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Mitsugirly needed to ESCAPE from the cold weather

Ship Tour Pictures

On to the ship pictures.....

We will start at the top, since that's the most happening and funnest part of the ship.  😂


DECK 18:



PC190857 copy (2).jpg


PC160510 copy (2).jpg
PC160513 copy (2).jpg
PC160514 copy (2).jpg

Anyone for a game of golf plinko?

PC160517 copy (2).jpg

DECK 17:


Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville:


This is an extra paid venue with Jimmy Buffett signature items like Cheeseburger in Paradise, Who's to Blame Margarita and so on. The charge is $14.95.


HOWEVER, remember that this place also offers a FREE buffet breakfast in the mornings. Both hot and cold items and coffee. This place will NOT be crowded if you are looking for a good place to eat breakfast instead of the fast and busy crowded place at the buffet.

PC190860 (2).jpg
PC190858 (2).jpg
PC180671 (2).jpg
PC180672 (2).jpg
PC180673 (2).jpg
PC190826 (2).jpg

We will just do all the water slides in this part.


You have the Aqua Racer, Family Slide and the Free fall slides.

PC190845 (2).jpg
PC190897 (2).jpg
PC190894 (2).jpg

This is the slide that you use the tube in and it has the lights and other interesting things in it.

PC150165 copy.jpg

These "carvings" in the tube is where they have the paint missing in the shapes of animals and when the sun is shinning, it shows when you're inside. (At least this is what Sakari told me).

PC150166 copy (2).jpg
PC150167 copy (2).jpg


PC190863 copy.jpg
PC190869 copy (2).jpg
PC190870 copy (2).jpg
PC190871 copy (2).jpg
PC190872 copy (2).jpg
PC190865 copy (2).jpg
PC190873 copy (2).jpg
PC190864 copy.jpg
PC190866 copy (2).jpg
PC190867 copy (2).jpg
PC190868 copy (2).jpg



This is an adult-only retreat area during the day. There are lounge chairs and hot tubs along with a nice waterfall grotto to cool off in. There is a bar there and a smoking area around the bar.


At night, they hold dance parties here including the GloParty. There's also a huge video screen and they host movies there in the evenings.

PC190874 (2).jpg
PC190887 (2).jpg
PC190876 (2).jpg
PC190885 copy-L.jpg
PC190877 (2).jpg


PC190880 (2).jpg
PC190881 (2).jpg
PC190882 (2).jpg
PC190883 (2).jpg
PC190878 copy (2).jpg
PC190879 copy (2).jpg


This bar is located in the middle and overlooks the adult pool and tv screens and the back side you can see the kiddie waterpark, family pool and slides. It is a smoking area in front and down the sides of the bar.

PC190854 copy.jpg
PC190847 copy (2).jpg
PC190849 copy.jpg
PC190850 copy (2).jpg
PC190853 copy (2).jpg

DECK 16:


Main Pool, which is the "family" pool. Notice they have a red dot over the "No" in lifeguard on Duty. They have lifeguards. After all the drownings and problems with kids over the last several years, I believe NCL, RC and Carnival all have them now.

PC190901 (2).jpg

They had a small area in the back of the pool with a waterfall and this area is very shallow and not for swimming.

PC190899 (2).jpg

The towel "exchange" area is right across from the family pool and the kiddie water park. Although it says "exchange only" on it, they would also take your room number (given to them verbally and not with a key card) and write down on a paper how many towels you checked out. HOWEVER, this system is flawed if they are trying to keep track of the towels. For one, they don't verify your room number or if you even gave them the right number. Another thing is, when you turn in the towels, they never checked your name off. Yet another thing, when you are coming back from port, they have an area before you get on the ship that you can offload your wet towels (not get new ones) and then go back up and get dry ones from the pool area. There's no way for anyone to know how many you have out or in. Kinda weird if you ask me.


Kiddie Waterpark


They stepped up their game from all of the other ships I have been on. It's still not as extensive as Carnival's waterpark on a lot of their ships, but it's better than NCL's previous areas for the kids.

PC190905 (2).jpg
PC190907 (2).jpg
PC190908 (2).jpg
PC140093 (2).jpg
PC190903 (2).jpg

Market Place


This area, which runs between the kids area and the adult pool area, is used during certain days of the cruise and has pool and beach items like sunscreen, beach toys, sunglasses, and so on. However, I did not see it open one day during our cruise. (It does get pretty windy in that area because it sometimes works as a breezeway when the ship is moving). 

PC190900 (2).jpg

Adult Only Pool and chairs

PC190852 (2).jpg
PC190912 (2).jpg
PC190896 (2).jpg

There is a stage by the pool and live bands will play here.

PC190913 (2).jpg

There's also 2 hot tubs in this area. I believe they are adult and children because every time I looked, I always seen kids in them. If you want an adult only hot tub, you can go to the back in H20.

PC190914 (2).jpg

There are ping pong tables in this area as well.

PC190915 (2).jpg

Pool Bar by the adult pool area

PC190909 (2).jpg
PC190910 (2).jpg

Garden Cafe


I apologize in advance, I didn't manage to get any pictures of the actual seating area in the buffet. There always seemed to be people there and at other times, I just plain forgot. Oops. Mitsugirly failure.

They do have several actual hand washing stations when you enter the dining area

PC190890 (2).jpg
PC190892 (2).jpg

Pulse Fitness Center

PC190929 (2).jpg
PC190919 (2).jpg

The Barber Shop:


Full service beauty salon and barber shop.

