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MITSUGIRLY'S birthday cruise on the JADE review/pictorialDay

Day 7: Sea Day

DAY 6  on the ship THURSDAY & A SEA DAY.

P3060006 copy.jpg

Yippee, it's a day to sleep in. I don't have to be up at a certain time and breakfast runs late. I sure miss my sleep at this point. I'm just not a morning person. Never have been, never will be.


Poke, poke...stab, poke, "Hey babe" poke, poke. :eek: What the heck? I roll over and the soon to be ex hubby at this point is sitting up in bed and within inches of my face. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" He says "You want to get up?" I sling myself violently over in bed toward the nightstand to grab my watch. I hit the light button and it says....are you ready for this????? 6AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will stab you! You better run! I believe some choice words come out of my mouth, another body slam onto my side and a pillow went over my head as I screamed "If you value your life, you will turn over, not say another word and pretend this never happened. Grrr


I'm the type of person that it takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to fall asleep. I have such bad insomnia and I have to take 10mg of Melatonin each night to even calm my brain down and make me sleepy. If I'm woke up at any part of the night, you better believe it will take me at least a hour to get back to sleep or...I simply won't be able to fall asleep again and eventually get up anyhow.


I decided to pop another Melatonin and hope for the best and it must have worked because the next time I looked at my watch it was 10:30am. Did I dream this?


We all got up and got dressed and decided to head to breakfast. Since it was a sea day, there was no need to go to the buffet. I wanted a nice sit down and be served meal.


As we were leaving the room, I seen Rasfah out in the hallway. I went down and ask him for a laundry slip and also mentioned we were Platinum and got a free bag of laundry (actually we are supposed to get 1 bag per Platinum member, but we only had 1 coupon???). I told him that I had already packed my bag the night before. I usually just send things like shorts, tees, Sakari's sun dresses and sometimes pants. I never ever send anything that is delicate, bathing suits or something expensive. The night before I separated everything, picked what I wanted to send, did a tally sheet on them. Counted again to make sure my tally was right and then counted as I put them in the bag. The only wet thing I decided to send was Sakari's cover up tee (that is a NCL tee shirt I bought her on her very first cruise on the Spirit when she was 3 years old. She did not get big enough to wear it until, I believe, the beginning of last year). Her tee was a little damp from using it at LFK after getting a little red the rest of the port days and I didn't want to take a chance and made her wear it all day. I didn't want it to start smelling and figured I would have it washed for the trip home. It was in the bottom of the bag and everything on top of it. As we left the room, I notified Rasfah that the bag was waiting in the room.


We headed to Blue Lagoon.

P2250730 copy.jpg

At least when you get eggs here, they are cooked...and the bacon is nice and crispy as well. They had a nice buffet of fruit on one side and cereal on another table.

P2250736 copy.jpg
P2250734 copy.jpg

Sakari loves her fruit.

P2250735 copy.jpg

There was some movement today and the waves were rocking the boat.

P2250739 copy.jpg

I didn't think it was bad, but obviously others did and these were all over the ship.

P2250809 copy.jpg

We came back from breakfast to find that Rasfah had not picked up our laundry bag yet nor had he made up our room. It was a little after 12 noon (which the coupon always says to make sure that the bag is picked up before noon in order to assure return by the following morning...or something like that). That worried me, especially since I personally told him we were sending laundry today. I mean I'm sure he knows the rules.


We put our bathing suits on and decided we'd make it a pool day at sea.


Once we arrived at the pool, this is what we found...

P2250851 copy.jpg

The pools were all closed off. I guess maybe the ship was rocking a little more than I thought?

P2250746 copy.jpg

I did tell Sakari prior to going up there that if the waves in the pool were too bad, she would not be getting in. I guess I didn't have to make that decision.


She decided she would play in the kiddie pool instead and found some friends in there.

P2250744 copy.jpg

One of the staff members came around and was passing out some type of Popsicles to everyone. I guess with it being a hot day and not being able to get in the pool, this was their way of easing our pain.

P2250745 copy.jpg
IMG_3700 copy.jpg

After awhile of sitting in the kiddie area allowing Sakari to play, we were ready to head out. One can only take so much of kids screaming in an enclosed area with a wall and 3 glass walls. It echos. I don't like echo or screaming.


Us adults decided we would like a little fun time as well and we all headed to the hot tub. The clouds were coming out and it was getting a little cooler and windy. So hot tub it was.


