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Mitsugirly BREAKAWAYs for a summer cruise: Review/Pictorial

Day 7: Cozumel, Mexico

Day 6 on the ship: COZUMEL  8-5pm


So...what to do here. We have been here so many times and done so many things so the search was on....


I REALLY wanted to do another dune buggy ride this cruise, because we had so much fun last time, and I found several great excursions for xrail to the caverns and knew that's what I wanted to do. After researching FOREVER...I found it to be a very difficult task to do, when cruising with NCL, from the port of Punta Langosta. Since it is the furthest port away, we would 1) be responsible for getting transportation and paying to get to the International port, then paying the excursion extra for the ride to their location, then paying for the excursion itself. OR 2) paying for a ride directly to the excursion site to meet up with everyone. The pricing just for all the transportation cost on top of the excursion just left a sour taste in my mouth about booking. I tried every solution and with the actual time involved in the excursion (both transportation and the riding portion then the time and the caves and back) I decided it just wasn't the thing for us. I was very disappointed that vendors there don't make it easier for those coming from the Punta Langosta port to do their excursion. Other vendors with different excursions provide the transportation, why couldn't they? Our other option was to use the cruise line and well, that just didn't seem to be worth it either. to find another excursion or place we hadn't been to yet.


After more research, I remembered a place that came up on the boards years ago: El Cielo sandbar with the starfish. I guess the only way to reach it, which is located at the end of the island, it by boat and is a marine park. I started researching several vendors that went there and came across one that was a family owned business, for 20 years, and their description of the tour and their customer service just sounded fantastic. They claimed they would never pack in customer on a boat and took around 12 customers per boat. They do mention they pick up customers from ANYWHERE...including all the ports and they have their ground transportation license (which vendors can no longer get now) and I knew this was who I wanted to go with.


I thought the price of their tour was pretty reasonable as well. Only $50 per adult and $40 for kids. (I don't know what the ages of the "kids" are supposed to be and would find out before we got on the boat and had to pay that Sakari, at age 11, was considered an adult 🙄).



This price included all transportation, beer/liquor, soda/bottled water, freshly made guacamole, open bar, chips and dip, freshly cut fruits, and all equipment needed.


The snorkel destinations would include Palancar Reef and Colombia Reef and El Cielo Sandbar.


The time of the tour was for 4-4 1/2 hours and after the tour, they took you to a resort which you could use their amenities such as showers and so on.


It sounded perfect and we booked.

P8120017 copy.jpg

We got up and headed to breakfast...

IMG_9918 copy.jpg

We were given instructions where to meet outside of the pier and that we needed to be there by 8:30 at the latest.

P8120018 copy.jpg

We got off and had our pictures taken

6955679 copy.jpg

Then we decided it was going to be an exhausting day of snorkeling and out in the sun so we should probably hitch a ride on one of the many bikes they use for transportation on the piers.

P8091397 copy.jpg

They fun began....


This guy had a horn that sounded like a clown horn. My husband started mocking it. Every time we would go by people, my husband would sound his horn. I tell ya by the time we made it to our destination, both Sakari and I were laughing so hard we both had tears coming down our face. It was so hilarious to watch peoples faces as we went by with this odd sounding noise coming from our cart. LOL

Only my crazy family would do this...:D

Like any other port, you would have to wind your way around and up and down and back and forth to get out of this port.

P8091399 copy.jpg
P8091401 copy.jpg
P8091404 copy.jpg

Our meeting place was to be between Hooters and Starbucks. Well, that was easy to spot and right there on the street as you come down the stairs.

P8091402 copy.jpg

The hubby immediately went in for coffee (Starbucks, not Hooters 😉) and we sat down outside. It was hot and muggy and started to look like it might rain. Thank goodness we were doing a water activity if so.


A lady that was sitting at one of the tables outside came up and ask our names and confirmed that we were with her and we were going to wait for others to arrive. It was 8:15am.


