MITSUGIRLY BREAKAWAY's 1 last time for the year-review/pictorial

DAY 7: Walking around the boatyard on our last day shopping and sail away. 

DAY 6 on the ship

PA220575 copy.jpg
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PA220577 copy.jpg

We were up at 8am this morning and headed to Breakfast to eat. I always make sure I get enough bacon to make my arteries harden. After all, there's no bacon police on NCL.

PA090656 copy.jpg

After breakfast we headed back to the room to get ready for the day. I looked outside to determine the weather and found this...

PA090657 copy.jpg

This cruise was blessed with so many rainbows. I think someone was trying to apologize for the bad weather we had on the way here.

PA090662 copy.jpg
PA090663 copy.jpg

The hubby started off the day with his bloody mary and a little sprinkle of rainbow after breakfast.

PA090666 copy.jpg

Now I've said it before and I'll say it again. These Olympus Tough cameras are awesome cameras and take great pictures. However, they ARE NOT a zoom camera. When you use the zoom on these cameras, the pictures turn out like crap and blurry and pixelated. Just plain crap. I have suggested many times to take a picture and then you can crop it in close to get that "zoom" look up close.


However, I have a hard time following my own directions. It's just like going to the refrigerator to find something to eat and nothings there. You go back 1/2 hour's still the same, you know it's still going to be the same, but you do it anyhow. The same with zooming. I still try it every time...and then wish that I didn't. Silly me.

PA090671 copy.jpg
PA090673 copy.jpg

It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. Woo Hoo.

PA090674 copy.jpg
PA090675 copy.jpg
PA090676 copy.jpg
PA090677 copy.jpg

We grabbed our beach bags and headed down and dinged ourselves out.


Of course we had to stop and take our picture with the various props.

PA220545 copy.jpg
PA220547 copy.jpg

Our choice for this day might not interest a lot of you. We decided to stay close to the pier and head to Snorkel Park. I know there's a lot of people on here that always try to steer clear of this place. After all, it's a man made beach, not the nicest sand, not a big beach, they charge you $5 to get in (where the other beaches are free) and I have even read reports awhile back about broken glass and getting cut up.


So while this might not be our first choice of places to go, it was the best choice for what was supposed to be a short day. After the Captain changed the time to leave, well we had already planned to go here and I had made enough rearranging of plans to last me the entire cruise. Today we were just sticking to the original plan and that's all there was too it. It would just last a little longer.


Now I will say that since we went to Snorkel Park last time we were here, I did know what it was like on the other side of the walls. We only went during the evening and not for swimming. But, we did enjoy ourself and I figured it would just be an extension to the last time except we would get to swim this time.


We met the kids outside the gate and we all headed toward the park.

PA090678 copy-L.jpg
PA090679 copy.jpg

We followed the footprints all the way to the park.

PA090680 copy.jpg
PA090681 copy.jpg

Looking up at the entrance to the park, I believe they have baby stalactites growing.

PA090682 copy.jpg

Once we paid our $5 entrance fee (for adults, kids are free under 12 I believe is the age) we headed to the beach to find our spot for the day.


This would be the first time that the munchkins got to come here since we sent them to the kids club for our nightly outing last time. So they loved the big chair that us girls took pictures in last time.

PA090683 copy.jpg
PA090684 copy.jpg
12079253_10207124258838633_7240556174870201077_n copy.jpg
PA090685 copy.jpg

When you pay your admittance fee to get in, they give you these hard plastic toy like "coupons" for $1 off a coconut drink.

PA220554 copy.jpg

Hey if you don't use them, they made good souvenirs or play money for the kids. I will use mine in my scrapbook.


These would be the coconuts you could get with the coupon and they fill it with your favorite drink.

PA090686 copy.jpg

I believe that Michelle was the only one that ended up getting one of the coconut drinks. She only wanted it to take home as a souvenir. I think she said it was some outrageous price like $14 for the drink. Yikes!

12118832_1215252525167177_3207422598020019864_n copy.jpg

Yep, everything still looks the same as last time.

PA090687 copy.jpg

Although there were already a lot of people here, there was still plenty of room for us to pick a location. Once again, we decided not to get any lounge chairs or umbrella and just rough it on the sand with our towels and blankets. Kendra would later decide she wanted a chair. It automatically came with an umbrella and we would laugh at her laying on the chair like she was sunning and had her towel wrapped around her head with just her lips sticking out...and she was in the sun. It was pretty hilarious to watch. Uh, well maybe you had to be there. But we thought it was funny.

