MITSUGIRLYS EPIC CRUISE--2nd time around-1st from Port Canaveral

Ship Tour Pictures

Now it's time for the ship pictures. I have to say that this ship, by far, has been the hardest ship to get pictures of out of ALL the ships I have ever sailed. When we sailed her back in 2010, I really didn't have a lot of pictures (and everyone knows what a picture freak I am) and I just couldn't understand why. Now I wonder if it's the same reason I had this time....or I was just too busy having fun with my hubby's first cruise.


Several things hindered my picture taken abilities this cruise.


*The amount of people were just INSANE! This made it hard to get good pictures because people were just everywhere blocking the view and although I thought it in my head to scream "MOVE OUT OF MY WAY, DON'T YOU KNOW I'M TRYING TO GET THE MOST AWESOME PICTURES FOR PEOPLE ON CC?", I decided it would probably not be a wise choice.


*They have A LOT of the venues closed when they are not open. :eek: I mean CLOSED! As in if they aren't open, the doors are LOCKED! The dining rooms were locked, the theater was locked, some of the bars/venues were locked. So, when they unlocked them is when the hoards of people were flocking in and that's not the type of picture I wanted obviously.


*Trouble learning my new camera and this new fish-eye lens kinda disappointed me in a lot of the pictures. So, I was forced to take many pictures of the same thing and of course someone would get in the way on the good pictures. I found that using a fish-eye created a much darker picture than what I'm used to.


*This ship is so HUGE that I didn't even realize there were places that I didn't get until I got home and started looking at the blue prints last night to put everything into the right folders. Oops


*I missed a few things in areas that I really didn't visit often or at all.


Please forgive me if I missed anything you really wanted to see (like Spice H20...oops) or if I somehow might have the wrong picture under a certain name. Feel free to correct me if you'd like...or just deal with my insanity of knowledge, or lack there of, on the names or where the pictures might belong. I don't have the young-whipper-snapper brain I use to.


So here come the ship pictures I do have. We will start with the lower floor and work our way up (and everyone knows that walking up the stairs for me is not good these days, so feel privileged that I got them at all). :D Honestly, I took off early one morning to get a majority of them, before anyone else was out and about, and that's how some of them have no one in them. I did my duty even though I should have still been sleeping. Just for you guys.... :o





So how do you get down here? It took us a few days to figure this out. I remember seeing the escalator in the casino and always wondered where it went. We decided to head down there and found that there was one of the dining rooms. TASTE!

PB130494 copy.jpg
PB161935 copy.jpg
PB130497 copy.jpg
PB161944 copy.jpg
PB161949 copy.jpg
PB161938 copy.jpg
PB130495 copy.jpg
PB161936 copy.jpg
PB161937 copy.jpg
PB161948 copy.jpg
PB161950 copy.jpg
PB161945 copy.jpg

You can look down into the dining room from the 6th floor:

PB120228 copy.jpg
PB161947 copy.jpg

Everyone knows the main centerpiece of these mega ships is the hanging chandelier. It's probably one of the most photographed things on the Epic, Getaway, and Breakaway. I would be no exception and took a lot of pictures as well.

PB120223 copy.jpg
PB120226 copy.jpg
PB120227 copy.jpg
PB161939 copy.jpg
PB120222 copy.jpg
PB161943 copy.jpg
PB120224 copy.jpg
PB120279 copy.jpg
PB161941 copy.jpg
PB161942 copy.jpg

he lights were always changing colors.

If you walk down the hall in the opposite direction, you will come to the Atrium Cafe and Bar. I will admit that I didn't even make it down to deck 5 until days later (I believe). I was so oblivious to that deck before that...which is weird.



PB130498 copy.jpg
PB130500 copy.jpg

Attached to this bar and around the corner you would find pastries.  Also a coffee bar.