We waited and waited and no one was showing up. I decided to walk over to the store in the area to get some pop. Then BOOM....downpour! Well, I guess I wasn't going anywhere for the time being. Once the rain let up somewhat, I played hopscotch across the walkways, trying to avoid all the puddles and staying under some of the umbrellas they had in the area and then I may a run for it. Pop was purchased and all was good.


So 8:30am was our "meet by" time...and look at what time it was already....

P8091407 copy.jpg

By now, there was only one other family of 3 there. We waited even longer...then finally everyone showed up. I thought it was strange that we HAD to be there at 8:30 but it was over an hour past that and they still waited. I know they want their money and don't want to walk away but why punish those that show up when they are supposed to by making us wait almost 1 1/2 hours??? If it would have been my family late, with the luck we have, they would have left without us.


Finally everyone had showed I thought and the lady told us to follow her.

P8091406 copy.jpg

                     to all you latecomers that can't follow directions that made us wait out in the heat and rain!

Then down the street we went.

We kept walking down the street and I kept wondering where our van/taxi was only to see that it never came...

P8091408 copy.jpg

We went straight to the boat! Woo hoo

P8091409 copy.jpg

As soon as we all piled in, we were told we were waiting on another person. Seriously?


Then it started to rain again. Everyone started stripping off their clothes and sat in their bathing suits. This rain wasn't about to spoil our day.

P8091410 copy.jpg
P8091411 copy.jpg

The "other person" never showed up and we started pulling out.


This was a great opportunity to get pics of the ship as we passed by.

P8091413 copy.jpg
P8091414 copy.jpg
P8091416 copy.jpg

Now we are going to go up the coastline and it became a game with me to find each beach club we have visited in the past as we went by. It's a lot different to see them from an "ocean view" than while on land.


The first picture I took was of the Hotel Barracuda because we had planned on going around that area to hang out after this excursion (because the location of the resort they said they would be taking us to was next to the International pier and we planned on going back to our port and just walking over somewhere to find a place).

P8091417 copy.jpg

Our crew leader

P8091418 copy.jpg

They passed out drinks...their "soda". I decided on the pineapple and it was yummy. Now when you book, they tell you that they have pop and drinks along the way and ask if you have any request. I did put my request in for diet pop...but there was none to be seen. So, I guess putting in a request doesn't matter. 

P8091419 copy.jpg

First up on the tour, from the ocean view, is The Money Bar. We went here last time we were in Cozumel.

P8091420 copy.jpg

Next would be Chankanaab. I found this place to be a little different than the last time we were here. It looks like they've added on to it out in the water with a few large huts I don't remember. It's been several years since we have been here and so many things have changed (like adding the zip line, alligator pit and so on). It used to be my favorite place. We've been here twice. I'll have to return again some day and see if it still is.

P8091421 copy.jpg
P8091422 copy.jpg

Next up would be Paradise Beach Club. You could definitely tell from all the water toys. We had a great day there last time we were in Cozumel and highly recommend this place.

P8091423 copy.jpg
P8091425 copy.jpg

Playa Mia is just one of those places you will never mistake for another beach club. The high pointed circus tent looking huts just makes it undeniable that that's what this place is no matter what direction you are looking at it from.

P8091426 copy.jpg
P8091427 copy.jpg

Then was Mr Sanchos. They have quite a few water toys as well. 

P8091428 copy.jpg

Nachi Cocum...of course no water toys and all the adults seem to love this place. It's very beautiful there.

P8091429 copy.jpg

Meanwhile our guide was washing all the snorkels and getting the mask ready for everyone. Of course we brought our own mask but....gasp....I forgot the snorkel!!! Darnit! That meant I was going to have to use one of their CHEAP snorkels without the dry snorkel feature. Oh my word! How could I be so stupid! You would think that being in business for 20 years and generating this much money, they would at least upgrade their snorkels for a better experience for everyone. These things SUCKED!

P8091430 copy.jpg

We knew we were getting close when he started passing out mask, fins, and snorkels and my little mermaid morphed at that time.