PA090689 copy.jpg

After laying our things out at our new beach front property, which happen to be located in about the second row behind a line of chairs, the BOYS actually said "Let's go snorkeling mom!" I was a little shocked since it's usually Kendra that wants to go. But we didn't even have time to sit down before they were ready to go. As always, I was game.


The one thing about the water this time in Bermuda was it was cold(er) than last time. It did take some getting use to, but once you were in it for a little bit, you got use to it and didn't notice the cold anymore.

PA090690 copy.jpg

At this point, Kenny is splashing Kolin and making a game out of it. I bet in my mind that Kenny would be the first to dive into the water and get it over with, and yes...I know my boys well. Kenny dove in.

PA090691 copy.jpg

We started along the wall snorkeling.

PA090693 copy.jpg

This little guy decided he would follow us...and he actually followed us the entire time no matter where we went. It was funny how he would go in between Kolins legs whenever he would stand up. Awww, Kolin has a new friend.

PA090700 copy.jpg

One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of anemones here.

PA090701 copy.jpg

There was a lot of yellow sea sponges as well. They were everywhere. I always wonder if these are the same type of sponge they use when you purchase them in the stores to wash with. Anyone know?

PA090706 copy.jpg

I spotted a parrotfish. Of course it wasn't the huge magnificent green ones, but at least another parrotfish. I really had hoped that Kenny & Kolin could see the size of these things. It just wasn't going to happen this cruise. This was a small one and it would be the only one we seen that day. Once again, zoom is never a good idea.

PA090713 copy.jpg
PA090717 copy.jpg

Plenty of surgeon fish in the area:

PA090714 copy.jpg
PA090718 copy.jpg

I was so glad that the water was clear and the sun was out. It made for a good experience.

PA090720 copy.jpg

Lots of coral in the area of various types

PA090723 copy.jpg
PA090726 copy.jpg

There were a lot of pretty sea fans here as well. From deep dark purple to light purple and also maroon.

PA090724 copy.jpg

From here on...we went all over the place and pretty far out. I'm snapping pictures of all the fish and the coral and anything that caught my eye. I'm taking pictures of the boys snorkeling and we are having a good time. At one point I stopped, took a picture and for some reason I came up to go back and view the picture...that's when I noticed that my camera was froze. It wouldn't review the pictures, it wouldn't take a picture, the screen was on, but that was it. GASP! Now I'm freaking out and had no idea if I had even gotten any pictures. The camera wouldn't even turn off. :eek:


So we headed back to the beach to check it out.


Once we got there, I had to actually remove the battery in order to get it to turn off. I'm really not sure what happened and this is the first time it had ever happened. I'm hoping it never happens again. I love my cameras. I did miss a lot of great pictures with this happening and I didn't have any of the pictures of the boys snorkeling. I was so sad and told them they would have to come back out with me so that I could get pictures of them. They sad they were going to rest and get warm in the sun and would go back out in a little bit. I guess these 20 something year olds just don't have my energy. hahahahaha


I look out toward the ocean and we see this...

PA090001 copy.jpg

Obviously we could tell it was a Carnival ship, but no idea which one. I didn't realize that we would have company on this day, but was happy to know that we did have a great stay here in Bermuda without another ship here.


We watched this ship for awhile and it would head our direction, then turn, then it looked like it was heading back out and Kendra kept asking me "Why is it leaving? Or is it waiting for us to leave before it comes in?" I told her there's 2 "parking spaces", so it's not waiting on us and probably following the "path" to come in, which winds back and forth. (When we pulled out today, I mentioned to her that this was the case and had her watch the path we took...and told her we probably appeared drunk, weaving back and forth, to the Carnival ship now.

PA090002 copy.jpg

As the day went on, as you can tell, the beach and water got crowded. I believe this was THE thing to do on this last port day. Everyone had the same idea as us...stay close to the ship. I didn't really mind too much since I really wasn't here to enjoy the beach and with us snorkeling, you wouldn't find too many people out in that area. So, "we" weren't crowded.

PA090003 copy.jpg

Well, if the boys wont come back in the water, I'd talk the girls into coming with me...and off we went.


I would find several foureyed butterfly fish that day.

PA090005 copy.jpg

One thing I always forget to do is to look up toward the surface of the water when snorkeling. I'm always so busy looking down, but there's things to be seen up as well. I need to get better at paying attention to ALL of my surroundings. This time I would catch some squid swimming up toward the top. It caught me off guard and by the time I put my camera up, most of them had scurried off, but I manage to capture this one...not a good picture, but oh well.

