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MITSUGIRLY BREAKAWAY's 1 last time for the year-review/pictorial

Ship picture tour

On with the SHIP TOUR.


I always try to do the tour of the ship by each deck, so we will start with the lowest....





Art Gallery Area: (I didn't take a lot. I just don't really feel right taking pictures of pictures that they are trying to sell. It's like a copyright thing for me).

PA040101 copy.jpg
PA040102 copy.jpg

Atrium area:

PA040082 copy.jpg
PA040083 copy.jpg
PA040089 copy.jpg

Breakaway Theater:

PA040055 copy.jpg
PA040056 copy.jpg

Card and Games Room:

PA040080 copy.jpg
PA040079 copy.jpg

Headliners Comedy Club:

PA040094 copy.jpg
PA040095 copy.jpg

Internet Cafe


Le Bistro French Restaurant:

PA040092 copy.jpg
PA040098 copy.jpg

Taste Restaurant:

PA040107 copy.jpg
PA040108 copy.jpg

Savor Restaurant:

PA040104 copy.jpg
PA040105 copy.jpg
PA040106 copy.jpg
PA040103 copy.jpg


PA040099 copy.jpg
PA040100 copy.jpg

Deck 7


Bliss Ultra Lounge:

PA040037 copy.jpg
PA040039 copy.jpg
PA040040 copy.jpg


PA040036 copy.jpg
PA040041 copy.jpg
PA040120 copy.jpg
PA040121 copy.jpg
PA040122 copy.jpg
PA040123 copy.jpg
PA040124 copy.jpg
PA040125 copy.jpg
PA040127 copy.jpg

The Manhatten Dining Room:

PA040110 copy.jpg
PA040115 copy.jpg
PA040117 copy.jpg
PA040114 copy.jpg
PA040116 copy.jpg
PA040118 copy.jpg

O'Sheehans 24/7 Restaurant:

PA040044 copy.jpg
PA040046 copy.jpg
PA040048 copy.jpg
PA040050 copy.jpg
PA040045 copy.jpg
PA040047 copy.jpg
PA040049 copy.jpg
PA040276 copy.jpg

Shanghai's Noodle Bar:

PA040035 copy.jpg
PA040119 copy.jpg
PA060015 copy.jpg



Bar 21

PA040034 copy.jpg

Cagney's Steakhouse

PA040149 copy.jpg
PA040156 copy.jpg
PA040157 copy.jpg
PA040163 copy.jpg
PA040164 copy.jpg
PA040086 copy.jpg
PA040087 copy.jpg

Carlo's Bakery:

Dolce Gelato

PA040170 copy.jpg

Fat Cats:

PA040131 copy.jpg
PA040132 copy.jpg
PA040133 copy.jpg

La Cucina Italian Restaurant:

PA040129 copy.jpg
PA040130 copy.jpg

Photo Gallery:

PA040146 copy.jpg
PA040138 copy.jpg

Shakers Cocktail Bar

Humidor Lounge:

PA100353 copy.jpg
PA100355 copy.jpg

Maltings Beer & Whiskey Bar

PA100349 copy.jpg
PA100350 copy.jpg
PA040134 copy.jpg
PA100356 copy.jpg
PA100352 copy.jpg


PA040150 copy.jpg
PA040151 copy.jpg
PA040152 copy.jpg
PA040153 copy.jpg
PA040154 copy.jpg
PA040155 copy.jpg

The Raw Bar

PA040139 copy.jpg

Tides Boutique

PA040147 copy.jpg


PA040143 copy.jpg
PA040144 copy.jpg
PA040145 copy.jpg


PA040140 copy.jpg
PA040141 copy.jpg
PA040142 copy.jpg

Ocean front walkway area:

PA040165 copy.jpg
PA040162 copy.jpg
PA040168 copy.jpg

DECK 6, 7, 8:


678 Ocean Place

PA040043 copy.jpg
PA040090 copy.jpg
PA040096 copy.jpg
PA040097 copy.jpg
PA040254 copy.jpg
PA040255 copy.jpg
PA040279 copy.jpg
PA100392 copy.jpg
PA040256 copy.jpg
PA100393 copy.jpg
PA100394 copy.jpg
PA100396 copy.jpg

...and a light...just because. It looks like a fishy. :D :p




Splash Academy (Now this area is where the younger kids are at, but it's also where you check in the older children, not teens. I did not go upstairs to look at the room that Sakari was in because parents are not allowed in with the kids other than on the first day during registration...and that didn't go well for us. So, no pics of the upstairs area).

You will also see various pictures of this area decorated since they do a different theme night every night and decorate the check-in/out area to coincide with this.

PA040058 copy.jpg
PA040059 copy.jpg
PA040060 copy.jpg



Aqua Park:

PA090271 copy.jpg
PA090277 copy.jpg
PA090269 copy.jpg
PA090274 copy.jpg
PA090278 copy.jpg

Kids Aqua Water Park:

PA040213 copy.jpg
PA040215 copy.jpg
PA090270 copy.jpg
PA100333 copy.jpg
PA100335 copy.jpg
PA040214 copy.jpg
PA060006 (3) copy.jpg
PA090272 copy.jpg
PA100336 copy.jpg
PA100334 copy.jpg
PA100332 copy.jpg

The Market Place:

PA090275 copy.jpg
PA090276 copy.jpg

Waves pool area and pool deck:

PA040271 copy.jpg
PA040242 copy.jpg
PA040243 copy.jpg
PA090268 copy.jpg
PA090280 copy.jpg
PA090281 copy.jpg
PA090279 copy.jpg
PA040218 copy.jpg
PA090282 copy.jpg



Spice H20

PA040262 copy.jpg
12119048_1214941281864968_1502401754530414124_n copy.jpg
PA040263 copy.jpg
PA040264 copy.jpg
PA040265 copy.jpg
PA090256 copy.jpg
PA090255 copy.jpg
PA090257 copy.jpg
PA090258 copy.jpg

Splash Guppies:

PA090283 copy.jpg
PA060349 copy.jpg

Uptown Bar & Grill:

PA040261 copy.jpg
PA090266 copy.jpg

Video Arcade:

PA090259 copy.jpg
PA090261 copy.jpg
PA090263 copy.jpg
PA090264 copy.jpg
PA090260 copy.jpg
PA090262 copy.jpg
PA090265 copy.jpg

To end the "tour" are some "extras" around the ship.

PA040158 copy.jpg
PA040159 copy.jpg
PA040160 copy.jpg
PA040161 copy.jpg
PA090267 copy.jpg
PA040084 copy.jpg

I will have more of the ship within the review that you'll get to see. They were not included here because it has my family in them during the times that we may have done them (like the sports area: basketball, ropes course, golf, ziplining and so on).

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