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MITSUGIRLY BREAKAWAY's 1 last time for the year-review/pictorial

Day 3: Our first full day at sea



Our first full sea day and I had completely intended to sleep in. Well, that didn't happen. I'm not sure what it is about cruising. It completely throws my normal schedule off. I'm not an early morning person. I get up around 10:30am-11am and stay up half the night with around a 2-3am bed time...most of the time. But while cruising, I become "normal". LOL


The ocean had released her furry on us and she was making it known that she was pissed that Joaquin had disturbed her sleep. (She must be on the same schedule as me). The ship was rocking back and forth and I started to wonder just how much I actually drank the night before. I thought I had behaved myself for the most part. I was now doubting myself.


A quick call to the kids to see if they were wanting to head to breakfast and I find Kenny sick as a dog. He woke up to the ship moving back and forth and he was throwing up everywhere. He tried to take a shower and threw up several times in there as well. He's always been my child (after becoming an adult) that refused to go to the theme parks and ride the rides saying he would get sick or a headache. We never believed him because he sure didn't have this problem growing up. He also refuses to ride in the back seat of a car saying it makes him sick. Yea right, you just want to ride of front. But this time...there was proof. Poor baby.


So Kolin and I head upstairs to check out the weather, hoping for "warmer" weather than yesterday. It was still pretty chilly and not my idea of cruise weather.


We get up there and the pool water was splashing so high from both ends as the ship rocked back and forth, up and down. I attempted to take pictures several times, but my reaction time just wasn't the greatest that early in the morning. We sat and people watched for awhile. The pool was like a hawk waiting for it's pray to come along. The minute someone walked between the pool and the pool bar, 8-10' waves came spashing out of the pool at them. Some were able to dodge it, others were not so lucky.


We headed back to our rooms and I woke up the hubs and Sakari and told them I was going to breakfast. This strategy always seems to work in getting them up because they think they're going to get left behind...especially when I say "goodbye, see ya later." It's the magical word. :D


I took out the daily to see what was going on today while they were getting ready:

PA220561 copy.jpg
PA220562 copy.jpg
PA220564 copy.jpg
PA220565 copy.jpg

Out on the balcony, I took a short video of the waves. I honestly didn't think they were "that" bad, but then again, I don't get sea sick either, so I can't quite comprehend what others go through. I have to say, we are quite lucky. The hubs, Sakari and I all do not get sea sick and I'd like to keep it that was Joaquin!! So settle yourself down.


Video below (click):

No, I don't think the waves looked too bad, but the Captain reported (I believe) 25-28' waves at any given time. Maybe I just didn't catch it at the right moment because to me, the waves looked small at the moment. It would continue throughout the day and I think it was more noticeable up on the pool deck, especially when you are either looking toward the front or back of the ship. You will see the end of the ship going up and down compared to the horizon and THEN you could really tell.

We are not big MDR eaters while on the cruise. Most of the time it's non-stop go-go-go for us and we always like to grab a quick bite to eat and be gone, especially on port days. For any given cruise, we may eat dinner at the MDR once or twice and maybe breakfast once. For lunch we have done it a few times. However, I swear the times they are open are never the times that we are hungry and looking for a place to eat. Plus, they close early for breakfast compared to other places.


We eat at the buffets a lot because it's just so simple to do, especially when you have a big group. I like buffets at home, I like buffets on the ship. There's so much to chose from and I like the fact that you can actually see the food first. I always sit back and scratch my head at the people that say they don't like the buffets, the food, it was bad and so on. The buffet is HUGE, there's a WIDE variety of various foods. I'm sorry, if you can't find SOMETHING you like then...well, let's just say I find this weird and leave it at that.


If it looks appealing, why not try it. The greatest thing is, if you don't like it, you can go back and try something else that you might find. If you do like it, there's plenty more for round 2...or 3. Plus you don't have to wait to be seated, you don't have to wait for someone to take your order. You don't have to wait for your food to come out. MDR meals usually take 1-1 1/2 hours and when you don't want to spend that time there, buffets are just the thing for us. So a majority of our meals are done buffet style.


HOWEVER, since this was a sea day and we were not in a hurry to get to anywhere. We decided to head some place other than the buffet and relax in each others company. We headed to O'Sheehans. I bet I just completely confused you all after all that talk about the buffet huh?


O'Sheehans has a simple breakfast menu to pick from and it has everything on it that I would normally pick while at the buffet or out to eat. So, you can't go wrong.

PA050283 copy.jpg
PA050281 copy.jpg

They ask if you'd like some danishes and of course I'm not going to pass that up.