PB130501 copy.jpg
PB130502 copy.jpg

Tucked away in the corner is the Photo Studio. I poked my head in and was looking at all the props and such (since I'm also a "prop geek" with my own pictures at home) and I got a "Can I help you?", which startled me and I snapped a picture and ran and then ...



They had remodeled this place too and the difference I had noticed was they now had walls with "bookshelves" with your pictures located in folders. Before I believe they were round carousels that you had to find your folder in. I think it looked a lot cleaner and nicer the way it is now. I remember them having a lot of computers to look things up, but there is an abundance amount now in several areas in there, so I'm not sure if they added more or I just don't remember that many.

PB130503 copy.jpg
PB140507 copy.jpg
PB140508 copy.jpg
PB161964 copy.jpg



You have the atrium, which consist of the big 2 story screen tv, guest services, onboard credit, CruiseNext desk, and shore excursions.

PB130504 copy.jpg
PB161952 copy.jpg
PB161951 copy.jpg
PB130505 copy.jpg
PB161954 copy.jpg
PB161955 copy.jpg
PB130499 copy.jpg

This is my last picture of the Atrium. Below it, I want to show you a picture of the Atrium that I took in 2010. Wow, what a different. I have to say I like it better now with the new carpet and different chairs.

PB161953 copy.jpg

Last time




So, I did not even discover this area until maybe the second to last day. We always go in and play games with Sakari on a sea day, but I didn't know they had this area. It felt kind tucked away to me. When I looked in, there were people playing games and the shelves had plenty of games on it. I didn't want to be rude and go in and start snapping pictures. But it says it's a library too. I did not see one book in there, so I was confused. I'm thinking there was a door off to the side of the game room to enter a library on the side of it.

PB182836 copy.jpg
PB182837 copy.jpg

Across the hall you have Le Bistro, which is a French Restaurant.

PB161957 copy.jpg
PB161958 copy.jpg
PB161959 copy.jpg
PB161961 copy.jpg
PB161962 copy.jpg
PB161960 copy.jpg
PB161963 copy.jpg


PB140510 copy.jpg
PB140511 copy.jpg
PB161965 copy.jpg
PB161966 copy.jpg

Moving on up to the 6th floor and at the same end I was already at.



PB120203 copy.jpg
PB172004 copy.jpg
PB172011 copy.jpg
PB172008 copy.jpg
PB172007 copy.jpg
PB172009 copy.jpg
PB172010 copy.jpg

Outside the Epic Theater, you will find the Kiosk Desk. This is where you can book know, because this is supposed to be "freestyle" to do what you want when you want. :rolleyes:

PB120202 copy.jpg
PB120204 copy.jpg

SPIEGEL TENT. This is where they have the cirque dreams show. It's a rounded area and you sit either on the first floor or the second. We went to the show when we were on the Epic in 2010. I enjoyed the show, had seats upstairs (at the time they were the "cheap seats"), but thought that a lot of the "story" they were trying to tell was really drawn out. The kids weren't sure they wanted to pay so much money for the show and a crappy dinner (there have been a lot of complaints about the dinner shows food on Epic, Getaway and Breakaway). When we went before, in 2010, it was affordable at around $10 for general seats and $15 for premium seats. Now I believe that price had jumped up to $29 for regular seats and $39 for premium seats. WOW! So, we didn't end up going. With 3 in the family for us and Kendra and 2 in the family for Kolin, that could be $232 to $312 for us all to go. That's just rediculous.


So, you get pictures of the outside instead. LOL

PB120206 copy.jpg
PB120294 copy.jpg
PB120297 copy.jpg

Across the hall you have Headliners. Once again, freestyle cruising meant that you had to book this place to even get in and if you couldn't....because they were constantly ALL booked up, you could stand outside in a "Stand-by" line in hopes that people that booked would not show up and you might snag a seat. :rolleyes:

PB161970 copy.jpg
PB161968 copy.jpg
PB120205 copy.jpg
PB161967 copy.jpg

I was only able to get pictures of the inside because they were having bingo at the time. Otherwise, they kept the doors locked! :rolleyes:


This is also the place they have the Created by You...or whatever it's called that you paint with the instructor.

