
P2250766 copy.jpg
P2250767 copy.jpg

Encased is the original flag flown aboard the Jade between April 12, 2006 and February 10, 2008, during which time the ship was registered in the United States and named the M.S. Pride of Hawaii.

P2250771 copy.jpg
P2250772 copy.jpg
P2250765 copy.jpg



Fitness Center

P2210399 copy.jpg
P2210400 copy.jpg

Garden Cafe (free buffet)

P2240722 copy.jpg
P2240688 copy.jpg
P2240686 copy.jpg
P2240691 copy.jpg
P2240689 copy.jpg
P2240707 copy.jpg
P2240690 copy.jpg
P2240710 copy.jpg
P2240714 copy.jpg
P2240723 copy.jpg
P2240707 copy.jpg
P2240711 copy.jpg
P2240712 copy.jpg
P2240715 copy.jpg

La Cucina. This is a pay restaurant, but during the day, you can take your meal from the buffet over here to eat if you are unable to find a seat in the dining area, which makes for a nice quiet atmosphere.

P2200177 copy.jpg
P2200178 copy.jpg
P2200179 copy.jpg
P2200180 copy.jpg
P2200181 copy.jpg

Along the hallway, past the pool area and opposite from the buffet, you will find the photo studio, card room and library.




P2210394 copy.jpg
P2210397 copy.jpg
P2210393 copy.jpg
P2210396 copy.jpg

There is a replica ship in the library of the SS United States:

P2210392 copy.jpg
P2210401 copy.jpg
P2210403 copy.jpg
P2210404 copy.jpg

One nice thing about taking the SS United States to Europe is all the deck space we put at your feet (five acres to be exact)! Makes it easy to take a hike...or enjoy a fast set of deck tennis...or curl up in a deck chair away from everyone else.


It's hard to believe a ship so big can be so fast. Yet the fact is, the SS United States is the fastest ship in the world. An average crossing takes just four-and-a-quarter days. This is a big advantage whether you're going to Europe on pleasure or business. Since most of our crossings include a weekend, you spend only three business days traveling.


Best of all, when you travel to Europe by ship you arrive at the top of your form! Step ashore and tour a museum...or close a business deal. There's no need to spend valuable time recuperating.


What else will you find aboard America's Superliner? Food in the classic tradition of Europe's great inns...everything from steamed finnan haddie for breakfast to Schaschlick a la Russe fro dinner. The wine cellar is the largest afloat...stocked with the finest bordeaux, burgundies, moselles, ports...and 5000 bottles of vintage champagnes. Staterooms are large and beautifully appointed--and every one is air conditioned with individual room control. There's swimming, dancing, professional entertainment, the latest movies, a huge free baggage allowance...and for your peace of mind, the highest safety standards on any ship in the world.


So, this year, travel to Europe with us. There's no ship in the world quite like the SS United States. For information and reservations call your Travel Agent or United States Lines, One Broadway, New York, N. Y.

P2210406 copy.jpg

Information online about the SS United States (again, only information I found)


SS United States is a luxury passenger liner[/url] built in 1952 for United States Lines designed to capture the trans-Atlantic speed record.Built at a cost of $79.4 million ($724 million in today's dollars) the ship is the largest ocean liner constructed entirely in the U.S. and the fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic in either direction.


United States operated uninterrupted in transatlantic passenger service until 1969. Since 1996 she has been docked at Pier 82 on the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

Pool Deck

P2210254 copy.jpg
P2210377 copy.jpg
P2210376 copy.jpg
P2210378 copy.jpg
P2210379 copy.jpg
P2220026 copy.jpg
P2220028 copy.jpg
P2220029 copy.jpg
P2220033 copy.jpg
P2220031 copy.jpg
P2220035 copy.jpg
P2220034 copy.jpg
P2240725 copy.jpg

Now I did want to get a picture of the smoking section, for those that smoke and those that want to avoid smoke.


I thought this was EXTREMELY strange...The entire opposite side was non-smoking. This side (in the picture below) is the smoking side. The entire side is smoking EXCEPT 2 rows of tables. Um...ok. You can see the 2 rows of tables, they are a different color. They had the non-smoking sign on the table. Now WHY would you make the entire side smoking except for 2 rows of tables??? I did see people smoking at them anyhow so...just saying. It was WEIRD!

P2270915 copy.jpg

Splash Academy:


This was an area they played movies in for the children.

P2200182 copy.jpg

Now I swear I thought I seen a picture of the kids area that had one of those ball pit/jumping areas in here, but there wasn't one. So either they removed it or the picture I had seen prior was mislabled.

P2200183 copy.jpg
P2200185 copy.jpg
P2200184 copy.jpg

Great Outdoors. This is a great place to hang out, have a drink and also eat. There's a small buffet cafe type area out here with snacks and hot food during the day and evening. Usually if the buffet inside is closed, there's something out here to fill your belly.

P2210368 copy.jpg

Video Arcade.

P2200186 copy.jpg
P2200187 copy.jpg




Bali Hai Bar & Grill


Yes, this place not only had drinks, but you could also get food at times.