Once again we found a hot tub that wasn't occupied and didn't have a bunch of adults that might glare at us with a young child. There was a hot tub with 1 other couple that had 1 young child in it. That would be the one we headed for.

P2250748 copy.jpg

Sakari doesn't water, cold long as it's water she's one happy child!

P2250755 copy.jpg
P2250750 copy.jpg

Ahh, the rough life Sakari leads while her classmates are in school. Some day I hope she realizes just how lucky and fortunate she is to do so much at such a young age. We are very blessed and work so hard to keep her happy and "experienced". Life is short and you just never know when it's your time. I have never been one of those people that postpone things because of the timing or when things are better or whatever the reason is. My family time is very important to me and making memories for my kids is top priority.

P2250757 copy.jpg

There didn't seem to be a chance of the pools opening up today so we would decide that our pool time is a lost cause and head back to the room.

P2250761 copy.jpg

It was now a little after 2pm...and still no laundry pick up or clean up of our room from Rasfah. I didn't see him anywhere in the hallway either. Sigh.


We headed up to the Bridge Viewing area for awhile (pictures already previously shared) and then headed outside to check out the situation with the waves.


As we walked out on the deck...whoosh, splash, the wave we just hit was so big it splashed up higher than the deck. It made Sakari jump. LOL If only I had my camera out at that time. I would wait here for a good 15 minutes, trying to capture a good shot of this. My opportunity never came.

P2250777 copy.jpg
P2250741 copy.jpg

I waited and waited. I really wanted this picture. We decided to plop down on the floor and just sit.


How perfect would it have been if it happened as she was standing there? That would have been an amazing picture.

P2250785 copy.jpg never happened again. The waves were big and they splashed pretty high up, just not as high as the deck. Darnit.


We headed back up to the pool deck and down the hall to the card room. It was time to play some board games. When we walked in, it looked like that was everyone else's plan on the ship too. We got lucky that a couple were leaving as we were walking in and we were able to get a table.


Something that is supposed to be so fun turns into stress sometimes. Sakari will pick games that she can't play and insist on playing them. It happens every time. We settled on domino's. Can you believe I had to teach my hubby how to play domino's? He has never played.

P2250849 copy.jpg

After a few games of domino's, it was time for a little Yahtzee.

P2250850 copy.jpg

We headed back to the room to change our clothes, check on the laundry situation and head to an early dinner.

Back at the room we would find that Rasfah FINALLY picked up our laundry and the room was made.


We changed clothes and headed to our early dinner. I wanted to eat in one of the MDR and we headed to Alizar. We were taken in and around the corner. I guess I didn't realize this place was that big and it went down the sides too. Any time we have ate in here, we have always been seated in the section directly behind the entrance desk.


For starters, I decided on a salad and the hubby got the Potato Gnocchi. Sakari had the chicken noodle soup.

P2250855 copy.jpg
P2250861 copy.jpg

The hubby liked his. He had never had it before and I tried it as well and it was good.

P2250860 copy.jpg
P2250862 copy.jpg

As we are sitting there, the hubby is looking at me weird, like he has something on his mind and wants to say something. So of course, I give him the "what?" He said "I just have to ask you something...Why did you want me to wake you up this morning?" WHAT??? So I wasn't dreaming! I ask him "Why in the world would I want you to wake me up? Was you dreaming that? It's a sea day and I wanted to sleep in." He said that I was laying there and I said "Wake me up. We need to get up now." LOL I ask him if that really made sense that I would be awake and asking him to wake me up. He said he was confused too...but I still say he was dreaming and nothing like that came out of my mouth. LOL


For our main course...I ordered the Roasted Chicken Breast

P2250853 copy.jpg
P2250863 copy.jpg

I have to say this was the most disgusting thing ever. It was like rubber. I don't even know how to explain it. I have never tasted chicken like this before. It tasted fake. The texture was weird-inside and outside. It did not even resemble anything chicken tasting. Ewww. The piece of broccoli and mashed potatoes was good at least.


The hubby ordered the meat lasagna. When they say MEAT lasagna they really mean MEAT. There was 2 on each side and nothing but meat inside. You might have well just put a hamburger in the middle of it and slapped some noodles on the outside instead of bread and call it a day.

P2250856 copy.jpg
P2250864 copy.jpg

Sakari played it safe with a PB&J and chips.