PA050285 copy.jpg

We placed our order and I ask for my normal orange juice and diet Pepsi. I don't drink coffee, so have to get my caffeine fix other ways. (Notice the Pepsi can...NEW YORK)

PA050282 copy.jpg
PA050286 copy.jpg

Our breakfast came and it was YUMMY!     I don't know what type of mushrooms they use or how they sautée them, but they are so good.

After breakfast Sakari decided she wanted to go to the Kids Club for a little while. It was 10:30 and I told her she would not have much time there since they close at 12 noon, but she insisted that she was wanting to go and see her "friends". Sakari is such an outgoing child and makes friends easily and loves to be around other kids no matter the age. She quickly became friends with a few of the girls in her age group and she would play and talk to them outside of the kids club.  Todays decor in the kids club.

PA050288 copy.jpg
PA050287 copy.jpg

At 12 noon, after picking up Sakari, we headed down to the atrium where they would be having Dora's dance party. Sakari has always attended these when they are available and she enjoys them. They sing and dance to various (what I would call Nursery type rhymes)...and when there's dancing involved, she's there.

PA050294 copy.jpg

We took a seat at the bar and I had my first drink of the day. A smile to brighten my day. It's not too early to start drinking right? I mean I already feel as if I've had quite a few with the way the ship was rocking. My thoughts were to get a few drinks in me and maybe it would even out the rocking and I'd be able to walk normal. :p

PA050293 copy.jpg

The party continued and the kids there had a blast. I did notice that the main girl there directing the songs and dances we had just seen on another ship doing the same thing. I'm not sure if it was the Dawn or maybe a ship before that last year. She definitely has a recognizable face/hair to me because she reminds me a lot like a girl I worked with in the ER. She's great and is so full of energy and looks like she really enjoys what she does.

PA050291 copy.jpg

After the dance party, we were a little unsure of what to do...involving the munchkin. It was too cold to swim or head to the water slides. We had already done the ropes course. To me, it was a little cold outside and I would much rather stay inside where it was warm.


On our Carnival cruise, Kendra's sister in law took the kids to the game room where they all played Monopoly and Sakari loved it. I guess I have never thought about playing games, cards or anything like that while on a cruise. My thoughts were always "You can play games at home, why spend precious time doing that on a cruise?" However, that was the first thought I had after the show...take Sakari to play some games inside.


We headed to the card/game room to see what we could find that would be appropriate for her "age" while daddy looked at me wondering what we were about to do. (See, the thought never crossed his mind before either).


We decided we would play Chutes & Ladders. Sakari has this game at home and for some reason she never bothers to play it. So why not now?

PA050295 copy.jpg

We finished the game and mommy won. Thanks to daddy constantly sliding down the chute, he would come in last allowing Sakari to finish in second place. In the end, we all remained friends and met at the finish line.

PA050297 copy.jpg

Next up was a game of Yahtzee. This would be the first time I found out that daddy has never played this game before. Seriously? I never knew this. Every time they rolled, they looked to the pro, me, to see what I thought would be the best to do with their roll. I so could have cheated during this game, but I kept it clean and honest. I guess I didn't have enough drinks in me yet to be mischievous.

PA050298 copy.jpg

So much for me being the pro at Yahtzee. Sakari beat us both!

PA220581 copy.jpg

Right around the corner of the game room is the Cirque theater. Sakari likes to mimic the various characters/statues she will see on the ships and this would not be the exception.

PA050299 copy.jpg

It was time for some lunch and Sakari said she wanted some pizza so off to the buffet we went.


Fries, pizza and some mac a cheese...always a good combo. lol

PA050300 copy.jpg

Just fries and pizza for me with a little bit of some type of cold risotto dish that was pretty yummy.

PA050302 copy.jpg

Our bellies were full and we decided to try the pool deck and see if it was warm enough to spend a little bit of time outside. If it wasn't, we were going to get some drinks in our system to warm up. Well, honestly, if it was warm, we were still going to get some drinks in our system.


It was still cold and windy so we came up with a better idea. Grab some drinks to take back to our room and warm up.


Once back at the room, I looked out to the sea and seen this:

PA050307 copy.jpg
PA050310 copy.jpg

I looked up again and the rainbow had moved:

PA050318 copy.jpg

It just kept moving all over the place. At one point there was even one that went up and down, but my picture did not turn out too well. You could tell it was there, but barely.


A few more pictures of the Breakaway making her way toward Bermuda in the rough seas:

PA050320 copy.jpg
PA050322 copy.jpg

When we arrived back to the room, Ruby the room steward handed us our bath robes. I thanked her, but knew we would probably never use them and tucked them away in the corner.