Up next is O'Sheehans. A great place to get food 24/7, including breakfast in the mornings, with a bar, over looking the atrium down below and big screen tv, plus several games to play.

PB120207 copy.jpg
PB120208 copy.jpg
PB120211 copy.jpg
PB120214 copy.jpg
PB120215 copy.jpg
PB120209 copy.jpg
PB120210 copy.jpg
PB120212 copy.jpg
PB120213 copy.jpg

O'Sheehans also has the only bowling alley left on the Epic. There use to be bowling alleys in Bliss as well, but during the renovation, they removed them.


There are 3 lanes to the bowling alley.

PB120217 copy.jpg
PB120218 copy.jpg



I didn't really take pictures of all the games like I usually do. The casino is really huge and goes down the middle, to the right, to the left, down the middle again and just seems like it goes on forever.

PB120256 copy.jpg
PB120257 copy.jpg
PB120216 copy.jpg
PB120219 copy.jpg
PB120220 copy.jpg
PB120225 copy.jpg
PB120221 copy.jpg
PB120229 copy.jpg
PB161971 copy.jpg



This is your Asian style restaurant that used to cost money the last time we were here. They have now made it free (fleet wide) to dine here. It's located in a "weird" place along the sides of the Casino, which made for one heck of a traffic jam in that area.

PB120230 copy.jpg
PB120231 copy.jpg
PB120232 copy.jpg
PB120233 copy.jpg

It looked exactly the same (to me, but I could be missing something) as it did the last time we were here. The decor and even the pictures on the walls were the same. The only difference I noticed was....

DSC04934 (2)-L.jpg

They had removed all the cute little green bonsai something or other trees from the table. I liked those things and thought it added to the "feel" and decor.



I wasn't sure what this place was, other than other gathering place or bar. I would later (after the cruise) learn that it was a "Legendary Music Club".


I guess this place used to be Fat Cats and it was completely remodeled.

PB120234 copy.jpg
PB120237 copy.jpg
PB120235 copy.jpg
PB120236 copy.jpg

For those of you that don't know it...they originally installed a "lamp" that was a dog pooping. I guess it was on the floor at the entrance of this club. I can tell you that it was a "talked about" item during/after the refurbishment and I just knew I had to get a picture of it for my review. I spent the entire cruise trying to locate said dog with no luck. I was devastated! Well, not really but thought it would make for a good conversation piece. I went on a hunt (on these boards) to try to figure out where it was and how I could have missed it. I found that someone reported that the "poop" was stolen a few months ago and maybe now they had removed the dog entirely. I guess that's why I didn't see it.


For those of you that just have to know about this dog (like me)'s a picture (NOT MY PICTURE)


But I kid you not...I really did look the entire cruise for this dog. :D



This is a great place to go when you are at the casino and want a drink. I never did find much of a line there and people just sitting around and playing electronic cards. Just be aware that they do not have a blender for fru-fru matter how many times I went there to ask for one of these drinks, the answer never changed and they hadn't acquired a blender each time. Oops

PB120238 copy.jpg
PB120242 copy.jpg
PB120241 copy.jpg
PB120255 copy.jpg



Once again, I could never get in this place for pictures because the doors were always shut. I managed to slip in a picture from upstairs over looking it.

PB120239 copy.jpg
PB120249 copy.jpg

My picture from 2010...the only difference I could see was they went from round tables to square and maybe a change of fabric on the chairs.


Up we go to deck 7..................wee


At the aft of the ship, you have 2 restaurants that enter in the same place, then split off to each side.