PA090006 copy.jpg

Taking a picture looking up or forward is always such a hard thing to do. There's gotta be some sort of special technique to it. It didn't help that the water was stirred up at this point.


I think with all the people in the water now, it was just getting too stirred up for great pictures. I was getting frustrated.

PA090007 copy.jpg
PA090008 copy.jpg
PA090009 copy.jpg
PA090010 copy.jpg

I told the girls we needed to head out a lot further to avoid all the water and sand being stirred up. Courtney gets a little worried because she's not a strong swimmer to begin with. Her family never learn to swim so therefore, she never really had much of a chance to learn growing up. But, she does know how to swim, she just makes sure she stays close to us all the time and has been known to grab me at times to hold on.


I assured her that things would be fine because even way out there, you could touch the bottom. I warned her to make sure when she needed a break to look under her and make sure there was no coral before putting her feet down and then take a break.

PA090011 copy.jpg
PA090012 copy.jpg
PA090014 copy.jpg

Kendra's signature pose. At least it's 2 fingers instead of 1. (wink wink)

PA090015 copy.jpg

Kendra needed to adjust her goggles and I manage to catch her at the right moment...oops, her hair was stuck in them. LOL

PA090016 copy.jpg

As you can tell, the water was getting clearer and I was happier.

PA090018 copy.jpg

The white sea sponge or coral (not sure which) was pretty cool. You don't see that too often.

PA090019 copy.jpg

I have noticed these little green sea grapes a lot here in Bermuda, both this trip and the last trip.

PA090020 copy.jpg
PA090021 copy.jpg
PA090022 copy.jpg
PA090024 copy.jpg
PA080385 copy.jpg

I tried desperately to get a picture of both beach in one picture, but no matter where I went, it just wasn't happening the way I wanted it to.

PA090025 copy.jpg
PA090026 copy.jpg

I love diving down and getting close ups of the coral and the details in them. (Of course remember you can touch everywhere here, so it's not really "diving" per-sē, but just going down under the water to the bottom).

PA090027 copy.jpg
PA090028 copy.jpg
PA090029 copy.jpg

You could always tell when we got closer to the shore...things begin to get cloudy

PA090030 copy.jpg
PA090032 copy.jpg

So we would always have to turn back and head another way to avoid the people stirring up the water.

PA090035 copy.jpg
PA090036 copy.jpg
PA090037 copy.jpg
PA090039 copy.jpg
PA090041 copy.jpg

I found several squirrelfish hanging out. Oh wait, I forgot about this parrotfish. So maybe we seen another. LOL

PA090045 copy.jpg

I was really trying to achieve the look that I was swimming in the sea weed thingys and getting a close up detail of their outstretched arms, but since I was moving and they were moving, the close up just wasn't turning out like I wanted it to.

PA090049 copy.jpg
PA090051 copy.jpg

A juvenile grunt fish. I didn't see a lot of these in Bermuda. I always see tons of them in the Caribbean.

PA090050 copy.jpg

We made it pretty far out.

PA090058 copy.jpg

Another blue stripe grunt.

PA090061 copy.jpg
PA090060 copy.jpg
PA090065 copy.jpg
PA090063 copy.jpg
PA090072 copy.jpg

♫ "If I only had a brain..."♫ ♪

PA090071 copy.jpg

Aww, look at her poor fingers...this should give you an indication of just how long we were out there. LOL


Aww, we found a bunch of baby fish. They were so cute and everywhere in this thing.

PA090074 copy.jpg
PA090076 copy.jpg
PA090082 copy.jpg
PA090085 copy.jpg
PA090084 copy.jpg
PA090087 copy.jpg
PA090092 copy.jpg

I'm always the one with the camera, so very seldom do I get in the pictures. So, it was selfie time.

PA090086 copy.jpg

We headed back over toward the wall and decided to come back in. Courtney said she was tired of swimming and wanted to go back. But she had been saying this for awhile and just never left. I would then find out she was too scared to go back by herself, which meant she wanted us to take her back.


Along the way, because someone like me is not just going to simply go back quickly, we snorkeled of course. I have to explore on the way back.


Then we came across this...yikes! I didn't realize they had fire coral in this area. It was actually in very shallow water and I know that Sakari had been swimming here earlier. She would have freaked out and probably not went back out in the water had she known their was fire coral there. She got a nasty sting by one of them in Cozumel at Passion Island and she brings it up constantly when we are in the water.

PA090099 copy.jpg

Kendra managed to find this green beauty and started frantically pointing it out to me.

PA090102 copy.jpg

Then something caught my eye as well and I frantically pointed it out to her...