P8091431 copy.jpg

Now I tried really hard to find Playa Palancar (another place we had been in the past) but couldn't locate it from the ocean. I knew we were close because we were snorkeling at Palancar.


During our ride there, I struck up a conversation with a family of 4. They were going diving that day with the same tour company as us. Wait what? This company also offers diving? I should have done that. The pit in my stomach knew I had made the wrong decision now. We started talking about discover scuba diving and the mom said she was just going along for the ride and wasn't diving this time but her husband and children (girl and boy twins I believe) were going to dive with dad. I was envious at this point.

We stopped and was told to stay close to the guide because the water was constantly moving. I knew from talking to previous divers on this board that it's a place (Cozumel) for drift diving. The guide would have a safety ring and we did not need to worry about getting away from the boat. The boat captain would keep a close eye on us and when we were done would come over to pick us up so we didn't have to struggle to get back to the boat. Now THAT'S my kinda snorkeling!


Anyone on here that has read my reviews or been in my "what to do this time around" snorkeling post knows I normally don't care for boat snorkeling. Boat snorkeling usually involves you being in deep water and in deep water, it's hard to get good pictures. You have to be up close to get the outstanding photos I usually get in the water. The greater the distance of the subject from the camera, the more off color and blurry it seems to be. I would get deep dark blue  pictures from snorkeling this way and it's just not appealing to me. I need to be up close to my subject but I was going to make the most of it.


So I AM WARNING YOU...THESE SNORKELING PICTURES SUCK!! BIG TIME! I'm so unhappy with them that my skin crawls. Just beware. I'm only sharing such icky pictures to try to attempt to show you this reef and just how much there is to see there. It's pretty amazing.


I jumped into the water first. I had asked if it was ok to "roll backwards" off the side and was told I should probably "sit" and plop in instead. Darnit. I really wanted to roll like you do when diving. It's so much fun.


As soon as I got in and looked down...

P8091434 copy.jpg

Now at first when I got home and seen these pics, I thought maybe I had my flash on and that was showing all the stuff in the water but I didn't. A lot of pictures had it in there and I know at some point I would have discovered the flash was on.


Sakari was already in the water and the hubby was preparing this plop grand entrance.

P8091435 copy.jpg
P8091436 copy.jpg

In he went...

P8091441 copy.jpg
P8091439 copy.jpg

But, the first thing I spotted was this....and I squealed with very first!

P8091443 copy.jpg

Do you see it? Yea I didn't think so because of all the crap floating in the water (and by crap I mean bubbles and microorganisms not actual crap) and being so high up from the "subject".



But soon the guide also seen it and started point it out to everyone.

P8091442 copy.jpg

I took a bunch of pictures...I was so excited. I even took a video of it swimming by...but Sakari and I watched the video about 30 times last night and I tried everything to figure out how to adjust the video so that you would easily see what we were seeing...but it just didn't work. So, I decided to chuck the video and not put you all through watching it 30 times like we did and probably still not finding it.


So, I opted to take one of my many pictures of it and zoom in really do you see it?

P8091443ray copy.jpg

I spotted my very first spotted eagle ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was amazing. Warmth came over me (and it wasn't from urinating...just saying). I was so excited and happy to have finally seen a spotted eagle ray! The grace and the beauty of it "floating" by was just amazing! Sakari had seen one and got pictures when we were in Bermuda last time and I was so upset that I hadn't got a chance to at least see one in person. I finally had my day!


My day was complete...even if I didn't see another fish the rest of the day!

Ok, on with the crappy pictures...

P8091447 copy.jpg

The reef was amazing as well and loaded with tons of fish, corals and sponges. It was just everywhere.


Then I spotted my mermaid zipping by...

P8091449 copy.jpg
P8091450 copy.jpg
P8091452 copy.jpg

I promise you there's probably tons of fish and neat things down just can't tell from these UNamazing photos.

P8091456 copy.jpg
P8091459 copy.jpg

I met up with the hubby and manged to get a decent picture of us holding hands and snorkeling....awww, well yea awww because we were close up and the pictures would come out right!

