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MITSUGIRLY'S birthday cruise on the JADE review/pictorialDay

Day 8: Sea Day

DAY 7 in the ship-SEA DAY


Another day to sleep in and I can guarantee that the hubby didn't wake me up this time. hehe I honestly don't have any idea what time we woke up, but I didn't use an alarm clock that's for sure.


Quite honestly, I have no idea what happened to the daily for this day. I don't get rid of anything and I can't seem to find it. Weird.


After getting up, I headed outside to check out the weather. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day, but you could definitely tell it was a lot cooler. It was definitely going to be a pants and possibly a jacket day as the day progressed. But, the waves were better today and I didn't notice much rocking or any barf bags laid out.

P2260885 copy.jpg

We headed to the buffet for breakfast since it was so late. Once again, runny eggs so I took the hubbys advice and got an omelet.

P2260887 copy.jpg

We dropped the munchkin off at the kids club for 45 minutes (it was almost time for them to close and that's all the time she would get for now).


We headed back to the room to do some packing. Guest Services called me about the missing shirt and the money and said they were writing up a form with the information on it..."Now what color is it again?" Wow, seriously? I described it again and told them what it looked like and what it said. I know that I have not seen these shirts on NCL for the last few cruises and I was TOLD that they no longer carry them. I pulled up a picture of her wearing it on my phone and told them I could come down and show them the picture so they knew what they were looking for.

Then once again they ask me about the money in the pocket.


"This is the face of a kid having fun"   IT'S BLUE!!! NOT WHITE!!! With a smiley face on the side.

IMG_3706 copy.jpg
IMG_3705 copy.jpg

I headed out the door and told the hubby I was going down to Guest Services and as I walked out the door MARIO came down the hall. Mario is Rasfah. I now know his name! I made sure to look at his name tag.


He ask about the missing items. I informed him there's 1 shirt that is missing and...once again, I described it to him. I also informed him that the money from the pockets was not still in the pockets nor was there a bag with it in there as he said. I ask him AGAIN..."Did the bag rip?" He said "no, the bag was not ripped". I told him, "There was an item in the very bottom of the bag that was damp. You are SURE that the bottom didn't rip either from it being damp or wet?" He said "no, we take the entire bag you have in your room and place that bag inside of a huge plastic bag and seal it so nothing falls out." So, if that's the case, then when they dumped the items out in the laundry, everything should have been there!


Mario said that he was calling his supervisor and he would have him come talk to me. I told him I have already been in touch with Guest Services and in touch with the laundry people and supervisor there. He said he was calling anyhow...and he did.


Mario's supervisor came down and knocked on the door. I described what happened and what the shirt looks like and what it had on it. I also told him that Mario had told me the "count" of the items and then when I got them back MY count was right and there was only 1 shirt missing. I also told him that they did not clean my items and seeing how this is the last day, I am now not going to get my clothes laundered and wasn't happy about that either.


(I forgot to mention yesterday...when I went down to Guest Services after this all happened, they actually told me "Well, they shouldn't have taken your laundry to begin with because it takes us 48 hours to do your clothes and return to you." Are you serious? I have actually sent my clothes down on the last day and the room steward went out of her way to get the laundry done and returned to us that night for us to pack in our luggage. I'm going to check my "coupon" and see what it says about that. But they acted like if I was doing something wrong by sending it down this morning, Thursday, instead earlier in the week. I personally thought they were out of their mind.)


After talking to him, Guest Services called another 4 times. Yes four! Each time I explained the shirt again and they said they were trying to locate another shirt for me. One called "What does it look like" Call two "What color is it and what size is it" Call three "What color is it and would you want another shirt if we can find one?" Call four "We found a few shirts, sized Medium and Large" I told them I would come down and check them out, because quite honestly I had NO IDEA what size the shirt was.


I went to Guest Services, stood in line and while I was in line I listened to several people talking about how they were there to "get the form to have the daily service charges removed". A majority of these people said they had crappy service. My wheels started spinning at this point and I started listening in to see what type of bad service they might have had.


At one point there was a lady in line, talking to another guy in front of her, that said "We are traveling with 10 people in our party. I'm getting all of my daily service charges removed because I can't afford to pay an extra $800! We are removing everyones in our party". Um...ok...that's why you are having it removed??? Seriously? Why are you on a cruise? Now I'm not a mean person, but obviously this person was and you don't know how bad I wanted to turn around and say something to her about this and THEN tell her I don't even know how she managed to actually pay for this cruise to begin with since her MATH SKILLS are so far off. Shhhh, keep it to yourself Kim. Whew...deep breath and just wait on my turn at the counter.