MODERNO CHURRASCARIA (or whatever that word is)



Hopefully I didn't get these two mixed up. I believe this is Moderno:

PB120243 copy.jpg
PB120244 copy.jpg
PB120245 copy.jpg
PB120246 copy.jpg

This is where you can look down into Manhattan

PB120248 copy.jpg
PB120250 copy.jpg
PB120247 copy.jpg


PB120251 copy.jpg
PB120252 copy.jpg
PB120253 copy.jpg
PB120254 copy.jpg
PB120258 copy.jpg

Heading down the hall, you will find an actual barber shop.

PB120259 copy.jpg


PB120261 copy.jpg

Then off to the side of that is the HUMIDOR CIGAR LOUNGE

PB120262 copy.jpg
PB120263 copy.jpg
PB120264 copy.jpg
PB120265 copy.jpg

On the other side of the cigar bar, you come out to SHAKER'S MARTINI BAR

PB120271 copy.jpg
PB120269 copy.jpg

You see the curtains coming out of the ceiling and behind the couches? (Next 2 pictures) I found them very odd. They were like plastic sheets hanging. Like the kind of clear plastic you would use to cover up something when you paint. It was odd.

PB120266 copy.jpg
PB120268 copy.jpg
PB120270 copy.jpg
PB120267 copy.jpg
PB120280 copy.jpg
PB120272 copy.jpg
PB120281 copy.jpg


PB120273 copy.jpg
PB120275 copy.jpg
PB120277 copy.jpg
PB120285 copy.jpg

TEPPANYAKI is tucked away back in this restaurant and you can see it from across the "bridge" hall.

PB120274 copy.jpg

Next is THE ICE BAR. We did not go in it this time. I can't imagine paying more money (I believe it used to be around $20 for about 45 minutes inside the bar and included 2 drinks. I'm not sure if the price has went up or not) to drink 2 drinks and freeze my bazooka off, when I already live in a cold state, and especially when I have the free drink package.


We did go in it the last time in 2010 and I absolutely loved the sour apple drinks they had.

PB120284 copy.jpg
PB120282 copy.jpg

2010 and the last time I was in the ICE BAR (notice I was carrying around my DSLR back then...way before I discovered my beloved Olympus Tough)




This shopping area is huge. They have a lot of stores here from a booze store, perfume store, make-up, clothes, jewelry, and so on. There's quite a few stores and it's like shopping at a small mall.

PB120287 copy.jpg
PB120260 copy.jpg
PB120291 copy.jpg
PB120289 copy.jpg
PB120292 copy.jpg
PB120288 copy.jpg
PB120293 copy.jpg
PB120290 copy.jpg
PB120296 copy.jpg
PB120300 copy.jpg
PB120295 copy.jpg
PB120298 copy.jpg
PB120322 copy.jpg
PB120301 copy.jpg
PB120302 copy.jpg
PB120323 copy.jpg
PB120324 copy.jpg

In case you get lost....

PB120286 copy.jpg



This place got a total remodel and boy could I tell. I did spend a lot of time in here on our last Epic cruise and I just couldn't believe the changes. It was a total make-over. I didn't even recognize it.  Everything is lined with chains

PB120303 copy.jpg
PB120304 copy.jpg
PB120306 copy.jpg
PB120307 copy.jpg
PB120308 copy.jpg
PB120309 copy.jpg
PB120310 copy.jpg
PB120313 copy.jpg
PB120321 copy.jpg
PB120319 copy.jpg
PB120320 copy.jpg
PB120316 copy.jpg
PB120317 copy.jpg
PB120318 copy.jpg
PB120321 copy.jpg

Here is the same area 2010


No more bowling alleys

PB120309 copy.jpg

This used to be there instead:


The dance floor now:

PB120319 copy.jpg

The old 2010 dance floor (on the sides of the dance floor used to be cages that you could dance in...they were a lot of fun):


The floor


More of 2010 pictures. They use to have some very strange chairs and "beds" to sit on in the Bliss. They are all gone now.

