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MITSUGIRLY BREAKAWAY's 1 last time for the year-review/pictorial

Day 4: Our second full day at sea

Day 3-Another Sea Day. Notice is says "Relax, You're on Vacation!"

PA220566 copy.jpg
PA220567 copy.jpg
PA220568 copy.jpg

I fully intended to try to sleep in today, even if that meant missing breakfast...and that's my favorite meal of the day.



PA060355 copy.jpg

We woke to some very loud announcements in our room. It was the Captain. He was apologizing for the very sharp turn to the right in the middle of the night and the rough seas due to going full speed ahead with the rough seas combined. He explained there was an emergency and someone needed medical attention. We took a super quick sharp turn to the right and we were heading toward Virginia.

PA060358 copy.jpg

(Yes, I remember this turn. It almost rolled me out of bed. I grasp the sheets and held on and thought "what in the ?!@%$#!!! is going on?" I remember waking up several times during the night thinking "man this is a rough ride and my stomach is tossing and turning"...Sigh. Of course, I had no idea what was going on and just thought the weather had gotten worse and I was just wanting some sleep at this point. :( Thank goodness it was going to be a sea day tomorrow because I'm going to be tired!)


The Captain said that we would be heading off the coast of Virginia where a Med Evac would take place. Then once it was safely done, they would turn around and head back toward Bermuda and the word was that we would not arrive in to Bermuda until 2pm on our scheduled day instead of 9am. Yes, that was going to throw off our plans, but I just hoped that the person needing attention was ok. I would just take out my transportation schedules and figure out what our best plan of action would be for our new arrival times and if we should switch our days around for the beaches.

I headed upstairs to the pool deck to see if I could hear (or see) anything coming. There were people lined up and down the walls on several of the open decks, trying to get a glimpse of what was going on. I waited for awhile, but nothing yet.


Just as I started to leave, we could hear something in the distance. It was the US Coast Guard Plane.

PA060354 copy.jpg

It was circling the ship-around and around it went. But no helicopter was in site yet. I ran back down to the room to watch from my balcony.


Before long, I spotted the helicopter coming:

PA060366 copy.jpg

It was getting closer and closer and the airplane was still circling.

PA060367 copy.jpg

By this time, the entire family was up and checking out what was going on. The boys and family next door to us up and about:

PA060375 copy.jpg

And Kendra and family a few doors down:

PA060361 copy.jpg
PA060371 copy.jpg

The crew down below sitting in the boat waiting...

PA060377 copy.jpg

All this excitement going on and Sakari was still sleeping. We yelled for her and she mumbled something and turned over. The minute I said "helicopter landing on the ship in the middle of the ocean right now" she flew up and out on the balcony.

PA060391 copy.jpg

I was amazing to watch them get closer and closer and lower and lower. These guys are amazing, and the Captain as well for holding the ship as steady as he could for them to perform this maneuver safely.

PA060383 copy.jpg

All I could think about was "man I would love to be a part of this!" I would get so excited when ever we had a trauma come in and the helicopter landing on the roof at the hospital and I got to go up and help transport them from the helicopter to the gurney and down to the ER. It was so exciting. Maybe some day I'll decide to be a flight nurse. That would be so rewarding.

PA060392 copy.jpg

We started to see them hoist down a person.

PA060386 copy.jpg

Kolin came out and was amazed at the ability to do all this while out at sea, so he was filled with a million questions that I had no answers for because I'm not even sure how this all works myself.

PA060389 copy.jpg

From this point on, the helicopter was out of our site. I quickly remembered that on the tv, they have a channel set to the camera on the front of the ship. Yep, I wasn't about to miss this amazing rescue.

PA060388 copy.jpg

He made it down safely and off he ran out of site. The helicopter pulled away and waited for awhile. When they went back down, I ran back to the tv. They had a person in the basket.

PA060003 (2) copy.jpg

Up they went into the helicopter.

PA060005 copy.jpg
PA060005 copy.jpg

It was mission accomplished and everyone was safe. They pulled away and it was around 10:30am when it was all over and done with.


The news I read after returning from the cruise was they removed a 30 year old lady who was complaining of abdominal pain using a MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter. This was done off of Virginia Beach, VA.