PA050323 copy.jpg

She also handed me 2 small note pads and a pEn. I thanked her again, but I obviously must have had a bewildered look on my face because she had this questionable look on her face after this. Then she said "You wanted a pen!?". OHHHHH, I get it now. Nooo, not that kind of pEn. I wanted a pIn. Not the kind you write with. The kind you would take the backing off and like...put it on your shirt and put the backing back on. Kinda like an earring. I really didn't know how to explain it to her. It was like playing charades and I was failing miserably. I think I used several different examples before she finally caught on. Then she said they don't have those and she would not be able to get me any. SAY WHAT? She went back and ask her supervisor about them and came back and confirmed that she would not be able to get any, but I could go down to the Latitudes desk to get mine.


I have never heard of such a thing. Every cruise I have been on the room steward always has a bag of them that you can get them when asked. This would be a first. Not a problem for me of course, but still a first. I have managed to get them at the Customer Service desk as well. So if any of you looking for them and can't find any...try the Customer Service desk or the latitudes desk (where you book a cruise or buy your deposits) and you should be able to locate some. ALSO, if you get back home and didn't get one, you can also email latitudes and they'll ship them to you using regular mail. I have done this once before with no issues.


I went down to the latitudes desk and they handed me our 3 pIns. I was a happy cruiser now.


We checked on the kids to find that Kenny was still extremely sick. Kendra sometimes get motion sickness so she comes prepared with every type of medication and bracelet possible. She had given him some, which was making him sleepy. But he said "At least when I'm sleeping, I don't know I'm feeling sick." Kendra was also feeling ill and staying in bed all day. I think everyone pretty much slept off the day except us.



At 2pm, Sakari headed back to the kids club for awhile and us big kids headed to the casino. Woo hoo, come to momma. Momma needs a new pair of shoes...or in my case, another cruise.


We didn't have much luck today, so we didn't stay there too long. My all time favorite game that I played and won continuously was not so nice to me. Not 1 bonus round and only a few winning lines. Ugh. So disappointing.


After we donated our money, we headed to the casino bar to drown our sorrows for awhile and then off to the shops to check out what they had to offer.


I really didn't see too many things that caught my eye and I have noticed on the last few ships that they seem to have next to nothing for children. I have always allowed Sakari to pick out 1 item each ship, which usually consist of a stuffed animal of some type of animal. She has quite a collection going and she can tell you exactly which ship she got all of them on. They had no stuffed animals, just like the last few cruises. But, I did manage to locate her collector ship ornament for this cruise. So, I was happy about that and knew she would be happy about it too since she was already asking me for one the first day when the shops were not open. Now, that I knew they had them, I would continue to use this as a "behave yourself device" during the week and then she would be awarded toward the end of the cruise with one if she earned it. :D (We all know she's going to earn it no matter what...but still).

At 5pm we picked up the munchkin and headed back to the Atrium where we knew it was meet & greet time with some of the Nick characters. I honestly had no idea who was going to be there, but knew it was something Sakari would enjoy and it was a way to pass the time by.


When we arrived, we found Kendra and Brayden down there. They had come out of hiding for awhile and Kendra said she was still feeling a little sick, but wanted Brayden to do something since they had been sleeping all day.


We managed to be first in line and the kids headed out to meet the characters and get their pictures taken.


They do allow you to take a picture using your own camera.

PA050325 copy.jpg

Of course it's never going to look a groovy as the ships photographers picture because they add in all the special effects, have a flash and can do a white balance to make them look nice.

PA220549 copy.jpg

After that, we headed upstairs so that Kendra could eat for the first time today and of course we grabbed another drink at the bar. Sakari managed to bat her eyes at the bar tender and he made her a special drink complete with cherries...which she loves.

PA050326 copy.jpg

After Kendra & Brayden were done eating, we headed back down to the Atrium for awhile, just to hang out. Kolin and Courtney showed up and soon after that we found Kenny & Michelle coming. All the kids had emerged and none of them looked too white. Kenny was complaining of still feeling sick and I got my first "I will never do this again mom!" Sigh. I tried to explain to him it's not normally like this and it was because of the hurricane. I'm not so sure he believed me.


He had to go over to customer service to get his card fixed. For some reason it was not working at the bars, which is all he had used it for so far. Since we were always in a big group and we all had the UBP, when he ordered his drinks the night before, they would just end up putting his drink on one of our cards. Lucky us, since we had to pay the taxes on the drinks that night. They fixed his card and he left to try to get a bite to eat and we all decided to go to our rooms for awhile and hang out until it was time to eat again...which would be shortly. LOL

Around 7pm, the hubs, Sakari and I decided it was time to eat again. We headed up to the buffet to see what was going on and they were having a sea food night.


It made for some pretty pictures with the carvings and Sakari grabbed her a plate, which I knew she was not going to eat, but she insisted she wanted to try it. HAHAHAHAHA! We'll see.

PA050332 copy.jpg
PA050333 copy.jpg
PA050334 copy.jpg

...because every plate of seafood and such should come with a pretzel roll...

