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Epic review from 9/11

Epic 9/11/2010 Eastern Cruise

By far, this was the best cruise I have ever been on. It’s been years since I’ve been on a cruise and boy has cruising styles changed. I LOVE freestyle.

Boarding the ship was a breeze. We only spent about ½ hour in the terminal where we sat waiting for the group that was ahead of us to go in. Then row by row they released us to go in. The lines were not too bad, but it went smoothly and quickly.

I had prepaid my onboard credit already prior to the cruise, so they gave me my room card right away and off we went.

This ship is AMAZING. The beauty of her…I just couldn’t get enough. We quickly ran around exploring and went to go see where our rooms would be (we had 2 adjoining studio rooms-see review at bottom of page). The rooms weren’t ready yet, but one of our luggage had already arrived. (The rest of our luggage was delivered once we were done swimming and they announced the rooms were ready. I do have to say that our room steward was bringing them INTO the room. She was awesome. I did notice other people had luggage out in the hallway.)


































Some pics from around the ship

Time for the water rides and some pool time before sail away. The green and purple slides are enclosed, very dark, and you have no idea which way you are going to turn and drop next. Pretty exciting. The Epic Plunge-WOW! We loved it. Rode it during the week several times as well. Some people did get stuck and had to push themselves around and into the hole, however, I think I spun around so many times (once I counted 5 times around) and the person that came down after me actually caught up to me and as I was ready to drop in the hole, he crashed into me, pushed me out of the way and went down himself. LOL So another time around for me before going in the hole. My husband was a little worried at the bottom knowing that I came down right after him. LOL It was a lot of fun.

Blue Man Group-I have always wanted to see them and they lived up to my expectations. There is a lot of audience participation. No one is safe. LOL They have something ready for anything that could happen. A couple walked in to the show late, while it was completely dark other than the stage, and the spotlight was turned on them, sirens started going off, the tv screens started flashing red warning signs and an announcement came on saying late arrivals. It was all incorporated into the show and hilarious! It was a great show! Loved every minute of it.


Cirque-it was interesting. As everyone has stated, a little too long with the story lines, but the show itself was amazing from the acrobatic stunts to the people. Very good. The food was ok. I’m not too picky of an eater (although I don’t eat items such as steak or chocolate), but the chicken was acceptable. We ended up with seats (we requested) in the balcony. My only suggestion to everyone is that you don’t sit in the balcony by the stairs as you first come in. There are a few things that go on under you that you won’t be able to see unless you stand up and peer over the railing…or simply sit on the other side of the balcony and you can see everything.


Howl at the Moon was great. We had a good time. I know others that spent MANY of their evenings there because they loved it so much. The couple times we went back, it seem to have the same show going on, so we would leave.


Legends in Concert in the Epic Theater-they were very good. I personally thought Tina and Elvis did a great job and Madonna was ok. Others that I spoke to thought Madonna was really good. I just think her voice didn’t match up, but she was still good. The quick clothing changes for the backup singers and dancers were amazing. They worked their butts off.


Jeff Hobson-comedian/magician…the absolute BEST! He is so funny, he had me in tears. I enjoyed every second of every minute of it. You are not safe in any part of the audience for participation in this show. So, don’t think by sitting all the way over by the railing and away from the aisle seats is going to save you. LOL He was out talking to everyone as they were coming in to be seated prior to the show. Great guy.


We tried to see Second City and the night that we had free, it said they were playing at a certain time in a certain place and the place was closed. Hmmm. We never did find them. :(