PA090103 copy.jpg

Well hello there Mr Octopus! The first octopus we have ever seen was one that Kendra found at Grand Turk in April. It was so neat to watch it turn from brown to white when you came near it. This time, the lucky find was all MINE! haha

PA090104 copy.jpg

We would keep our distance for awhile and wait for him to come out of the hole. He would turn brown, but any movement from us and especially me trying to get a picture, he would quickly turn white and head back in the hole. So, I was forced to zoom in and try to get the best picture I could if I wanted to see him brown.

PA090108 copy.jpg

I wonder if he realizes that this camouflage technique is not working to his advantage when he turns white. I actually makes it so you can see him better. LOL

PA090109 copy.jpg

Back the beach we went and decided to leave him alone to go about his business. We were happy to have found him.


...and things get stirred up again and I give up.

PA090116 copy.jpg

When we get back, I find that Kenny & Michelle, once again, had left. So I guess I would not be getting any snorkeling pictures of Kenny. Sigh. They said they wanted to go shopping before they had to be back on the ship and I guess that was understandable.


We all decided to pack up and head back to the ship, shower and get into something dry and head out shopping at well.


It was a decent day at Snorkel Park and I'm glad we got to experience it and see what it was actually like. The snorkeling wasn't bad, not the greatest I have done, but there were a variety of soft and hard corals, fans, a "few" fish...nothing spectacular other than getting to see some squid and the octopus. But, it made for a good day and enjoyable and that's all that matters.


As for the reports of their being glass and trash in the water. I did find 1 plastic cup in the water when snorkeling. No glass. So, they must clean it up and when others have reported these things, my thoughts are as follows....HOW do these cups or bottles get in the water? They get there by people coming to this place and throwing them out there!! So that is no fault of Snorkel Park but of those inconsiderate enough to do this. If there's trash laying around, that's the people that come there. So don't blame the park for this. Pick up after yourselves! Keep the beaches beautiful no matter where you go and you won't have this problem. Only you are responsible for you. Do you part and stop acting like just because you're on vacation, everyone should do it for you. Don't forget your manors. End of rant...and just the way I see things.


I can't really tell you how much things cost here. Since we would be heading back to the ship to eat, I never checked out prices. We always bring our own cooler with pop in it so that we don't have to buying drinks. I do know that if you bought pop here, it came in a small plastic cup and was $3.00. A total rip off.


So we left at 2pm and as we headed out, we spotted the same roosters around the trees as before.

PA090121 copy.jpg
PA090123 copy.jpg
PA090125 copy.jpg

Out the tunnel we went.

PA090126 copy.jpg

Trying to get a picture in the tunnel of the ship docked. It did not come out the way I had hoped.

PA090127 copy.jpg

We headed back to the ship and took a super fast shower and got dressed and then headed back out to do a little shopping (and taking some pictures of course). Before we left Michelle had to show me all the goodies she found at the stores. She got a cute little Christmas bulb with sand and shells in it, a beautiful light blue mosaic tile picture frame and a few other things I can't think of at the moment.


Since Kenny & Michelle had left earlier to go shopping, I managed to steal some of their pictures they took while they were out without us.

12112111_951535114918907_1926769244058535456_n copy.jpg
12107000_1214949971864099_6831360392000864499_n copy.jpg

The kids had to stop and take pictures with the phone booths.

PA090155 copy.jpg

Of course when the hubby walked up there, he said "take this picture" and I knew exactly what he was about to do...

PA090157 copy.jpg
PA090158 copy.jpg
PA090159 copy.jpg

The big gigantic gnome footsteps...

PA090131 copy.jpg
PA090132 copy.jpg

The bus stop. It looks like people were still coming and going.

PA090133 copy.jpg

The one thing I did notice this time is that there wasn't a canopy over the bus stop area. I'm pretty sure there was one there last time.

PA090134 copy.jpg

The building you go in to buy your tokens.

PA090135 copy.jpg
PA090136 copy.jpg
PA090138 copy.jpg
PA090137 copy.jpg

The place to get the dockyard wifi (I was told last time around).

PA090162 copy.jpg
PA090163 copy.jpg
PA090164 copy.jpg
PA090161 copy.jpg
PA090165 copy.jpg
PA090166 copy.jpg
PA090167 copy.jpg

The pharamacy. This place was PACKED. It seem to be the store that had it all from trinkets to clothes. It was like a mini-Walmart at the dockyard. LOL

PA090168 copy.jpg

After doing a little bit of shopping at the Pharmacy, the girls were still in there and Kolin come running in saying that he needed a penny. He had found a penny smasher next door and was getting Courtney a Bermuda penny. We followed him over there and of course I had to get Sakari one too (we didn't bring her with us and decided to leave her at the kids club to make things easier to shop in a hurry). We were over doing our penny and Kolin went back over with the girls...then we didn't see them again until the Clocktower Mall.

