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I Belize in MAGIC! MITSUGIRLY revisits the Western Route. My Novel.

Ship pic tutorial 

I start from the lowest deck and work my way up to the top. Sometimes I do miss things or forget that I haven't taken a picture of a place and this time would not be an exception to that rule. Sorry.


DECK 3: Lobby


The atrium area. Probably the most photographed area of any ship and I would not be the exception to that rule.

PB110131 copy.jpg
PB110130 copy.jpg
PB110190 copy.jpg
PB110141 copy.jpg
PB110193 copy.jpg
PB141302 copy.jpg
PB141303 copy.jpg
PB141307 copy.jpg
PB141304 copy.jpg
PB141309 copy.jpg
PB141312 copy.jpg

Guest Services, which I never had the pleasure of meeting I'm happy to say.

PB141313 copy.jpg
PB141316 copy.jpg
PB141315 copy.jpg
PB141314 copy.jpg
PB141317 copy.jpg

Have you noticed there's A LOT of green on this ship?

PB141325 copy.jpg
PB141341 copy.jpg

I told ya, it's goes on and on and on...

PB141324 copy.jpg
PB141324 copy.jpg
PB141469 copy.jpg

Northern Lights MDR

PB141318 copy.jpg
PB141468 copy.jpg
PB141319 copy.jpg
PB141327 copy.jpg
PB141326 copy.jpg
PB141328 copy.jpg

And one last picture of the Northern Light MDR...They had the whale tail etched in the glass doors.

PB141329 copy.jpg

And one last picture of the Northern Light MDR...They had the whale tail etched in the glass doors.

PB110165 copy.jpg
PB110137 copy.jpg
PB110135 copy.jpg
PB110138 copy.jpg
PB110139 copy.jpg

Southern Lights MDR:

PB141434 copy.jpg
PB141438 copy.jpg
PB141439 copy.jpg
PB141437 copy.jpg
PB141436 copy.jpg
PB141440 copy.jpg
PB141435 copy.jpg



Books & Games:

PB141336 copy.jpg
PB141338 copy.jpg
PB141337 copy.jpg

Circle C:

PB141455 copy.jpg
PB141456 copy.jpg
PB141454 copy.jpg
PB141457 copy.jpg
PB141459 copy.jpg
PB141458 copy.jpg
PB141460 copy.jpg
PB141461 copy.jpg

Club 02:

PB141448 copy.jpg
PB141449 copy.jpg
PB141441 copy.jpg
PB141447 copy.jpg
PB141450 copy.jpg
PB141442 copy.jpg
PB141443 copy.jpg
PB141444 copy.jpg
PB141446 copy.jpg
PB141445 copy.jpg

Conference Center/Art Room Storage/Auction:

PB141464 copy.jpg
PB141465 copy.jpg

These are 2 of Sakari's favorite pictures on the ship. They were 3D and I told her how I used to create pictures like this when I was little. My mom would go to the store and buy wrapping paper (usually something with animals on it or Hobbie Girl) and we would pick a pattern and cut them out. Over and over again. Then use this special rubber silicone glue and glue them on top of each other, creating different layers to make it 3D. Sakari loved that idea and wants to do this with me. I hope I can find a good pattern with something to use and we can do this together. We've been pretty crafty/artsy lately.

PB141467 copy.jpg
PB141466 copy.jpg

Escape Bar:

PB141331 copy.jpg
PB141332 copy.jpg
PB141334 copy.jpg
PB141330 copy.jpg
PB141333 copy.jpg
PB141335 copy.jpg

DECK 5: Promenade


The shops:

PB141347 copy.jpg
PB141348 copy.jpg
PB141346 copy.jpg
PB141349 copy.jpg
PB141350 copy.jpg
PB141351 copy.jpg

Hot Shots

PB141352 copy.jpg
PB141353 copy.jpg
PB141354 copy.jpg
PB141356 copy.jpg
PB141355 copy.jpg
PB110140 copy.jpg
PB141344 copy.jpg
PB141345 copy.jpg

Pixels: They seem to be doing a lot of renovations while we were on.

PB141340 copy.jpg
PB141339 copy.jpg

Let's go back to deck 4. I forgot THE WAREHOUSE, which is a game room, is located on this deck but for some reason Carnival doesn't list it as a place on their website (although it is on the blue prints).

PB152026 copy.jpg
PB152027 copy.jpg
PB152028 copy.jpg
PB152029 copy.jpg
PB152030 copy.jpg
PB152031 copy.jpg
PB152032 copy.jpg
PB152033 copy.jpg
PB152034 copy.jpg
PB152019 copy.jpg
PB152020 copy.jpg
PB152021 copy.jpg
PB152022 copy.jpg
PB152023 copy.jpg
PB152025 copy.jpg

Ok, back to deck 5.



PB110209 copy.jpg
PB110211 copy.jpg
PB110204 copy.jpg
PB110206 copy.jpg
PB110202 copy.jpg
PB110210 copy.jpg
PB110203 copy.jpg
PB110205 copy.jpg
PB110208 copy.jpg

Now I believe this might be the "future cruise desk" but I'm not 100% sure. I never did see anyone sitting here or people around this area and I didn't even notice what it was until...actually the day we were walking off the ship. I don't even remember hearing any announcements saying to come here to book a cruise like they normally do. Maybe they didn't have a rep there that week?

