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We hung out at Boca Catalina this afternoon and then our friends we met there, and had been hanging out with at the beaches, had reservations at Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant. They invited us to join them and changed the reservations for 7pm and off we went.

Moomba is located right by the Paseo Herencia Mall (or down the street) at Palm Beach.



This was a huge place with what they considered "indoor" and "outdoor" seating...only all of it was outdoor because the indoor was only under a huge palapa. We arrived and were quickly seated "indoor". The pricing on the menu is in line with most of the beach restaurants (a little pricey) and I decided to go with the buffet, which I believe was around $29.00 and compared to some of the other dinners we had ate throughout the week that cost a few bucks less than this for small portions, I thought this was a great deal. They had a cook at the buffet that was keeping everything fresh and filled. The food was decent, not as good as the bbq we had at Smokey Joe's earlier in the week, but decent. I got to try my first grouper here and it was pretty good.



The service was good and we spent some time just talking with our friends and discussing our days since we've been there.



Then we headed out to the beach to hang out for a little while longer and talk some more. The kids played on the beach and at the shore line and us adults just talked and had a good time.


To me, the beach looked pretty small and I imagine it can get crowded during the day, unless only those staying in that area on the beach come here. By the time we left, this place was PACKED!! They had a live band playing and people were dancing and drinking and it was a little crazy. They did have security on the premises. Crazy is not really my "thing" so we headed out after a few more pictures.


I don't think this is a place I will be returning to, either for the food or for the beach. Just not my thing, too crowded, and small beach area (at least where we were). Maybe it wouldn't be as bad during the day. I wouldn't mind seeing the beach during the day just to see what it is like.




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