For those that have not seen the rescue video recorded by the Air Station in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, here it is:

Ok, so the excitement was over with and we had very little time left for breakfast. Now I believe the dailies state that the buffet is open the latest (and maybe even the Uptown Bar & Grill) until 11am. However, I do know that both of these places stayed open until later than that. If there were people coming in still for breakfast, they were still serving it. I think this is awesome, especially for those of us that are latecomers.


This time we decided we were going to check out Uptown Bar & Grill. I absolutely loved this place on the Getaway. We always found that the food was good, the variety was decent and filling and best of all, there was never anyone up there!!! I couldn't understand it on the Getaway. No lines for breakfast or for lunch. Do people just not know about this place?


Well, the Breakaway would not disappoint either! We had the same experience during the cruise. Good food and hardly anyone up there. There was never a line and always a place to sit. I also like the atmosphere up there as well. It's enclosed but yet open and ocean window seats as well. It's perfect!


This was my choice of the day and it was yummy.

PA060007 copy.jpg

Another good thing about this place is it always had breakfast sandwiches, which you wouldn't find at the buffet.


Sakari's sandwich and plate minus the boiled egg she was now making a habit of getting every breakfast:

PA060008 copy.jpg

By the time we were done eating (mind you we were in and out of there in no time with no waits), Sakari insisted on a short visit to the kids club before they close in a hour. So off she went.


We just hung out by the pool and had a few drinks while hanging with the kids after they ate. It was starting to get warmer and we had all graduated to shorts finally. Kenny was feeling a "little" better but did mention thank goodness he didn't feel the movement last night or the quick turn because he was dead asleep all night.


At 12 noon, we picked up Sakari and headed back up to the pool deck. The dailies stated that they were having a Nick Time game. I remember this on one of the other ships and it was like a slime time. The kids participated and Sakari was upset because she had made it up there too late to actually participate. This time, she would be early and volunteer to play.


While she waited, she played in the childrens pool area. It was drained with a sign saying "Closed"

PA060001 (2) copy.jpg
PA060002 (2) copy.jpg

There's that face again..copying...

PA060004 (3) copy.jpg
PA060003 (3) copy.jpg

We're still waiting on the Nick games to start and she was getting excited...can't you tell?

PA060005 (2) copy.jpg
PA060007 (3) copy.jpg

...and still waiting...she was running out of poses:

PA060008 (2) copy.jpg

Well, no one ever came. No Nick team. No games. No anything! Hmm, weird!


So...we spent the entire next 2 hours just letting her play in this area because there were a bunch of kids there and some of her friends. There might not have been any water, but they were having a blast.


So were we....

PA060010 copy.jpg

I swear I took a picture of the reason they had the kiddie pool closed, but once again, I can't locate it. Let's just say there must have been a kid that had an accident in it. The accident still remained!!! For hours!!! I have no idea when they actually cleaned it up, but we passed by there a lot during the day and it was still there, with kids playing in the area. When I discovered it, I quickly pointed it out to Sakari to make sure she didn't go anywhere around it or step in it. But still, ewww!



The boys had went upstairs to play a little basketball:

12109157_1214986695193760_7697082120397586708_n copy.jpg
12115950_1214986658527097_8582010273654952150_n copy.jpg

We took Sakari to the buffet (since we were right beside it) and grabbed her a little to eat before she went off to the kids club again with her friends she had been playing with at the pool area.


Since we ate such a late breakfast, even though it had been about 3 hours, she opted for just desert, even after my warning that she was going to be very hungry by the time we picked her up. She didn't care. She had been waiting "all day" for some ice cream. She cracks me up because she makes it sound like a lifetime.

I also wasn't too hungry, so I opted for desert as well as a few fries. I know, I'm a great example.

PA060011 copy.jpg
PA060012 copy.jpg

We found the kids eating at O'Sheehans. Kolin's pot pie was HUGE! Like seriously huge and he said it was yummy.

12088196_1215235771835519_5703694663739647327_n copy.jpg

We headed to the casino to try our luck, or either donate our bad luck.


The hubby sat beside me and started winning instantly. He was having all the luck this cruise. I was not.

PA060013 copy.jpg

Then I finally hit a decent amount several times, but was having too much fun and kept playing. I started with $5 and went up at one point to $49. I just wanted to play more and play I did...and lost I did. The hubby walked away that day with at least $100 more than he came with so it was a good day.