P8091462 copy.jpg

Sakari is a very jealous child. When the hubs and I hug or kiss, she immediately runs in between us and wants her lovin's. Well in the water, this is what she would do instead to get our attention...she's such a loving and passionate child.

P8091463 copy.jpg

More dark blue photos...who woulda thought?

P8091464 copy.jpg
P8091465 copy.jpg

Even in the water she won't keep her tongue in her mouth and wants to ruin my pics!

P8091480 copy.jpg
P8091476 copy.jpg

She acquired a nice tear in her fin and I guess this will mean that she wants yet another mermaid tail (child only has 6 of them after all but did try them all on prior to this cruise and has outgrown all but 2 😲 )



The reef really was nice and we seen a lot of things, but I obviously can't share them with you because of the quality of the pics. But it was pretty amazing and well worth a visit!


The entire snorkel lasted for around 30 minutes but it sure seemed longer for some reason. Maybe I just gave up taking pics at some point because the only thing I have to go by is the time stamp on all of my pics.

Here's a video of our first snorkeling session...We'll call it the mermaid snorkel because she was the life of the party that time around. I swear she's going to be a free diver some day and scare the crap outta me.

Back on the boat everyone was discussing what all they had seen. Not everyone had seen the spotted eagle ray I guess.


They passed around a tub of freshly sliced cantaloupe. It was so good and refreshing after that snorkel. The tub came around and around and around again. Everyone filled up and then handed Sakari the rest and she finished it all off.

P8091487 copy.jpg
P8091488 copy.jpg
P8091489 copy.jpg

I bet you are wondering how I ate cantaloupe with my mask and snorkel on huh? Well, this picture came as we pulled up to our next snorkeling destination spot.

P8091490 copy.jpg

Are you ready for some more blue pics? Can I get a "heck yea!" Show some enthusiasm. I know there bad but let's pretend they are not ok?

Up next was the next snorkeling spot. The guide said that this would be a better snorkeling spot for most because the water was not as deep and we would be closer to the coral. I was banking on that and hopeful that I might get better pictures.


Once again, no dropping off the boat backwards so when they wasn't looking, I jumped. LOL  I have more of a chance getting hurt trying to sit and throwing my fins over the edge and get into position to try to plop into the water than just going for it and jump I did.


Hubby decided he would follow my lead and stood up and jumped...

P8091491 copy.jpg

I noticed that he held the top of his snorkel as he jumped. Smart man. I wish I would have.

P8091492 copy.jpg

I don't know if they planned it this way but the first thing that caught your eye when getting in was this at the bottom of the ocean floor

P8091493 copy.jpg

I immediately starting seeing this....

P8091496 copy.jpg

Now I knew where our divers went to and I was green (or maybe I should say blue) with envy.

P8091497 copy.jpg

I was seriously beating myself up about not doing diving here. The hubby and went up in the water several times to conversate and we both kept saying "we should have went diving here too!" However, do you see the distance they are down there? This as hardly more "shallow" than the last place! More blue pics coming right up.

P8091499 copy.jpg

This would be my view a lot of the time....eating the bubbles of the divers that was rubbing it in that they were down there close to everything and I wasn't.

P8091503 copy.jpg

Ok, you guys have to know just how bad these dark blue pictures are bothering me being the perfectionist that I am with my photography pics. Well, everyone always ask me what type of correction or processing I do with all of my pictures to get them to look so good and well...I don't. I honestly don't know "how" to make bad pics look good. The only thing I do to my pics is resize, put my logo on it and then I have an "action" I have saved and I hit that button and it sharpens it for web and saves it for me.


So, when I get crappy pictures like this and they are so off in color...I have no idea how to make them look "decent" and have tried. I just suck at it I guess. But, there is a button that has "auto color" and "auto tone" and for the following pictures (a lot of them) I decided that I would try to hit one or both of those buttons to see if I could get ANYTHING out of these crappy pics. So, the colors are WAY off but some of them will at least allow you to see more of what's down there...hopefully. I warn you, they are still crappy! LOL

P8091504 copy.jpg

See there is a lot of sponge and coral down there!

