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The Natural Bridge is located between the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins and Andicuri Beach. There is free parking and no admission fee or set hours for visiting. However, there is a gift shop, food and restrooms on the premises and they did close at 5pm when we were there. There is also a huge mural on the building that you are able to take a picture of yourself against it.



The Natural Bridge was created by fierce waves and strong winds pounding the limestone cliffs along the north coast, which created several natural bridges. It was one of the largest, around 23 feet (7 meters) above sea level and 100 feet (30 meters) long, and most photographed natural bridge until it collapsed in 2005. The remains of the bridge are still there and there is a smaller version, "Baby Bridge", there as well.

On the way there, the roads get kind of bumpy. We had a car and was able to make it, but had to go extremely slow in certain places.


The ocean is very fierce on this side of the island and the water was crashing onto the rocks on land making huge splashes.

Even though the bigger Natural Bridge is no longer there, you can still see the remains of it. The Baby Bridge is beautiful and I did see people walking out onto it. However, I did not feel safe walking out there with my child and decided we would stay behind the fence on the other side.

Here is the store on the premises.

Also the huge mural that you can have your picture taken in front of what used to be the Natural Bridge before it collapsed.

More rock stacking going on and Sakari wanted to join in. She always has to have a spot up high.

If you stand here long enough...the water will get you!

It is definitely a beautiful site to see how mother nature can make sure beautiful creations. It's definitely worth a visit. To get there, you will go down a very bumpy dirt/sand road. Tours can take you here or you can do it on your own. If going by car, you'll want to take it nice and slow.

There are a lot of great picture opportunities along the way of other rocks cut out and waves crashing into them.

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