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Mitsugirly BREAKAWAYs for a summer cruise: Review/Pictorial

Day 3: Sea Day

DAY 2 on the ship: MONDAY: SEA DAY


I have come to really dislike sea days. I feel so bored on those days and if I could have a cruise with absolutely no sea days, that would be perfectly fine with me.


We headed to breakfast and I found the scrambled eggs to be runny at most stations. I grabbed what I could that didn't look to bad and hoped for the best. I also discovered that there seems to be a change in the bacon that was being used. I don't know what kind it is but I'll try to explain it. It wasn't your normal "strip" of bacon. It was the kind that has the big fat pieces of meat along it that is very "chewy"...which isn't good to me. I don't know if this is a cheaper type of bacon to buy or what but it was really hard to find good pieces. Most of the time it was in crumbles that you had to pick out and no strips.

P8050173 copy.jpg

The hubby stood in line at the omelette station because he said the regular eggs just didn't look good. Then Sakari discovered a station with pre-made omelettes. Every day seemed to be different: cheese omelettes, spinach and cheese, vegetable and so on. They were yummy!

P8050174 copy.jpg

After breakfast, Sakari couldn't wait to get back to the ropes course and insisted that mommy had to come.

P8050181 copy.jpg

Away we went...

P8050184 copy.jpg
P8050187 copy.jpg
P8050189 copy.jpg
P8050193 copy.jpg
P8050194 copy.jpg

I guess we would have to pose for daddy since no camera's seem to be working this cruise.

P8050197 copy.jpg
P8050198 copy.jpg
P8050199 copy.jpg

I really needed a drink after that...

P8050201 copy.jpg

So I had a discussion (on here) prior to the cruise about not being able to bring pop on the cruise now and what I could possibly do. It was suggested that I buy the bottled pop, that could be found in the game room, on the ship upstairs. I remembered that and referred back to my pictures from the breakaway and found this...

PA090265 copy-M.jpg

So we headed up to the game room and found this instead....

P8050202 copy.jpg

Completely empty!!! I was so disappointed!! Like you can't buy pop anywhere other than getting it from the bar. I mean at least on other cruise lines you can purchase pop to be delivered to your room. Expensive, but you can and I would have so that I would have some when I went to bed in the evening. Ugh!



So like I said, this ship was CROWDED!!! Then it being a sea day as well...there was no place to sit or swim at all. It was terrible.


Just a sea of people everywhere.

P8050204 copy.jpg
P8050205 copy.jpg

Then since there were so many people in the adult pools, we would notice that adults would start coming to the kids pool just to have room....which to me, isn't fair because everyone complains about the kids not being allowed in the adult pools so why should the adults be able to come to the kids pool if they have no kids?

P8050203 copy.jpg

It was so incredibly hot and humid out and there really wasn't anything to do other than swim we did. 

P8050208 copy.jpg
P8050211 copy.jpg

After awhile, we decided to get some lunch and headed to the buffet. I always love salads and seem to crave them even more when cruising...

P8050212 copy.jpg

I really didn't have much of an appetite so decided some fruit would hit the spot.

P8050213 copy.jpg

Actually, how about a liquid lunch instead?

P8050215 copy.jpg
P8050228 copy.jpg

Sakari wanted to go play a game of putt putt. At least there was somewhat of a breeze up there on this hot day.

P8050230 copy.jpg
P8050232 copy.jpg

Look at this cheater...blowing her ball in.

P8050233 copy.jpg

Time for some more liquid on this hot day

P8050229 copy.jpg
P8050234 copy.jpg

I almost forgot...the washy washy crew was entertaining during breakfast and were all over the place each morning.

Then that song that will stick with you the rest of the day and can't get it out of your head...

So it was getting late and we decided to go see if there was anything interesting at dinner. Sakari had went in for some ice cream and said they had it all dressed up with this display made out of food and an ice carving. So we had to go check it out.

P8050219 copy.jpg
P8050217 copy.jpg
P8050221 copy.jpg
P8050222 copy.jpg

Everything was so cute and all the food carvings were so neat.


I found the crape station and knew I had to have one. I wasn't really hungry, but figured I'd get one anyhow. On the way to find a table, I thought maybe a slice of pizza sounded good as well.

P8050223 copy.jpg

I had been checking my app to see if any of the specialty restaurants were available to book and they were not. So, I figured I'd go ahead and try to eat something here instead.


They had a pasta station and I decided maybe some pasta would do the trick...only after they made it for me, I discovered they only had tomato sauce and no Alfredo. I was pretty disappointed because I really only like Alfredo. The lemon rice looked good and I grabbed some of that too.

P8050224 copy.jpg

We had a seat in the aft section and we ate and watched the waves from the ship. I think I only took a few bites and was done and by the time I ate the hot food, my crape was melted together and wasn't really appealing either. Just nothing seemed good to me.

P8050226 copy.jpg

When there's nothing else to do...there's always swimming...per Sakari. It was back to the shark game and she had met some friends that she would hang out with almost the entire cruise. There was a dad and his son and then a bunch of other boys and Sakari. The dad would get the games going and the kids would have such a blast.

P8050235 copy.jpg

It was getting late and we decided to head back to Spice H2O and check things out. After 7pm, they allow children back there and we hadn't been back there yet. I wanted to check out the waterfall area...only to find that it was closed and roped off.

P8050227 copy.jpg

Then the screen started flashing this...

P8050238 copy.jpg

So I knew there was going to be a party. Sakari was excited about this and wanted to stay. She was able to get a non-alcoholic drink like mommy and daddy were drinking and she was super excited.

P8050240 copy.jpg

She took her straw and drew in her chocolate against the side of the cup....she was missing her dog Loki.

P8050241 copy.jpg

Then the party started and everyone was dancing.

P8050242 copy.jpg

Sakari has always loved to dance...I look back at her younger years of cruising and she was always dancing. However, over the last few years, she hasn't been much into it. She's going through that awkward preteen stage and is usually embarrassed about things like that now. But...with the help of this Fortnite game all the kids are playing (Sakari is not but knows about it) they have these dances they do at the end of the game (my understanding) and all the teens have learned these moves...Sakari is really into them and does them non-stop around the house or when there's music playing. LOL It has brought her out of her shell somewhat these days.


She couldn't wait to drag daddy out there for some moves...

P8060243 copy.jpg

Before long...mommy was drug out there too. She didn't want to stop at all. She was having a blast.

P8060247 copy.jpg
P8060252 copy.jpg

Here's a funny video of her trying to teach daddy the starts out with daddy's signature move of just holding hands and bobbing up and down, then a little dab, then Sakari breaks out into the Orange Justice, and then attempts to teach daddy how to "floss". LOL  She's hilarious but at least she's coming out of her shy shell she's been in for a few years now.

It was about 1am when I decided we needed to get back to the room and get to sleep since tomorrow would be a port day and we also had a time change where we set the hour up one hour.


Then we got to the room and noticed that we wasn't in port until 10am...thank goodness.

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