PC190925 (2).jpg

Cool looking picture that was 3D

PC190931 (2).jpg
PC190932 (2).jpg

Mandara Spa

PC190916 (2).jpg
PC190922 (2).jpg
PC190920 (2).jpg

They had the prettiest looking jellyfish ornament on their Christmas tree.

PC190924 (2).jpg



5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar


Live musical performances are here in the evenings and this is the first of a kind place on NCL Escape.

PC150196 copy.jpg
PC150198 copy (2).jpg
PC150200 copy (2).jpg
PC150199 copy (2).jpg
PC150201 copy (2).jpg
PC150202 copy (2).jpg
PC150203 copy.jpg
PC150204 copy (2).jpg
PC150197 copy.jpg

Bayamo by Ocean Blue


You will find fresh seafood dishes, which also has waterfront seating.

PC190966 copy (2).jpg
PC190967 copy (2).jpg

Cagneys Steakhouse


American Steakhouse with premium cut Angus Beef.

PC190980 copy (2).jpg
PC190985 copy (2).jpg
PC190981 copy (2).jpg
PC190982 copy.jpg
PC150234 copy (2).jpg
PC150235 copy (2).jpg

Moderno Churrascaria


Authentic Brazilian Churrascaria with a 43-item salad bar. 12 slow-roasted meats are carved tableside.


This place is located on the opposite side of Cagneys.

PC190976 copy (2).jpg
PC190977 copy (2).jpg
PC150233 copy (2).jpg
PC190978 copy (2).jpg
PC190986 copy.jpg
PC190987 copy (2).jpg
PC190992 copy (2).jpg
PC190989 copy.jpg
PC190991 copy.jpg
PC190992 copy (2).jpg
PC190990 copy (2).jpg



Several different shops to get just about anything you need...for an inflated price of course. They do run "specials" along the hallways during certain days.

PC150225 (2).jpg
PC150227 (2).jpg
PC150229 (2).jpg
PC150231 (2).jpg
PC190973 (2).jpg
PC150226 (2).jpg
PC150228 (2).jpg


PC190974 (2).jpg
PC190975 (2).jpg

NCL has a great system and on your key card you will find your "number" listed for your photos. You simply go to that folder and pull it out on the turn rack and you'll find all the pictures they have taken for you during your cruise.


Close up of the turn tables here in the yellow section.

PC1901975 (2).jpg



Spain cuisine tapas bar and A la carte

PC190964 copy.jpg
PC190963 copy (2).jpg
PC190965 copy (2).jpg
PC150215 copy.jpg
PC150216 copy (2).jpg
PC150214 copy.jpg
PC150217 copy (2).jpg
PC150219 copy (2).jpg
PC150218 copy.jpg



This is located between Moderno and Cagneys and is a bar.

PC190993 copy.jpg
PC190979 copy (2).jpg
PC190994 copy (2).jpg

Just a close up of the light

PC190996 copy (2).jpg

Food Republic


Fusion food from cultures around the globe. Mexico, Japanese and Thai. Prices are A la carte

PC150206 copy (2).jpg
PC150207 copy (2).jpg
PC150208 copy (2).jpg
PC150209 copy (2).jpg
PC150210 copy (2).jpg
PC150211 copy (2).jpg
PC150205 copy.jpg

Humidor Cigar Lounge


You can purchase cigars here as well. It is located right beside the Tobacco Road bar area.

PC190943 copy (2).jpg
PC190944 copy (2).jpg

Now there was a sign up saying that it was for cigars only and no cigarettes or vapes allowed. I'm not sure if that's just this ship or things have changed fleet wide since August because the Breakaway didn't say that.

PC190942 copy (2).jpg
PC190945 copy.jpg
PC190946 copy.jpg

Tobacco Road Bar


This place was ALWAYS crowded when they were open. I don't know why this was the happening place to be. I even found a couple that went in there to read a book and I don't know how they could even concentrate because it's so loud there.

PC190948 (2).jpg
PC190949 (2).jpg
PC190940 (2).jpg
PC190947 (2).jpg
PC190941 (2).jpg
PC150212 (2).jpg

La Cucina Italian Restaurant


They have classic Italian dishes like Spaghetti Carbonara and Veal Scaloppini with Marsala sauce and even oven baked pizza's. This place is A la carte.

PC190935 copy.jpg
PC190939 copy (2).jpg
PC190937 copy (2).jpg
PC190936 copy (2).jpg

The Cellars Wine Bar

PC150245 copy (2).jpg
PC150247 copy (2).jpg
PC150249 copy (2).jpg
PC150252 copy (2).jpg
PC150254 copy (2).jpg
PC190953 copy (2).jpg
PC190955 copy (2).jpg
PC150246 copy (2).jpg
PC150248 copy (2).jpg
PC150250 copy.jpg
PC150253 copy (2).jpg
PC150255 copy.jpg
PC190951 copy.jpg
PC190956 copy (2).jpg

District Brewhouse


More than 50 different bottled beers or 24 draft beers on tap. They also serve cocktails. Live music can be found here and they have a photo booth.

PC150259 copy (2).jpg
PC150262 copy (2).jpg
PC150263 copy (2).jpg
PC150261 copy (2).jpg
PC150260 copy (2).jpg
PC150264 copy (2).jpg
PC150267 copy.jpg