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After snorkeling most of the area and pretty far down at Mangel Halto, we decided to pack up our things and drive on further down. I wanted to check out this area (which is still a part of Mangel Halto I would think).


Since this area along the street is basically a cliff and you need a way to get down to the water, we manage to find some type of building that had steps and a platform to get down to the water.





Off I went snorkeling. The area had a few things here and there, but nothing really too impressive.





I found some really pretty "feather dusters", which are actually worms. They were red striped and very unique compared to the ones you usually see.





We really didn't stay here for too long. There wasn't much to see and we wanted to move on and see other places. But it's probably not really an area I would try to come back to and snorkel again.





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