PA090170 copy.jpg
PA090171 copy.jpg

It was 4pm and the ship was still waiting on us...this was really making me nervous since they usually want you back on the ship before now.

PA090169 copy.jpg

We made it to the Clocktower Mall and finally the kids caught up to us. We took pictures by the troll. I guess they have several of these around Bermuda, although I have yet to spot one at the beach, which is where I'm always at (lol), but if you see them, they are supposed to bring you good luck.


Kolins interpretation of what should be going on...

The hubby comparing bellies.

PA090173 copy.jpg
PA090172 copy.jpg

There's plenty of these for sale...just in case you want to take any home with you.

PA090175 copy.jpg

There was a gentleman playing music in the hall.

PA090174 copy.jpg
PA090176 copy.jpg
PA090177 copy.jpg
PA090178 copy.jpg

The hubby said he was going to put this sign in his store. LOL

PA090179 copy.jpg

We got split up from the kids once again. I have learn to never shop with Kendra, she'll make you late and I wasn't about to chance it. We kept moving along quickly and purchased what we wanted and got out. You could tell Kolin was a little nervous and he would pop up in the store we were in, check on us, and run back out to where ever the others were at. Back and forth...that is until we were at the last store. Then we didn't see him anymore and headed out the doors.

PA090180 copy.jpg
PA090181 copy.jpg
PA090182 copy.jpg
PA090184 copy.jpg
PA090183 copy.jpg
PA090186 copy.jpg
PA090188 copy.jpg
PA090129 copy.jpg
PA090185 copy.jpg
PA090187 copy.jpg
PA090128 copy.jpg
PA090189 copy.jpg

The Carnival Dream sitting at the dock with us.

PA090142 copy.jpg
PA090140 copy.jpg
PA090141 copy.jpg

The Moongate. You are supposed to stop and kiss under them when you see one. It is supposed to give couples a long happy life together.


We did stop and get pictures on our way out when we were all together. I forgot to share them at that time, so I'll share them now. (It's a good thing we did this on our way out since we were now separated from the kids).

PA090192 copy.jpg
PA090148 copy.jpg
PA090149 copy.jpg
PA090150 copy.jpg
PA090152 copy.jpg

Poor Kendra, Billy did not come off the ship with us, so she doesn't have anyone to kiss.


She's very good at pretending though.

PA090153 copy.jpg

Our love, the Breakaway:

PA090154 copy.jpg

We were thanked for visiting.

PA090190 copy.jpg

It was officially 4:29pm. YIKES!

PA090195 copy.jpg
PA090193 copy.jpg
PA090194 copy.jpg

One thing I love about NCL is their welcome back party at the last port on the last leg of the cruise. They always make it fun to come back to the ship (as much as you don't want to and continue spending time on the awesome island) with lots of singing and dancing and the red carpet. They give you cold towels and drinks. It's just a nice awesome touch!

PA090147 copy.jpg

Even Dora and Diego was there dancing this time around.

PA090145 copy.jpg
PA090144 copy.jpg
PA090143 copy.jpg

We dinged ourselves in and we dropped to the ground and kissed it. We had made it in time. I have NEVER came back that late before. I plan on never trying that again. Just saying...


But where are the kids? I know there's no way they passed us up. :confused:


We figured we would head straight to the room and people watch the pier runners, which I was sure would be 3 of my own children.

We made it up to our room, out to the balcony and I spotted a turquoise shirt giving their keycard to security. Yep, the kids had made it. They looked up at us and waved and Kendra gave her 2 finger solute and they were on the ship.


Once they made it to the room, we headed to get the kids and off to get a bite to eat. I decided I wanted to head to Uptown to see what they had for lunch.

PA090205 copy.jpg
PA090204 copy.jpg

It was a little more crowded today than normal, but still plenty of seating. We managed to snag a table over by the window.


Today they were having hamburgers made your way. You give them everything from a list on a huge board (and there was a lot!!) and a lady takes your order and hands you a thingy ma bob to put on your table.


They also had a salad bar and you tell them everything you want in it and they make it for you there on the spot. I have to say this was YUMMY TO THE TUMMY! Like seriously.