IMG_2581 copy.jpg

Now on to one of my favorite places, of course, the CASINO.

PB141357 copy.jpg
PB110142 copy.jpg
PB141358 copy.jpg
PB141360 copy.jpg
PB141363 copy.jpg
PB141359 copy.jpg
PB141361 copy.jpg
PB141362 copy.jpg
PB141364 copy.jpg

I have to say that almost every cruise I seem to do fairly well and by well I mean walking out with more than I came in with for the entire cruise. I don't care if it's $20 or $200. Walking out with more than you came there with and played and had fun all week doing so is winning in my book.


However, this cruise would be different. I actually lost a total of $200 in the casino during the week (and we play every night). But, we had fun doing it.


There were a few games that no matter when I played them, they treated me well, hit the extra spins and free games and kept me playing for quite some time (like sometimes an hour!).


These are two of the games (BLACK WIDOW AND DAKOTA).

PB141367 copy.jpg

There was another BLACK WIDOW game that is located right in front of the bar in the "smoking" section with tables and it also did very well.

PB141365 copy.jpg

Wow those eyes look evil.

PB141369 copy.jpg
PB141370 copy.jpg

These are some others that did pretty well and everyone seemed to want to play these and would jump on them as soon as they could. Heidi was always hitting the free spins and giving away her "free beer", which was money. It was a lot of fun.

PB141371 copy.jpg
PB141372 copy.jpg
PB141373 copy.jpg

This Hot Shot game is one of the first games I had ever played and gambled on with the hubby back years ago. The hubby and I went on a short land vacation in Canada and there was a casino down the street that had several of these. They would hit over and over and I loved playing them. Well, these days you always see the updated version of Hot Shot and never the "original". Well, these are some of the originals, so they must be pretty old. They were fun playing, but didn't hit anything worth mentioning. They just brought back some old memories of when the hubby first met.

PB141374 copy.jpg
PB141375 copy.jpg
PB141376 copy.jpg
PB141377 copy.jpg

The hubby loves the Panda game everywhere we go. It did not treat him well on this cruise.

PB141378 copy.jpg
PB141381 copy.jpg
PB141382 copy.jpg
PB141384 copy.jpg
PB141379 copy.jpg
PB141380 copy.jpg
PB141383 copy.jpg
PB141385 copy.jpg

The Ocean Plaza area

PB141387 copy.jpg

Another Pixels Gallery area. It's not working, but looks like they are making improvements on obtaining your pictures.

PB141386 copy.jpg

Plaza Cafe & Coffee area

PB141388 copy.jpg

Lanai area and hot tub

PB141389 copy.jpg
PB141413 copy.jpg

Pig & Anchor is located outside and only open during certain days of the week (sea days). It's always a popular place and you will encounter a line since they are hardly open during the cruise.

PB141414 copy.jpg
PB141415 copy.jpg
PB141416 copy.jpg
PB141417 copy.jpg
PB141418 copy.jpg

Play It Again Piano Bar:

PB141422 copy.jpg
PB141423 copy.jpg
PB141420 copy.jpg
PB141421 copy.jpg

Prime Steakhouse:

PB141424 copy.jpg
PB141427 copy.jpg
PB141425 copy.jpg
PB141426 copy.jpg

Red Frog Pub

PB141397 copy.jpg
PB141398 copy.jpg
PB141399 copy.jpg
PB141401 copy.jpg

They had quite a few Ohio plates hanging up there.

PB141400 copy.jpg
PB141402 copy.jpg
PB141395 copy.jpg
PB141396 copy.jpg
PB141394 copy.jpg
PB141405 copy.jpg

Spotlight Lounge

PB141432 copy.jpg
PB141430 copy.jpg
PB120315 copy.jpg
PB141428 copy.jpg
PB141429 copy.jpg
PB141431 copy.jpg

Vibe Dance Club

PB141412 copy.jpg
PB141407 copy.jpg
PB141406 copy.jpg
PB141408 copy.jpg
PB141409 copy.jpg
PB141410 copy.jpg
PB141411 copy.jpg



Beach Pool

PB141476 copy.jpg
PB110196 copy.jpg
PB110195 copy.jpg

Blue Iguana Cantina:

PB141474 copy.jpg
PB141473 copy.jpg

And the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar

PB141485 copy.jpg
PB141472 copy.jpg

On the opposite side is GUYS BURGERS

PB152039 copy.jpg
PB152036 copy.jpg
PB152038 copy.jpg
PB152037 copy.jpg
PB141484 copy.jpg

And the Red Frog Rum Bar

Right inside the hall, before heading out to the pool area, you will find another Fun Hub (they seem to be everywhere).

PB141470 copy.jpg
PB110194 copy.jpg

The Lido Marketplace and 24 hour deli. Where the sandwiches are now premade and sitting on the shelf.

PB130855 copy.jpg
PB130857 copy.jpg

On the back of the ship you'll find another pool (TIDES POOL) and also a few hot tubs.

PB120307 copy.jpg
PB120308 copy.jpg

DECK 11: Panorama



PB130858 copy.jpg