P2240427 copy.jpg
P2240426 copy.jpg
P2200214 copy.jpg

Cagneys (pay)



P2200198 copy.jpg
P2200200 copy.jpg
P2200202 copy.jpg
P2200203 copy.jpg

Spinnaker Lounge

P2200197 copy.jpg
P2200204 copy.jpg
P2200206 copy.jpg
P2200205 copy.jpg
P2200207 copy.jpg
P2200209 copy.jpg
P2200208 copy.jpg

They did have a few games in here, like the dart board you see and they had the video poker as well.

P2200213 copy.jpg

Then they had this game. I have no idea what it is called or even how you play.

P2200212 copy.jpg

Sakari tried "playing" for awhile and we really didn't know what to do. I'm not sure if you try to get the round things as far as possible, maybe against the pegs? It also had sand in the side pockets for some reason. Is this normal? Someone enlighten me please. Maybe a table form of shuffleboard?

Outside sports games consisted of checkers (I never did see anyone playing chess so either it didn't have it or I just never found it), golf driving, ping pong, basketball, and shuffle board.

P2210360 copy.jpg
P2210361 copy.jpg

Star Bar

P2210356 copy.jpg
P2210358 copy.jpg
P2210359 copy.jpg

Deck 14


Sundeck area

P2240429 copy.jpg
P2240430 copy.jpg
P2240431 copy.jpg
P2240432 copy.jpg
P2240433 copy.jpg
P2240436 copy.jpg

So on with more pictures. I'm going to start with the pictures that located in the stairs. I always take a day to start at the top deck and walk my way down taking pictures of the paintings along the way. This is the part that my hubby just looks at me and knows what's in store. Sakari was with us this day and she didn't even ask questions. She just walked and stopped for each picture. LOL I have my family trained!

P2250788 copy.jpg
P2250790 copy.jpg
P2250791 copy.jpg
P2250793 copy.jpg
P2250797 copy.jpg
P2250787 copy.jpg
P2250789 copy.jpg
P2250792 copy.jpg
P2250795 copy.jpg
P2250801 copy.jpg

Well I guess the people on the 4th floor don't require a painting.  But they did have this...medical supplies.

P2250799 copy.jpg
P2250798 copy.jpg
P2250803 copy.jpg
P2250805 copy.jpg
P2250807 copy.jpg
P2250818 copy.jpg
P2250804 copy.jpg
P2250806 copy.jpg
P2250808 copy.jpg
P2250816 copy.jpg
P2250819 copy.jpg
P2250820 copy.jpg
P2250821 copy.jpg
P2250802 copy.jpg

Now to the outside paintings on the ship deck 7. One thing NCL is known for is their artwork and paintings on the ship. I like to walk all the way around and see how each painting on the outside corresponds to what is located directly inside.

P2210307 copy.jpg
P2210309 copy.jpg
P2210311 copy.jpg
P2210313 copy.jpg
P2210314 copy.jpg
P2210318 copy.jpg
P2210319 copy.jpg
P2210321 copy.jpg
P2210323 copy.jpg
P2210325 copy.jpg
P2210327-2 copy.jpg
P2210308 copy.jpg
P2210310 copy.jpg
P2210312 copy.jpg
P2210315 copy.jpg
P2210316 copy.jpg
P2210317 copy.jpg
P2210320 copy.jpg
P2210322 copy.jpg
P2210324 copy.jpg
P2210326-2 copy.jpg
P2210328-2 copy.jpg

I have always noticed the constant cleaning and painting going on with every NCL ship. This company has always been one that takes great pride in trying to keep everything in tip top shape. We would see multiple people painting and varnishing the entire cruise.

P2210329 copy.jpg

I never really understood why they never have many lounge chairs along this deck. It's the perfect place to sit and enjoy readings or snoozing or just staring out at the sea. There's always just a few chairs on this deck and they are always taken. We would only find them empty once and that's because we were still in port and everyone was not back on the ship yet.

P2210330 copy.jpg
P2210331 copy.jpg
P2210332 copy.jpg
P2210333 copy.jpg
P2210334 copy.jpg
P2210335 copy.jpg
P2210336 copy.jpg
P2210337 copy.jpg
P2210338 copy.jpg
P2210339 copy.jpg
P2210340 copy.jpg
P2210341 copy.jpg
P2210343 copy.jpg
P2210344 copy.jpg
P2210345 copy.jpg
P2210362 copy.jpg
P2210366 copy.jpg
P2260884 copy.jpg

Just a few "extras". When you are a person that is into photography, you usually have a keen eye out for the usual or your mind comes up with ways to photograph something in a non-traditional way at times. You see the world in a different way and become amazed easily at the little things in life that some may not notice at all.


Well, I think I was having an "off" day or something and my love for photography has rubbed off on my hubby. He's actually the one who noticed these lights. I can't believe I didn't even notice them.

P2240439 copy.jpg
P2240442 copy.jpg
P2240440 copy.jpg
P2240441 copy.jpg
P2250817 copy.jpg

They had a digital screen in each elevator. Someone once mentioned how the time was different in every one of them. LOL I hadn't noticed that either, but then again I have my watch on when cruising and use that for the time. So, I'm not really paying attention to time elsewhere. But after he said that, I did notice the time was different in several of them (different as in hours, not a few minutes off).

P2250848 copy.jpg

Hopefully that will give everyone getting ready to leave on the Jade their "fix" before going.


Now on to my review of "our" events during the cruise.

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