When it was my turn, they came back with 1 shirt and showed me it and it looked like the perfect size. I guess I will take it....and off I went to show Sakari her new shirt...which had her looking very puzzled since she already HAD (past tense) a shirt like that. LOL


I finished packing and we were ready to eat lunch. We headed back up to the buffet and had some wonderful turkey panini sandwiches on Italian bread and chips.


We relaxed for a little bit staring at the water and I was at least happy that Sakari had her shirt back.

P2260890 copy.jpg

As I mentioned before, the one thing that Sakari is interested in at the Kids Club is the sports. Today at 3pm, they were all going outside to play in the basketball area and she didn't want to miss that.


We headed up to drop her off and then I headed back to the room for awhile to do some more packing (since I ended up distracted the last time I tried this with trying to get a shirt back). Then I had to check-in with Southwest at 3:30 for our flight home the next day.


At 3:30pm, we went up to the basketball court to watch her play games.


She was having a lot of fun up there...

P2260898 copy.jpg

...and I was freezing. Being up on the top deck with the wind blowing (and it was getting cooler) had me so cold. We were on the lounge chairs and we took the lounge chairs beside us, turned them sideways, then put the head of it up, to block the wind.


This game was a "tail" game. The kids put their "tails" in the back of their pants and you had to run around the court trying to snag someones tail from them, which made them out of the game.


At one point, some little really super competitive boy (in all the games I noticed) came up to Sakari and grabbed her "tail" from the FRONT and yanked and kept pulling. Like this was a complete back to front wedgie in the privates if you get my drift. happening...I got up and yelled at him "Hey, hey, hey, let's not do that". Meanwhile she was yelling "you can't do that, that hurts". I dared someone to say something to me at this point. Mama bear had ruffled feathers. (Yes, my bear is a bird bear...hehe).

P2260896 copy.jpg

We picked up the munchkin and she wasn't done playing yet...she wanted to play ping-pong now. I challenged her to a game.


Quite honestly, she is getting pretty good at this game and can keep it going for pretty long now.

P2260900 copy.jpg

There was another couple next to us playing as well. Then 2 boys came over and I assume they were waiting to play...except they weren't waiting. They started hitting the ball back and forth across the table the short direction. If one of our balls started to go off the table and was anywhere near them, they would go after it and hit it. The couple next to us yelled at them a few times about how that wasn't cool to be in our way and interrupting our game and they needed to back away and wait their turn. It didn't do any good. So...I decided to just let them in on the game. We played doubles for what seemed like eternity. Those kids wore me out! We made up our own games starting with someone at all 4 sides of the table and had to hit the ball to each of us. Then we played doubles, 2 to a side. Then after that, the people next to us left and they decided they still wanted to remain on our table playing with us because they were having such a good time. We laughed and carried on for quite some time before I finally gave up and just let the kids play. They quickly gave up shortly after I left. I guess I was the life of the party.

IMG_3701 copy.jpg

My picture I texted back to my daughter, Kendra, to let her know she was missing out on a good time. hehe


It was getting late and the sun was going down.

IMG_3707 copy.jpg

Sakari worked up an appetite and headed back to the buffet for a quick meal before going back to the room to change for the "Pajama Party" at the kids club tonight. It is one of the few party's she's now interested in these days.

Sakari is a child who does not like clothes. If she could run around in just her underwear all day she would. Kendra was the same way when she was young. I would get phone calls from the neighbors informing me that she had stripped outside and was playing in the yard in her underwear. Sigh!


Over the last year, I have managed to get Sakari to KEEP her clothes on most of the time. But, she won't sleep in pj's at all. So, for this pj party, I actually had to go out and buy her a pair so that she could attend and have fun. (No you don't HAVE to have pj's on to go, just that she wanted them for the party).


Sakari in her pj's. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

P2260902 copy.jpg

It was the last night of the cruise and we still had one more "Platinum Free Dinner" coupon left. I really enjoyed La Cucina the first night and decided I wanted to go back again. So, off we went.