P8091505 copy.jpg
P8091508 copy.jpg

I am now thinking that maybe I should have gave the camera to Sakari and have her take all the pictures since she was constantly diving down close. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

P8091509 copy.jpg

Still having to stare at the divers down there and all of their bubbles

P8091511 copy.jpg

The coral did seem to be getting closer to us though, so that was a good thing.


Can you just see all the bubbles and crap in the water? I wonder why it's like this? Because of the constant swift movement of the water in Cozumel?

P8091512 copy.jpg
P8091513 copy.jpg

There were a lot of little channels in this area and I kept day dreaming about the channel we dove in back in Roatan and wishing we were in these channels. They were so cool.

P8091515 copy.jpg
P8091516 copy.jpg
P8091518 copy.jpg
P8091519 copy.jpg

Well hello there big're kinda all up in my personal space don't ya think?

P8091520 copy.jpg

A large group of tangs

P8091521 copy.jpg

These Bermuda Chubs just don't care...they have no worries in the world and you don't scare them! They will follow right alongside of you everywhere you go.

P8091524 copy.jpg

I have a very memorable picture of a Bermuda Chub coming up out of the water and looking at Sakari right in the face when she was 3 years old at Chankanaab. I will never forget this day!


Yea, she wasn't so sure about it being all up in her personal space at the time either! LOL


 That group of tangs still hanging out down there beyond my reach

P8091526 copy.jpg
P8091528 copy.jpg
P8091531 copy.jpg
P8091532 copy.jpg
P8091534 copy.jpg
P8091535 copy.jpg
P8091540 copy.jpg

Then I spotted this....

P8091543 copy.jpg

Now I swear it looked like a remora to me. Flat surface on top with gills up there but the guide tried to say it was a no, no it's not.


 Then my favorite fish...a trigger. This is a niger trigger and they are so beautiful. I just love their fins on the top and how they swim. My trigger died in my tank.

P8091547 copy.jpg
P8091554 copy.jpg
P8091564 copy.jpg
P8091568 copy.jpg
P8091570 copy.jpg
P8091576 copy.jpg

Another niger trigger. They were everywhere here and I was loving it.

P8091580 copy.jpg
P8091582 copy.jpg
P8091583 copy.jpg
P8091585 copy.jpg

A whole lot of fishies

P8091589 copy.jpg
P8091590 copy.jpg

You can see when the coral getting closer to the surface because of the better picture quality.

P8091591 copy.jpg
P8091592 copy.jpg
P8091593 copy.jpg
P8091602 copy.jpg
P8091595 copy.jpg
P8091604 copy.jpg
P8091603 copy.jpg
P8091607 copy.jpg
P8091615 copy.jpg
P8091610 copy.jpg
P8091634 copy.jpg
P8091635 copy.jpg
P8091636 copy.jpg
P8091638 copy.jpg
P8091639 copy.jpg
P8091641 copy.jpg
P8091642 copy.jpg
P8091643 copy.jpg
P8091645 copy.jpg
P8091646 copy.jpg
P8091650 copy.jpg

A video of the second snorkeling spot...

This amazing snorkeling lasted for around another half hour or so and then we all piled into the boat again and we were off to the sandbar and looking forward to a little relaxation and seeing the starfish.

P8091652 copy.jpg

However, I would discover that the starfish and the sandbar were kinda 2 different things. We pulled up to an area, that was somewhat shallow but you couldn't stand in, and that was where the starfish are.

Sakari and I jumped out and the hubby said he was going to stay on the boat this time around.

Immediately there were starfish tons. Everywhere you looked you would see them. It was exactly like it was for us in Aruba at one of our favorite beaches.

P8091656 copy.jpg
P8091688 copy.jpg

I spotted a huge white trigger hanging out in the water. It was really big! I have never seen a white one before. I tried looking it up online and I couldn't find many pictures and what I did find said they are really rare???