PA050335 copy.jpg

My meal was yummy. Sakari's...well, just as I thought. The look on her face said it all and she quickly held it in her mouth after the first bite, just waiting for permission to spit it out with disgust. I knew she wasn't going to like it. I really wish I would have caught her expression at first, but this was a little after as she took it out of her mouth.

PA050336 copy.jpg

Ok, time to get you something else to eat little one. Off we went for some "kid friendly" food.


Once again, the pool was splishing and splashing as everyone walked by. Yep, this ship was still rocking with no signs of letting up. Once again, I didn't catch the real high waves/splashes. Darnit! I'm blaming this one on being too full to move to be fast enough to catch the splash....or my shutter speed was too slow. Yea, maybe that's it.

PA050337 copy.jpg

We dropped Sakari off back at the kids club after she insisted that's where she wanted to go instead of going to the show we had booked that night. Ok, well it's her cruise too, so she got to do what she wanted and off she went.

We headed back to the room to change into something nice and would head to the show around 9:15pm to watch Burn the Floor.


To be honest, tonight, I was feeling a little uneasy with the belly. I think that the waves were starting to get to me a little as well. I did notice that if I was up and moving around, I didn't notice much. But the minute that I sat down and was still for awhile or laid down, my stomach started to get queasy.


At 9:15pm, we headed to the theater. Man it was packed! Kendra and family and Kolin and family joined us. Kenny was still sick and back to bed he went. We ended up sitting at the very back along the high table with bar stools. That was the only way we were going to find a place to sit together and some of the guys stood by us. We headed over to the bar to get some drinks for the show.

PA050339 copy.jpg

They started by introducing some of the staff.

PA050340 copy.jpg

Then the show began. To be quite honest, I really didn't care too much for the show or the singer, which I think might have been the lady from the atrium in the group fire & ice or something like that. I could tell the kids wasn't really enjoying the show either. We ended up leaving about 1/2 hour into the show and was glad we decided to take those back seats.


We picked Sakari up from the kids club after we left the show and she insisted that we needed ice cream. So we headed to the ice cream station.

PA050341 copy.jpg
PA050342 copy.jpg

Back to the room and we somehow had a new pet to take care of.

PA050338 copy.jpg

This doggie delivered a message to us letting us know that we were to change our clocks forward 1 hour. Well I'm glad they decide to do this on a sea day so we don't lose that hour right before getting into port and being super tired.


Sakari got ready for bed and took out her handy-dandy notebook and started drawing pictures, like always.

PA090287 copy-L.jpg

Now there is one thing that I wanted to discuss here.


When Del Rio came in, he made tons of changes all within a matter of months, most without notifying the customers, which pissed off a lot of people.


One of the things he decided to implement was that you were no longer allowed to bring back food to your room. This outraged a lot of people. The cruisers spoke up, canceled bookings and in the end, their voice was heard and Andy Stewart announced they had reversed their decision that they would go back to their old policy of allowing food to be brought back to the room.


One of the reasons that Del Rio said they decided on this policy was the dirty plates in the hallways. He didn't want this type of impression of the ship. But, people did not buy this excuse...and neither did I. Why? Because they still allowed room service, which food is being brought to the room...BUT for a service fee now. But there are still dirty dishes and they are still put out in the hallway after they are done with them. (Of course another reason was the safety of food temps and bacteria growing and not being consumed during a timely matter. Obviously this was just another excuse because how often do the room stewards bring food to your room as a the chocolate covered strawberries, fruit plates and so on. You could be out of your room all day and the food sitting before you found it.


Now people have speculated the best way to get rid of the dirty dishes without cluttering the halls: anywhere from calling housekeeping to pick them up, taking them with you when you leave and returning to the buffet or any dinning area to putting them in the shower stall so that when the room steward is cleaning, they would know that you were ready for it to be taken away. I personally have experienced problems getting the room steward to remove dirty dishes and they will sit there for days before I end up putting them out in the hallway for removal. I can only take so long of them sitting on the desk taking up space when it's obvious that it's been there for days.




I would continue to notice on this cruise that the ROOM STEWARD was the one putting the dishes in the hallway on the floor. We witnessed her bringing dishes, cups, trays, either empty or still having food on them, out of rooms and setting them on the floor. She did not take them with her. She left them there. Kendra also stated that she (Ruby) had put hers out in the hallway as well when she cleaned. I did get pictures of this, but of course can't locate anything when it's needed. But, I did want to address this.


So whenever you see dirty dishes out in the hall, don't just assume that people are being inconsiderate and putting them out there. It just might be your room steward doing it. Maybe they have a system now that the room steward puts them out there and then calls someone to pick it up. I don't know. :confused:

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