PA090197 copy.jpg

When our order was done, they brought it out to us, complete with fries. It was all SO GOOD!

The beef patty was HUGE and I had it loaded with a lot of goodies. Man someone was going to have to roll me out of here.

PA090199 copy.jpg
PA090200 copy.jpg

We noticed the tug and we were pulling out. We actually left at 4:45pm instead of 5pm. I guess they had the head count and everyone was on board. Away we went.

PA090203 copy.jpg

After getting our bellies full, what better thing to do than...."Let's go rock climbing!!" Say what? You kids have energy for that? Gasp! So rock climbing it was. Sakari had been begging all week to do this and she wasn't about to miss out.


We made it up there and stood in line. Once Kendra and Brayden got up there, they said they were closing! WHAT?!? They explained that they thought it was about to rain and they would have to close. Kendra and Brayden walked off....and disappeared. We stood there and watched. Then they said "Oh why not...we'll go ahead and let a few more, but if it starts to rain, we'll have to close it."


Sakari was the first up. She was so excited. She had never done this before.

PA090206 copy.jpg

She did watch another little girl on the other side do it and this little girl was just a little taller than Sakari. So I think it was like a challenge to herself to make sure she did it as well. She's very competitive.


Away she went. My heart was pounding.

PA090207 copy.jpg

Ok, good start. At least you got the hang of how to do it and you made it off the ground.

PA090208 copy.jpg

Ok, here's the point where I wondered if she was going to keep going. She looked down once and had "that look" on her face. Courtney cheered her on and told her which foot to move next. I sat there speechless. Geesh, what a great mom.


She kept going.

PA090213 copy.jpg

I was completely stunned at this point. I NEVER dreamed she would make it this far at all. I figured after looking down and seeing how high she was she would freak out and give up. But then again...we are talking about my dare devil child since the age of 3 right?

PA090221 copy.jpg

SHE MADE IT!!! She rang the bell and she was happy as can be.


Then down she came like a pro bouncing off the walls with her feet.

PA090222 copy.jpg

I was so proud of her and everyone was giving her a high five. The smile on her face was priceless.

I was so busy celebrating with Sakari that I didn't even notice Kolin was on his way up. Bad mom again

PA090225 copy.jpg
PA090224 copy.jpg

He made it to the top in no time flat. So, I didn't get many pictures. LOL He should know have to slow down, stop and pose for a picture for mom, then carry on. Didn't I teach you anything Kolin?


He rang the bell and down he came.

PA090226 copy.jpg
PA090228 copy.jpg

Well crap, I was busy running over to take a picture of Kolin in his rock climbing "uniform" that I completely missed Kenny all together. Thank goodness Michelle got a pic for me.

12108215_1215253128500450_8932074230805696367_n copy.jpg

I know he made it up there even quicker than Kolin. He may be a skinny dude, but he has some muscles after working in construction for the last 13 years. He's always the skinny dude in the gameroom that can hit the punching bag harder and make it go the most pounds against the big muscular dude that stands there in awww trying to figure that one out. He throws a lot of people off with how little he is but yet strong.

Since this seem to be another sports day, we decided to play some golf. It was a little more low key and something i felt I could do after eating such a big meal.


Now Kenny, Kolin and the girls all played a few days ago, so they decided to go up and play some basketball while we played golf. They shared a picture with me of their day golfing.

12109105_1214986735193756_6653105448679007851_n copy.jpg

Yep, that's the extent of their pictures. Obviously they do not take after me. I have to take a picture of almost every hole. LOL

PA090229 copy.jpg
PA090230 copy.jpg
PA090231 copy.jpg

At this point I noticed we were passing by St Catherine Beach. I tried to get a picture between the fence, but it wasn't working very well for me.

PA090232 copy.jpg

You see the lady standing there? There was a whole family with a child that was maybe 2 years old. They weren't playing golf, they were using this as a playground. The kid was running back and forth and climbing on things. Obviously we were playing golf, but they weren't all. We stood there and stood there. They didn't even grab the child up and hold him so we could play on this one. At one point the hubby said "Let me go first, they'll move" and he put the ball down and gave it a whack. bad, did that almost hit you? I guess you shouldn't be just standing there while we're trying to play a game. This isn't a playground.

PA090234 copy.jpg

Of course what did they do? They move on to the next area...the area we would go to the next round and the same thing would continue. Sigh.

PA090235 copy.jpg

We were passing the beautiful pastel homes now.

PA090237 copy.jpg
PA090238 copy.jpg

Sakari found a treasure chest. I didn't even realize this thing opened up. But she did for some reason.