P8091689 copy.jpg
P8091693 copy.jpg
P8091694 copy.jpg

Then we started seeing some stingrays

P8091697 copy.jpg

Here's my capture of the day (if only it were clearer)...a stingray, triggerfish and starfish all in the same picture.

P8091699 copy.jpg

Then a couple of rays off to another side.

P8091702 copy.jpg
P8091703 copy.jpg

Then back to the boat we went after about 20 minutes.

P8091704 copy.jpg

Here comes the sandbar

P8091706 copy.jpg

Oh, I wanted to mention that this company had these types of devices to wear during snorkeling. I absolutely LOVED them! I want one now! Better than trying to wear a snorkel vest and better than a life jacket. These went around your waist and worked great and wasn't bothersome. Anyone know what they are actually called?

P8091708 copy.jpg

There were already several boats here and people enjoying this area. But it was a huge area and plenty of room.

P8091709 copy.jpg
P8091712 copy.jpg


P8091713 copy.jpg
P8091715 copy.jpg
P8091716 copy.jpg

The sand was so soft and felt so good on your feet...and body. The guide mentioned the ??"type"?? of sand it was and stated that it was good for exfoliating your feet or whatever. I was dragging my feet around the sand because I sure could use it after our day walking around on the rough concrete in Costa Maya. I also decided to put it to the test and grabbed a handful and cleaned my rings with it. They actually did sparkle after that.

P8091719 copy.jpg

No clue what she's searching for but it's probably looking for some shells, which wasn't in this area.

P8091721 copy.jpg
P8091723 copy.jpg
P8091725 copy.jpg
P8091726 copy.jpg

I'm always the queen of flying/floating kids in my pictures at the even though we weren't on the beach, we decided to try some funny shots in the water. Sakari had a lot of fun and some of the facial expressions on some of the pictures I ended up with (some not shared on here) was hilarious and we had a good laugh at them last night when reviewing them for the first time.

P8091728 copy.jpg
P8091729 copy.jpg
P8091730 copy.jpg
P8091737 copy.jpg
P8091743 copy.jpg
P8091747 copy.jpg

We had a lot of fun doing them and Sakari was laughing so hard it took a bunch of tries just to get one of them in a certain pose. LOL

More huge triggers

P8091751 copy.jpg

Ah ha! I noticed my camera was on the wrong setting after one picture.

P8091752 copy.jpg

Here comes a stingray, right close to where Sakari is (to the left of the pic).

P8091755 copy.jpg
P8091757 copy.jpg

They were everywhere

P8091759 copy.jpg

Then our guide asked us if we wanted how he made margaritas was to use the Limonada drinks they brought with them, add tequila, and then shake them up. It was super yummy too!! I had my fair share of them.

P8091762 copy.jpg

The hubby has a few and then moved on to whatever type of beer they had brought along (I know it was not Modelo).

P8091764 copy.jpg

It doesn't get any better than this...soaking up the sun (that was now out), sitting on a sandbar in the ocean, and having a cold drink.

P8091767 copy.jpg

It wasn't too much longer that I noticed they were passing out food. Freshly made pica de gallo and guacamole that the captain had been making since we first arrived at this spot. It was SO GOOD! There was plenty of it and plenty enough for seconds...don't mind if I do. They cranked up the music and it was a blast.

P8091769 copy.jpg

When the guide was done with his food, he swooped the plate down into the water to clean it and the fish came swimming on a mad frenzy. The stingrays were interested as well.

P8091773 copy.jpg

I spotted a huge spotted trunk fish and wished that I was down in the water with it.

P8091775 copy.jpg

Titanic reenactment...

P8091777 copy.jpg
P8091778 copy.jpg

Now we were in this area for quite some time. They didn't rush us or anything. They just let us hang out, drink, eat, listen to music and watch the rays and fish. We were there from 12:45-2:10 so 1 hour and 25 minutes. It was awesome.

A small video of snorkeling with the starfish and rays and then the fish frenzy.