Once again "Do you have reservations?" ....pause... "Why yes, yes we do!" LOL She looked and looked and "I can't seem to find it. When did you make them?" ...pause... "Um, I don't really remember...maybe it was last night?" LOL So I ask her, "Do you have room in there for us?" She said she would check.


She came back and took us in and seated us.


Do you guys think there's room?

P2260904 copy.jpg

I mean why is this such a big deal if you don't make reservations? IT'S FREESTYLE!!! HELLO!!! Where I'm free to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. I want to eat, I want to eat a La Cucina, I want to not make a reservation. End of story. Geesh.




The hubby gave me the look...."What wine do we want to try this time?" I told him he did such a good job last time that I would leave it up to him this time. I said I just wanted to try something different... to either find something I like or yet eliminate another off the list.


This is what we ended up with.

P2260908 copy.jpg

Notice it's red. I do not like red. I do not like anything that is warm either. I didn't like it and neither did he. At one point I ask the waitress to bring us some ice. She laughed and said she's the same way and puts ice in it. I also thought that if we added ice, maybe it would melt in there, dilute the taste, and we would survive it. It didn't work. LOL

P2260905 copy.jpg
P2260906 copy.jpg

I enjoyed this last time, so figured why not do it again. They were good again minus the anchovies.

P2260909 copy.jpg

The hubby knew NOT to pick what he had last time and decided to play it safe with a "salad" (I'm really laughing now).


It came and the look on his face was priceless. I should have been taking a picture of his face instead of the "salad". I don't remember exactly what he said but it was something along the line of "when did people get so lazy that they can't cut up lettuce and they just say...hey, I'll just chop the head of lettuce in quarters and call it a day."

P2260910 copy.jpg

We were still not enjoying this wine. The hubby said "I wonder if people ever just give their wine away to others in the restaurant?" I'm like "Oh my gosh, don't embarrass me by going around asking if anyone wants your opened wine." He said he didn't want it to go to waste, which I understood, but in this day and age, and being a nurse, it's hard to trust when someone ask if you want their "left overs" of an opened item...if you know what I mean.


Ours meals came. Mine was yummy BUT it didn't quite taste as good as the other night. The plate wasn't half as big as the other night and there was less bacon and it just didn't taste quite the same. But, it was still good.

P2260911 copy.jpg

Hubby decided on a pizza this time around.

P2260912 copy.jpg

When the waitress came back around, the hubby ask her if anyone ever decides they don't like the wine and passes it along to others in the restaurant. She said it does happen at times and she would ask if anyone wanted it. The couple that had sat down next to us looked over and the hubby blurted out "Do you want some wine?" Oh gosh, he went and did it. He's going to embarrass me. To my surprise, they were over joyed and said they LOVE that wine and would LOVE to have it. They were so happy. We sat around and talked forever that night. They were a great couple. I believe she was a Real Estate Agent (from overhearing their conversation prior to the hubby's "offering"). I was glad the bottle was put to use. That made me happy and of course the hubby said "I did good right? Admit it. I did good." LOL Yes, yes you did.

IMG_3709 copy.jpg

Well, it's our last night on the ship and it was time to try our luck at the slots. We really have done good all week (with the exception of 1 night) so we were hoping to go out with a bang.


I didn't take pictures, except for this one for some reason. I did good on this one and "ok" on the others. But, we didn't over-do it and didn't want to push our luck.


I don't remember how much I won on this one, but I walked away and every person that walked up after that decided not to play it after that. LOL

IMG_3711 copy.jpg

I don't think we went to the show tonight. I can't remember what they had.


We picked Sakari up from the kids club at 10:30pm and headed upstairs in search of food for her.


They had taken down the statues in the dining room!

IMG_3712 copy.jpg

The workers were cleaning the floor under it. I'm not sure if they were going to put them back up or not. I can say that they must be pretty heavy and we watched them drag these things around and push them, while scratching up the floor.


Back to the room for our next and last towel animal.


I would also find a name your "Vacation Hero" card on my bed and just couldn't help but laugh that Mario had given me this. I purposely laid it in the trash can, with the words/picture of it facing up, so that you could easily see what this card was in the trash can, and pulled the trash can out for him to be able to see it as soon as he looked down. I hope he got the message.

P2260914 copy.jpg
P2260886 copy.jpg

I finished packing and weighing our luggage and out the door they went for pick up.


We set the alarm, watched a little t.v. and headed to bed.

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