PA090239 copy.jpg
PA090240 copy.jpg

We had a good time and I'm sure that we let Sakari win (I mean she won fair and square) and we were off to find the boys at the basketball court...who was no longer there.

PA090241 copy.jpg

I decided I wanted to head down to the Latitudes desk and check out this new booking while on a cruise thing called Cruise Next. We always buy a future cruise certificate. It's just such a great deal and too good to pass up. I love free money.


So me and the girls headed down to inquire about it and buy a FCC.


The person at the desk ask if I was aware of the FCC...LOL, do you have any idea who you are talking to? (Of course you don't, but it was just a funny question to me). We did know about that, but I wanted him to explain the Cruise Next to me.

PA220583 copy.jpg

The more certificates you buy, the cheaper it is.


Flip the paper over, and watch the pen go back and forth like a commentator describing a play by play on the football field. Uh, ok.

PA220584 copy.jpg

So pretty much: You book a cruise while you are on a cruise and you get to keep whatever CURRENT deals they are running at the moment. So, the current deal they had going was to pick from the various packages. For instance the UBP. If we booked now, we would get to keep this package for our next cruise, even if they no longer offered the package.


You are allowed to change the booking only once and still keep this same deal. That's it. That's the deal for booking while on the cruise.


If you know the cruise you want to book, you can do so then. If not, they'll book a "dummy" cruise for the latest date and then you change it from that date to what you want it to be. So, he booked us for March 26, 2017. I had no idea what ship or to where until I got home.


Now that I'm looks like we are going on a Mexican Riviera cruise on the Jewel. Well we all know that's not going to happen since I have already been on the Jewel.


We headed back to find the guys and I had the biggest grin on my face. Of course it's one of those grins that makes the hubby say "What did you just do?" I screamed..."I BOOKED A CRUISE!!!" Woo hoo! :eek: "Um what?" LOL. He just shook his head and knew I wasn't kidding. I told him I would give him the details later when we got home. Haha. How many of you can throw something out there like that to your spouse, tell them I'll tell you about it when we get home (because of course I didn't even know what I had actually booked) and them just roll with it. :p He knows it's just me being me and he'll be along for the ride no matter what I just did. No complaints from him.


I picked up one of these just to look it over and contemplate.

PA220585 copy.jpg

The following day I would get one of these in our room confirming it was no lie.

PA220586 copy.jpg

But I wasn't the only one remember...the girls are with me and they did the same. We put it all under my name (the FCC) to save money (which ended up costing us $125 each certificate worth $250, and we each got a room under our own names using the certificate. How easy is that?

Since this is my first time cruising as Platinum, I'm not too familiar with how everything works and what all you get. But I did know that you get a free dinner for 2 at a specialty restaurant.


So, we had booked with La Cucina for 7:30pm. After eating that huge cheeseburger, fries and a salad, there was no way that we were going to be hungry now. We stopped by to ask if we could post-pone our reservation. No problem! So we made it for 9:45pm hoping that we would be hungry by then.


Now we did try throughout the week to get into Second City for a show, but they were always booked up for when we wanted to go. We couldn't go during the adult shows because the kids club closed at 10:30pm, unless you wanted to pay for sitting.


So tonight was the night that we managed to get in to Second City, but only because we booked on Wednesday.


Our show was at 7pm and we all went back to the room to get dressed up. We sent the kids off to the kids club and away we went for the show.


It was an improv show. It was pretty funny and the kids enjoyed it. Every time I looked over at the boys, they were laughing.


After the show, we headed to the casino to donate our money for the evening...and donate we did.


Then we were off to our dinner at La Cucina at 9:30pm. We still really wasn't very hungry, but figured we'd just get something small.

PA090245 copy.jpg
PA090246 copy.jpg

We seen they had pizza on the menu and decided that would probably be the quickest to get and the least amount and most of all, we could share it.

PA090242 copy.jpg

We ordered the Salsiccia pizza and told them that we would like to be done by 10:30pm so that we could pick up our daughter from the kids club.


Now we are not really wine drinkers. I wish I could find a wine that I liked. I hate beer. I hate anything that has a bitter taste to it. However, we did get 1 free bottle of wine with our Platinum dinner. So, I was bound and determined to find something that I could drink. Now since we aren't wine drinkers, we have no idea what to order. I ask our waiter to make a suggestion. I told him I wanted the sweetest wine he had. He came out with something and as I looked at it on the menu, it did not sound appealing to me. I ask about the Rosemont, which said it had a touch of sweetness to it. The word "sweetness" caught my eye and I ask him about it. I basically wanted to know if it was "SWEETER" tasting than what he had brought us and he said "yes". Um...ok. So I ask for the sweetest wine you have because I don't like bitter and he didn't bring me the sweetest wine? I'm confused.