Off we went and headed back to the port

P8091780 copy.jpg
P8091782 copy.jpg
P8091784 copy.jpg

It was a long ride back, the same as getting there. This boat is not a speed boat. They go pretty slow. I don't know if it's because the boat is slow or because they are just taking their time enjoying the coast line. We had a blast. It is about 1 hour one way.


Coming up on the ships: Carnival Freedom, Carnival Miracle, RC Liberty of the Seas

P8091785 copy.jpg
P8091786 copy.jpg

Then the Breakaway and MSC Armonia

P8091787 copy.jpg
P8091789 copy.jpg
P8091791 copy.jpg
P8091792 copy.jpg
P8091793 copy.jpg

I have to say we had a wonderful day with a wonderful guide and captain. Although it's not my "thing" to do snorkeling from a boat (only because of the picture problems), it was well worth it and the reef was amazing! Hopefully we can go back some day and do the scuba diving there. The reef was beautiful and healthy and plenty of fish. It was more than what I had expected out of the reef and the drinks and food was delish! The sail along the coastline was a little slower than I'd like, but we enjoyed our time on the boat and conversation and the wonderful views of the shore and beaches we had been to in the past. I would highly recommend this excursion and this company. They were nothing but professional (other than the little bump in the beginning with having to wait so long to leave) and very pleasant. Our entire trip, from beginning to end, was around 5 1/2 hours. At least an hour over the estimated time (and I'm not including our waiting time, I'm only counting from the start of it until we walked off the dock). Definitely worth the money for sure. Also, the communication with this organization was top notch as well and multiple emails and questions answered prior to booking. They required a $18 deposit pp via paypal to book.

We did a little shopping in port and headed back to the ship.


These guys sure know how to put on a show and everyone was trying to figure how he was suspended in air. Sakari's by the pole going up his arm and around his body. She's such a smart cookie.

P8091798 copy.jpg

The coming back party is always grand for NCL with singing and dancing.

After returning to the ship...I bet you can all guess what transpired at this time....

After returning to the ship...I bet you can all guess what transpired at this time....

P8091802 copy.jpg
P8091803 copy.jpg

Yep, Sakari met up with her friends for more water time of course. Then her and Daniel took off to the water!

P8091805 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, the kids pool is always...2 days straight.

P8091801 copy.jpg

After pool time, we decided it was time for a REAL meal since we hadn't ate anything other than the chips, guac and pico.


It was none other than...Mexican night of course...since we were just in Mexico.

P4171808 copy.jpg

This Mexican coleslaw was the bomb! They also had Mexican Lasagna and it was totally awesome too! The hubby even went back for seconds. LOL

P4171809 copy.jpg
P4171810 copy.jpg

I'm always having to dig around something smothering my cheesecake. Can't they just offer plain cheesecake for us weirdos?

P4171811 copy.jpg

Now lets talk about this bread...oh em geeeeeee weeee!!! This was the best tasting bread I have ever encountered.

P4171812 copy.jpg

Mexian pan de muertos bread...or day of the dead bread! Soooo tasty! I think it has sugar on the top. I'm going to have to learn to make this sweet bread.

P4171813 copy.jpg

After dinner we wanted to catch a show. There was a magician/comedian guy and we were happy to see something different than the same old song and dance shows.

P4171814 copy.jpg

Jean Pierre Parent was his name and we had seen him before on another ship.

P4171815 copy.jpg

We laughed and he did tricks and jokes and he was good. He used a lot of people from the audience and it was basically the same show we had seen before many years ago (or either he was on another cruiseline and we seen him...I don't remember).


He pulled a lady up from the audience...only to find out she was in the audience at his last show and he had picked her that time too! LOL  He said "Well I guess I have a type" LOL  He only caught this because he ask her what she did and she said some type of engineer and her husband was a doctor. Oh, well I had someone earlier with the same thing...wait, are you the same person?


Then another segment he ask for other people in the audience. He ended up pulling a girl out of the audience...ask her what her name was, what she did (student in college), what her parents did (dad and lawyer mom stayed home) and what do you was the family of 4 we were on the boat with earlier in the day that was going scuba diving! LOL  Next kid they pulled from the audience...what is your name, what do your parents do (dad lawyer, mom lawyer) geesh....he was sure he needed to pick different people otherwise he would be sued by the end of the night.