IMG_1375 (2)-L.jpg
IMG_1378 (2)-L.jpg
IMG_1381 (2)-L.jpg

Time to huff and puff up to the 13th floor. The entire floor is cabins, BUT you will also find the BRIDGE VIEWING AREA here as well. Want to check up on the Captain? Want to see the history and plaques for the Epic? This is where you'll find them all.

PB120328 copy.jpg
PB120327 copy.jpg
PB120329 copy.jpg
PB120333 copy.jpg
PB120331 copy.jpg
PB120332 copy.jpg
PB120330 copy.jpg
PB120335 copy.jpg

This was pretty neat. It showed our position, along with the ships that had been cruising along with us: Carnival Fantasy and Disney Magic

PB120334 copy.jpg
PB120336 copy.jpg
PB120337 copy.jpg

SPLASH KIDS CLUB is located on deck 14. This is a parent-free zone, so if you ever want to see in them because you are sending your child there, you will need to see it the first day. After that, no entry!


They have strict age groups and this service is free. They close from 12-2pm and 5-7pm for you to get your child and feed them. They use to be open from morning until closing, but thanks to some "special" parents that would drop their children off in the morning and never pick them up until they closed, they had to enforce a closing time to make sure the kids were getting fed. So sad.


They close at 10:30pm and you can sign your child up for "sitting" services and they charge $6.00 per hour up until 1:30am.

PB120125 copy.jpg
PB120124 copy.jpg
PB120127 copy.jpg
PB120126 copy.jpg
PB120129 copy.jpg
PB120128 copy.jpg

Also included on Deck 14 is La Cucina. However, you get to it mainly by going into the buffet area and head to the back. There you will find steps that lead down to the restaurant. This is a pay restaurant and is Italian.


Another thing that some don't realize is that during lunch/breakfast hours, if the buffet area is full and you can't find any place to sit, you can go down here to La Cucina and eat. It's much quieter down there, less traffic and even the servers down there will offer to get you drinks. Of course the only down side is that if you want more, you'll have to head back up stairs.

PB161921 copy.jpg
PB161923 copy.jpg
PB161919 copy.jpg
PB161926 copy.jpg
PB161920 copy.jpg
PB161924 copy.jpg
PB161922 copy.jpg
PB161925 copy.jpg
PB161927 copy.jpg

What the steps area use to look like in 2010 and the old Italian "look" from 2010

img_1449 (3)-L.jpg

The tree has been removed as well.




This area has been redone as well.

PB161928 copy.jpg
PB182833-2 copy.jpg
PB182834 copy.jpg
PB161929 copy.jpg
PB182835 copy.jpg
PB120179 copy.jpg

One of the things I immediately noticed different from 2010 is the reconstructed walls (or lack there of) and being able to see from the buffet area into the dining area. The first thing I actually noticed was that the "pink roses" were gone.




This is a buffet type area with 2 sides and right outside the buffet area, but located outside. If you ever go to the buffet and missed the food, more than likely you will find this area open.

PB120178 copy.jpg
PB120180 copy.jpg
PB120181 copy.jpg
PB120177 copy.jpg
PB182820 copy.jpg
PB182819 copy.jpg

WAVES POOL BAR. This place is always popping and busy. The waiters there are awesome though and after the first day, they seem to remember what you order and ask if you want another (especially to Kolin and his Angry Orchard).

Right in front of the bar is the dance floor. They seem to have something going on there all the time, music playing, and a live band there A LOT.

PB120182 copy.jpg
PB120183 copy.jpg

On the opposite side is the towel hut.

PB182816 copy.jpg
PB182817 copy.jpg

Since we were talking about the pool bar, when better time than to discuss the pool bar area restroom. The womens is located right behind the bar and the mens on the opposite side behind the towel hut.


But what's so special about it? Well, have a look.

PB130490 copy.jpg
PB182829 copy.jpg

I did notice a few of the windows had been replaced on one side. I'm not sure the reason for this.

PB182830 copy.jpg


PB120172 copy.jpg
PB120171 copy.jpg
PB120185 copy.jpg