PA090243 copy.jpg
PA090244 copy.jpg

So that's what we ended up ordering and he brought it out. Remember again, we don't drink wine, but I do watch movies. He opens the bottle and pours some in a glass and hands it to me. Oh gosh, this is the part I have seen in the movies where I have to taste it, give him a reply, then he pours more in it and proceeds to the next glass. Sigh. I try it, I'm sure my eyes squinted, eyebrows up and a weird look on my face. Ewww! Yuck! Just like any other wine I have tasted in the past...bitter, bitter, bitter. Sigh. I'm never going to find a wine I like.


I nod my head as if "Ok, it will have to do" and he pours some for the hubby. He said, "hmm, pretty good" and the waiter finally walked away. Had I still had the wine in my mouth, I think I would have spit it out in my water cup. The hubby said it was pretty good and he could taste the peaches in it. But then again, he can drink beer with no problem.

I always take the same picture of the hubby on every cruise when we go out to dinner. This time would be the same.

PA090247 copy.jpg

Our "yummy" wine. Yes, I did drink about 2 glasses of it. I suffered, but I did it. Notice in the picture above I have a glass of diet pop next to it as well. Take a sip, wash with pop. I'm good.

PA090249 copy.jpg

Our pizza came out and I think we had about 2 slices each.

PA090250 copy.jpg

It was good and we knew we needed to feed Sakari, so we ask if we could take the rest back with us. They gave us something to put it in and then he proceeded to ask if I wanted dessert. Although I was STUFFED, I noticed cheesecake. I will NEVER pass up cheesecake. So that's what I ordered.

PA090251 copy.jpg

I could have done without all the fancy stuff on it. I don't like chocolate, so I didn't eat that and the fancy swirls of strawberry sauce I did my best to scrape off.


We headed back to the kids club, picked up Sakari and let her eat the rest of our pizza. She loved it and ate every last bite. Then back to the kids club she went so that we could go to the 80's party. She was reluctant to go tonight (notice a pattern every time there's a party going on?) She came up with the excuse that she wanted to draw instead. We convinced her that she could take her tablet with her and sit off in the corner and draw and I'm sure the counselors wouldn't mind. We confirmed once we got there and they said she could so all was good and off she went.

When we were on the Getaway, we all bought "80's" outfits. We went all out. We did our hair with a ton of aquanet and it was flipped to the side and big. This time, I told the kids I wasn't dressing up because...well to be honest, I've gained too much weight since then and couldn't fit in the same outfit. They brought their outfits though.


We headed to the party and waited on the kids to come.

PA090252 copy.jpg

I love the 80's and the music. It was my favorite time ever. We have a couple of 80's radio channels and Kendra and I listen to them all the time. She knows all the songs as well even though she wasn't born until 88.

PA090253 copy.jpg

The party was going and the music was playing. It wasn't as crowded as it was for the Glow Party.


This guy was hilarious. He was one of the workers on the ship and always involved in everything. Tonight he had the tightest pants on, big pink hair and omg the shoes. They were so tall and he wore them well!

PA090254 copy.jpg

The party went on and they played a lot of the rock bands. The people that were there enjoyed could tell by the fist pumping again.


Then came the "show". It was the exact same show they had on the Getaway. They had guys dressed up as various 80's people like Madonna, Tina Turner, Kiss and so on. They mocked the band, they paraded around, they acted like they were singing the song. I had seen it before, it did not thrill me too much the first time, although it was funny, but the second time around seeing the same thing was just too much for us. So, we decided to leave. The kids never showed up. Kendra fell asleep, I believe Kenny wasn't feeling well again and I think Kolin headed to the casino with Billy. Sigh. I'm glad I didn't go out and purchase another 80's outfit and take the time to make my hair 2' tall and them not show. Momma would have been a little hot. :mad:

We picked up Sakari by 11:30pm and only had to pay for 1 hour of sitting and headed back to the room and watched a movie before going to bed.


We had a seal this time.

PA090284 copy.jpg

Sakari did her nightly drawings, even though she had spent the last hour in the kids club drawing, she needed to do a few more before falling asleep. LOL

PA090286 copy.jpg
PA220541 copy.jpg

Then off to bed we went. Thank goodness tomorrow was a day we didn't have to get up early or be anywhere at a certain time. Zzzz....:)