P2250865 copy.jpg

As always, they tried filling our glasses multiple times with water as we proceeded to tell them over and over "no water please". At one point one of them took away the glasses...only to have another person arrive with more and a picture of water. Sigh.


We ordered our pop and when it came out, they brought 2 diet Pepsi's. LOL at the hubby ever drinking diet! Nope, that wasn't going to work at all. They went back to get the order right and I ended up with 2 glasses. Yep, that works for me.

P2250857 copy.jpg
P2250858 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, there are two ladies seated at the table right next to us. I hear this "thung, thung, thung" and I look over and one of the ladies has her fork hitting the top of her chocolate cake. She says "this thing is so hard that you can't even cut into it!" The other lady had the apple pie and said "I think mine is about a month old and so hard I need a knife". I ask if it was frozen and she said wasn't even cold or anything. They motioned the waiter to come over and showed him the "thung" of the fork and not being able to cut it. He actually said "What you want me to do? You want or you want me take away?" She said "Well since I can't even cut it because it's hard as a rock, I don't think I'm going to eat it." He took it away.


She turned to me and said "Whatever you do, don't order the apple pie." Oh great...that's what I ordered.


My pie came and...

P2250866 copy.jpg

Yep, you couldn't even cut it with a fork. The top was super hard and the inside wasn't your normally apple gooey goodness. It was stale hard. It was weird. The piece sticking out on the end would be the only piece I was able to get off of it and it didn't taste good. I believe I could have used it as a ball had I felt the need to bounce something. The hubby took the fork and thung, thung, thung, clunk it went on the pie that wasn't budging. Eww. What the heck is going on here tonight? I have never had food like this in the MDR. The hubby motioned the waiter over and ask what was going on with the desert tonight and also showed him the "thung" of the fork on the pie. The waiter said "You no want?" I believe the hubby said "Would you want?" He said "Me bring you nuther". No, no, no...this will be the second time I have witnessed this hard pie tonight. I do not want another!


Sakari played it safe cream.

P2250867 copy.jpg

After dinner, I made sure to tell the hubby I would probably require another "do-over" dinner later tonight since I didn't eat much.


We dropped Sakari off at the kids club, promising that we would be back to pick her up soon and she was going to the show with us... and then we headed to guessed


Obviously we did not do any good because I have no pictures from tonight...and I always snap a picture during the "explosion of coins" on the screen...even if it's only a few bucks. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. We are still way ahead and it wasted a little bit of time before the show we were waiting on.


We went back to the room prior to picking up Sakari...the hubby felt the need to use "our bathroom". When we got to the room, Rasfah met us in the hall. He would then inform me that they have not started on my laundry yet...there was an issue. He then proceeds to tell me that what I marked off on my tally sheet you turn in with the laundry was different than what they received...NOW HOLD UP...I KNOW FOR A FACT that my totals are correct. I added them up as I separated them, tallied again prior to putting in the bag and had them sorted on the bed and counted again as I put them in the bag. NO FRICKEN WAY!!! At this point, I bet my face was 3 shades of red with pissoffment...if that's even a word!


He went on to tell me the differences were:

I said 7 shorts-they received 3.

I said 2 dresses-they received 0.

I said 3 pants-they received 4.

I said 11 shirts-they received 1.


ARE YOU FRICKEN SERIOUS??? So you are trying to convince me that a bag that was completely stuffed (with folded clothes I might order to fit more) only had 8 items? Get the flark outta here dude! Ok, I'm pissed now and this doesn't happen often. :mad: I started yelling "WHERE'S MY STUFF????? I counted this sh*t 3 times before putting it in there! I know EXACTLY what I have in there and now you are telling me there's next to nothing in there??? You better find my stuff right away! It left my room in your possession with everything in there! Did the bag rip? I had something in the bottom of it that was a little damp." He said the bag did not rip.


This has been my biggest fear of ever sending my stuff off...getting lost. I had the ship tour of the laundry facility...I know how huge that place is and how much crap is all over the place. This was a scary thought! I'm steaming at this point.