I guess there are a lot of doctors and lawyers sailing on our cruise.



After the shows a lot of people got up and left and we were waiting for either end to get up to decide which way to go (we sat in the middle and this NEVER happens but Sakari insisted). Well all of a sudden they told us to WAIT...there's more...and people came out singing...oh geesh....then pictures started go up on the screen behind the singers....oh no not this....staff started coming out...and I'm looking for any slight movement from either end of our aisle that might indicate they were leaving at all (they were all standing). I had to stand there and endure this entire "show" that we were "allowed" to take all the pictures we wanted of.

P4171817 copy.jpg
P4171818 copy.jpg
P4171821 copy.jpg
P4171820 copy.jpg

At one point, I couldn't take it any longer and excused myself to go to the restroom and the family followed. We were free (but I really did have to potty). I don't like hanging out for these things. Yea, clap clap if you did a good job and made my trip enjoyable, but if you did, I was telling you and showing you and I don't need to know all this other song and dance. I'm well aware of the behind the scenes people and I can almost guarantee that all those workers on the stage would rather have a break, a nap or doing something else for the cruise line to show their appreciation to them other than putting on yet another show.

One thing Sakari had been looking forward to all day was the Glow Party. After the show she wanted to go back to the room to "get ready" for it (dressing up again in her white dress and heels). We went to the casino for a bit. I did pretty good and by good I mean stayed even and still had fun.

P4171822 copy.jpg

We went by the room to get Sakari and headed to the party.


So far so dead but hey we were able to get seats in the front row. 

P8091824 copy.jpg

They set up a table to paint glow faces and the line started to form. Sakari was 3rd in line...I know it's hard to tell these days since she's almost as tall as the adults in line.

P8091825 copy.jpg

Sakari was right up there and had her face being done. I couldn't wait to see what she got. I seen all kinds of cute little drawings and shapes on everyone's face.

P8091826 copy.jpg

She comes back with this....really? Just a few dots across the face? Did you tell them to do that because it resembles a S and bless your heart! 😉 She said no and just told them to do whatever and she was happy with it and that's all that mattered. 

P8091827 copy.jpg

Then the music started playing and people started coming. Sakari found some of her pool friends (actual girls this time) and was so excited and took off to the dance floor. How she is 11 years old and stomps her feet in these high heels dancing back and forth is beyond me (video below). I don't think I could have ever done it at that age!


Then a video starts with a countdown and then all the goodies go up and the party starts and it is crazy and crowded and I lost my child...for at least an hour or longer. I knew she was still on the dance floor because my seat was by the entrance/exit to it and she wasn't getting past that without me knowing.



I would finally decide it was time to sift the crowd for our kid and we ended up finding her and all her friends all the way up at the stage by the blasting speakers. If you read my last Breakaway review to Bermuda with'll remember Kendra laying Brayden right by the speakers to "SLEEP" while we were at this party and every dirty look known to every parent combined were given that night...including me giving mine. Those speakers brought back memories for sure. Embarrassing memories.

Daddy and I ended up dancing with Sakari and had a great night. Then we decided to head over to the bar for a drink and the hubby took his place at the bar stool and waited and waited and 20 minutes passed by. Sakari and I were waiting on the soft chairs behind him. I watched as everyone in the row was served and moved and others walk up and be served next...while he still waited. He's a quiet man but I could tell his temper was ready to explode. I watch the other side of him as 3-4 people line deep was served and still nothing from him. He moved from his spot over to another and was finally served. I watched the lady take his seat where he was...and the same thing happened to her. not sit at the bar in the middle beside the pole. You will not get served.


When he did get served...they gave him several drinks for us and a virgin for Sakari. She was happy, and tired, and her feet hurt. Imagine that.

P8101831 copy.jpg

Back to the room went went and it was around 1 or 2 am. I can't remember.

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