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I'm really confused about this particular area. I tried to do research on it prior to coming to Aruba and thought I had it all figured out. I seen on google earth there is a place called "Malmok Beach" and were told we would be scuba diving at Malmok.

We were beach hoping along this coast and I pulled over to check this area out. It was a very rocky shore line and I only seen one or two entrances to get down into the water, which was also rocky as well getting down there. I got out to take some pictures and found a scuba diving couple that was gearing up and walking down into the water. I stopped to talk to them and they confirmed that this was indeed Malmok. They said it was an awesome place to dive (and snorkel) but made a comment about there's usually so many snorkelers here that it makes diving a task and they didn't like coming when there were snorkelers here. I'm not sure why there wasn't anyone here this day. They were the only ones but there was a boat off in the distance. I didn't see anyone snorkeling out by the boat. Maybe they were scuba divers already down under the water. I knew that our dive company we hired for our Discover Scuba had said we were going to "Malmok" to dive. I figured this was the place. I decided not to stay here since these particular people expressed their dislike of snorkelers and since we would be diving here, I'd get to see it the "good" way anyhow. I only stopped long enough to take some pictures and then we were off again.

***However, when we went diving, this is NOT the place they took us to. We went to Tres Trapi instead. So, I did hear others mention that "Malmok" is the area and not necessarily the name of the beach. Maybe I was confused even though it list Malmok as a beach on the maps. I never did get to snorkel this area and I'm pretty darn sure that this would be an amazing place from the looks of it. Next time I come back, I'll definitely be coming here, scuba divers or not!***



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