PA060014 copy.jpg

Kendra showed up for about an hour and said they had went back to bed and just got up. She spent her investment and then left.

We met up with Kendra back at the atrium where they were having another meet & greet with the characters. We had picked up Sakari and raced down but was not lucky enough to be first in line this time. Having to wait even longer than we did the other day for pictures=needing a few drinks from the bar.


When it was finally their turn...

PA060018 copy.jpg

The final result:

PA220548 copy.jpg

We then headed up to the pool deck and Kendra and I decided we would challenge each other to a game of ping pong. We had an absolute blast! I never laughed so much. Sakari and Brayden started their own game once the people beside us left. Sakari was doing pretty good at hitting the ball and returning it. Brayden however, was getting good at chasing the balls he missed.

PA060019 copy.jpg
PA060021 copy.jpg
PA060020 copy.jpg
PA060022 copy.jpg

We decided to head back to the room and get dressed for the show tonight. We had reserved tonight to watch the Rock of Ages. Since it's 80's music, I just knew I was going to love this show.


When we arrived back at our room, we discovered more of these plus a note

PA060033 copy.jpg
PA220596 copy.jpg

It was from my awesome TA. He had sent these to all of our rooms.


Sakari was dressed and ready for dinner, so away we went.

PA060030 copy.jpg

Quite the mixture I might say:

PA060024 copy.jpg

Sakari was quite happy to see a grilled cheese sandwich on her plate.

PA060025 copy.jpg

Once we were done eating, Sakari wanted to go back and play with her friends. While I'm so happy that she loves to go to the kids club, sometimes I wish she would spend more time with us. But, as I've said before, this is her cruise too and I want her to have fun and be happy. So, if she'd rather play with her friends in the kids club than go to the show with us, then so be it. I knew she probably wasn't going to be spending hardly any time in there over the next few nights with us being in port. Off she went...I believe it was Survivor Night.

PA060031 copy.jpg

I might also add that the Latitudes party was supposed to be at Spice at 7:45pm. However, it was raining so I have no idea where they ended up having it or where to go. How do they (or do they) notify the members of a change? Do they just not hold it? Because I did not get any notification.



Since we knew that the theater was packed the night before at the show, we decided we would go a little earlier this time. Around 9pm we headed to the theater and it was already crowded. However, we managed to find a row completely open mid way down that would fit all 8 of us. Score!


The show started at 9:30 promptly.

PA060036 copy.jpg

The show was ok. Definitely better than the night before. But I loved listening to the 80's music. Of course the singers/dancers didn't have that voice of the original artist, but it was still a good time.


HOWEVER, I did not realize that this show lasted for 2 hours!! Yikes. The show started at 9:30pm and wasn't over until 11:30pm. Now those of your with kids that go to the kids club knows that they have a pick up time at 10:30pm. After that time, you were required to sign up for after hours sitting and pay $6 per hour. Oops.


It was around 11pm and Kendra leaned over and said "Did you sign sissy up for sitting tonight?" Me-"No why?" Kendra "Because this show runs until 11:30pm and it's now 11pm" WHAT????? I hadn't even paid attention to the time and had no clue it was that late.


Well, we did have the iConceirge service, so I guess if they had a problem, they'd call me. None-the-less, I was still worried. Kendra said she would just go pick them both up and we could stay and she'd meet us back at the room. None of us anticipated that the show was going to be so long. Kenny & Michelle left shortly after that because they both had to potty. We pretty much all needed to use the restroom, but the rest of us stuck it out until we knew it was over. We just didn't stick around for the end where they usually introduce the dancers/singers, at least I assume that's probably how it ended.


Once the show was over and we ran into Kenny who said he passed Kendra with the kids in the hall and they were headed back up to the buffet for their 2nd dinner of the night because the munchkins said they were hungry. LOL

PA060037 copy.jpg

After that we headed back to the room to get things ready for the following day coming into Bermuda. I still had to make a plan of attack for the family and I knew there wasn't anyone else going to initiate the planning.


Our towel animal for the night and his amazing "catch" of a girlfriend:

PA060026 copy.jpg

I came up with a plan and decided to head out to the balcony one last time before heading to bed.


There was some lightening and flickering off in the distance that night. I managed to catch the sky lighting up at one point.

PA060028 copy.jpg

Sakari worked on her drawings for the night then off to bed we went.

PA060345 copy.jpg
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