Rasfah said "What you want me to do? Do you want them to clean what they have?" I said "I want you to fricken find my sh*t...ALL of it. It left here with it all in there and someone has lost it and I want it found!" Rasfah "So you don't want us to clean what we do have?" Me "FIND MY STUFF!!!" About then the hubby yells for me and said "You didn't put my green swimming trunks with the bottle opener in that bag did you?" I told him yes I did. He said "Well all the left over money you handed me from our day in Cozumel was in the velcro pocket on the side...I hope you got it out." Nope, sure didn't. I told Rasfah about this and he said "We find anything in pockets, we put in a bag and return with your clothes, no worries." Then his story changed to "You want me to bring your stuff back to you because if the numbers do not match up, we can not clean them." :eek: Seriously? You are now going to change up that part of the story??? I yelled "Bring my stuff back to me right now and someone better be finding all my stuff that's missing! I'm headed to a show right now and my stuff better be back here by the time I return!" I'm so pissed at this point I can't see straight. The hubby could hear me from the bathroom.


We picked up Sakari and headed to the show. I needed something to calm me down and some good entertainment would help. Tonight was the Elements show and we have seen this twice before...on the Dawn and the Star and it's an amazing show. We love it.

P2250869 copy.jpg

Tonight would not disappoint. The show was basically the same as we have seen on the other two ships. We only noticed a few differences and since we had the behind the scenes tour, knew that they were missing a few dancers and this would be the cause. It was funny because Sakari now has this show memorized and noticed the differences too. LOL Everything is getting repetitive on the ships...same shows, rotating the same entertainment. Sigh.


After the show we headed outside to check the weather and waves. I really wish this picture would have turned out good. There was this huge super bright spot on in the water where the moon was peeping down from above and was surrounded by clouds. It looked like a spotlight. But my poor little point and shoot camera just would not be able to zoom and capture just how bright it was.

P2250876 copy.jpg

When we arrived back at the room, there was a mouse peeping out from under the covers. I'm sorry, it reminded me of Rasfah, hiding from me, because he knew I was pissed.

P2250878 copy.jpg

My laundry was returned and sitting on the bed with my original receipt. I pulled out the clothes. I sorted them. I counted them. I compared to my receipt. EVERYTHING was there except 1 shirt. Are these people serious? My entire load of laundry is not going to get done now over 1 shirt AND of course...the 1 shirt that is missing should never be missing in the first place. What shirt do you think was missing?? Sakari's NCL shirt that was damp IN the very bottom of the bag! Remember, I specifically ask Rasfah if the bag riped and he said no. So there's NO WAY this item fell out. Also, do you think my hubbys money is still in his swimming trunks pocket? NOPE! Was there a bag in with the clothes containing anything they might have found in the clothing? NOPE!


I head down to Guest Services. It's time to complain. I explain the situation and they apologize. I throw in the "service" that I have had with Rasfah...and it was almost as if I didn't even say it. Just a simple "I'm sorry ma'am". Sigh. They said they would contact the supervisor about the missing shirt and the money. I described the shirt to them, color, what it said, full details. They ask me again the color...BLUE! He called laundry and they are looking for the shirt...What color was it again ma'am? Seriously??? They will call me in my room in about 15 minutes. I ask "What if they don't?" He said to call them back after about 1 hour if I hadn't heard from them. He ask me how much money was in the shorts. Honestly I have no idea and neither did the hubby. We X amount of dollars with us, we paid for taxi there, food/drinks, taxi back and that was it. I have no idea what was left...honestly. He told me to guess. I can't even make an educated guess at this point. I know I always factor in $20 for gifts at the port, but we didn't end up stopping for anything. I think we might have had less than $10 left over after paying for our food/drinks. I know it was less than $12 because we didn't have enough money to purchase the picture at Playa Palancar. I told them it might have been around $25 but I really couldn't say.


Back to the room I went where I would wait, and wait and wait. I attempted to get online...where the internet would once again fail to let me online from the computer. I was frustrated. The hubby knew it. He worked on the computer, reset some things, reset the phones and finally got the internet working. I was now going to kill some time trying to work on one of my papers while I awaited a phone call...that never happened.


I finally called them after a hour went by. They had not found my what color is it? Are you people serious??? I explained what it said again and it was BLUE! We spoke a few minutes more and he said they would continue to look for it and let me know tomorrow. There was no sign of the money. I was going to bed. It has not been the perfect day...being woke up at 6am, pools closed, board games aggravation, terrible dinner, clothes lost....ugh. I didn't even get to eat dinner again this night and would go to bed hungry. The family was already asleep and I didn't want to go out by myself.

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