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I Belize in MAGIC! MITSUGIRLY revisits the Western Route. My Novel.

Day 8: Sea Day

Day 7 on the ship and the last day on the ship...sea day

PB190032 copy.jpg
PB190033 copy.jpg

It was my day to sleep in. No plans, no appointments, no ports to get up for. My internal clock had me up at 9:20am. Grrr. Kendra called me within minutes of me waking up to say that she was going to the Dr Seuss breakfast. We hadn't signed up for it and we have been so many times but I knew that Sakari mentioned that she wanted to go and I knew that Kam would enjoy it. But still, we didn't sign up.


Kendra said she did a "walk-in", which I didn't know that you could do. I told her I would meet her down there and we hurried and got dressed and off we went.


Sakari would leave another friendship rock out along the way.

IMG_2526 copy.jpg

We found her and was immediately seated with just our family.

PB170222 copy.jpg

They gave us the menu and I just love how they describe everything on the menu. It's so cute and they make it look like a Dr Seuss book.

PB170223 copy.jpg
PB170224 copy.jpg

They also pass out mini-books to the kids with activities inside and an autograph page on the back.

PB190005 copy.jpg

Only this time would be the first time they did not do autographs like before. I wonder why.


Half melted some-what-of-a Cat in the Hat head.

Pictures because I needed a picture of every prop...just because.

PB170262 copy.jpg
PB170263 copy.jpg
PB170264 copy.jpg
PB170272 copy-L.jpg
PB170268 copy.jpg
PB170265 copy.jpg

For some reason they had already came around and passed out the deserts prior to us arriving. Like before the meal...which is odd. We never did get one but I didn't bother to ask about it either because I was full by the end of the meal.

PB170226 copy.jpg

Sakari and her green eggs & ham.

IMG_2527 copy.jpg
PB170235 copy.jpg

This was my sugary goodness for the morning. That should wake me up and get me going. I never really realized what these were for with the red and blue dots. I just thought it was a way of decorating them. However, a friend pointed out they were tic tac toe.

IMG_2528 copy.jpg

Kam played it safe with cereal

PB170228 copy.jpg
PB170236 copy.jpg

Hubby always plays it safe too with "regular people food".

PB170239 copy.jpg

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are always the first to arrive.

PB170242 copy.jpg

I have noticed that they have gotten sillier over the years and to the point they are a little rowdy as well...especially this time.

PB170243 copy.jpg

Thing 1 was a little out of control playing with food and dishes and banging the forks on plates.

PB170246 copy.jpg

Feeding the hubby:

And their pictures they took of us.

23825722_10213609809013334_1083890356_o copy.jpg
PB190047 copy.jpg

Kendra and B

PB190049 copy.jpg

Then the Cat in the Hat came out. His hat is always so tall that he can't fit under the ceiling where a lot of the tables are. So, they had the kids come out to him.

PB170254 copy.jpg
23798092_10213609810333367_1561081120_o copy.jpg
PB190046 copy.jpg

Sam I Am is always the last to arrive and they make a big deal of it with a song and dance.

PB170260 copy.jpg
PB190048 copy.jpg

The entire experience last maybe an hour and it cost $5 per person.


After we were done, we would decide to do a little more shopping (which is when I actually bought the tees for 2/$20) and we wanted to go get our folder of pictures and purchase them early so we didn't have to fight the battle of the lines for the last minute.


Coming out of the MDR from the Dr Seuss breakfast, Sakari would decide to leave another friendship rock at the bar in the center of the atrium. We had B with us this time and he thought it was going to be cute to try to go behind Sakari and keep the rocks. We moved them so many times trying to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't take them. I was ready to hand out spankings by the end of our rock "hiding".

PB170271 copy.jpg

I would end up going to the gift shop and buying one of our items Sakari collects on each official hanging ship ornament of the ship we were on.

PB190058 copy.jpg

She has quite a collection going on at this point. They are all proudly displayed on her dresser and at Christmas time, she hangs them all on her tree in her room.


Here's all the ships she has sailed on.

PB190060 copy.jpg

We came out of the gift shop and I noticed B was missing. Don't you know that I spotted him down the stairs and in the atrium trying to get the rock. I tell ya that boy! Some things never change. I can't ever imagine Sakari doing something like that.

I ended up purchasing 14 pictures for $188 and ended up with several free gifts. I needed one more picture in order to get the free "scrapbook" gift. So, that meant waiting on the Dr Seuss pictures to get processed.


We took the kids to the kids club and Kam refused to go this time. We needed to find a computer in order to sign in Kendra and family for their air flight the following day.


We noticed this on the way down stairs.

PB170282 copy.jpg

Hmm, we'd have to check that out later and see what they were doing.


We hung out on lido for awhile and had a few drinks until it was time to pick up the kids. We had to pick them up early due to having to sign Kendra in on Southwest.


At 2:30 we picked them up, went to find a computer. We both got signed in and then at 3:00pm...this happened...ARE YOU SERIOUS?

PB170284 copy.jpg

Rebooting and system maintenance is happening now??? Like right this very moment? Her sign in time was 3:05pm. Oh geesh.


Please wait...

PB170283 copy.jpg

Thank goodness they came up 3 minutes later and we rushed to get back onto the Southwest website, signed on, entered confirmation numbers and ready to hit the check-in button. Whew! Accomplished.


Sakari would leave another friendship rock at the computers.

PB170273 copy.jpg

We headed back upstairs to check out the "balloon station".


You blow up your balloon and write something on it (such as what you enjoyed most about your cruise, favorite port or whatever).

PB170289 copy.jpg
PB170296 copy.jpg

We all had our own designs and of course Sakari wold draw a picture on hers. Kam was busy with her own creation.

PB170303 copy.jpg
PB170302 copy.jpg
PB170297 copy.jpg
PB170308 copy.jpg

Billy joined in on the fun.

PB170320 copy.jpg
PB170291 copy.jpg
PB170301 copy.jpg

Then once you were done, you put your balloon over the railing and onto the net for a party tonight.

PB170286 copy.jpg

We (as in Kendra and I) decided the guys would take the munchkins to the pool while us girls would head back to the rooms to get some packing done.

IMG_2514 copy.jpg

I was almost done with packing when Kendra called to say that she was "over-heated" from all this packing and had to get out of the room for awhile and we needed to meet up at the shopping area because they were having some "sales".


We met up and did a little more shopping and then picked out our Seuss pictures, our free gifts, and then took them back to the room to finish packing.


Once we were done, we headed back up on deck to check in with the kids. There wasn't a lot of people left in the pool.

PB170323 copy.jpg

And it looked as if papaw was babysitting.

PB170325 copy.jpg

We hung out until around 5:30pm and decided we needed to eat lunch. We had been so busy that we hadn't even thought about eating until now. There were two choices that Billy and Kendra wanted. They did not get to eat at the Italian restaurant and Billy LOVES Italian. But, we had already ate there. The other choice was to go to Pig & Anchor to eat, which none of us had done yet. So, I made the executive decision that this is where we were going!


The line was HUGE as you walk out the door. However, someone that had their food and was coming our way whispered "the other side has a very short line" and walked away. I went over to check and sure enough, the line on the other side only had a few people in it. We all raced to that side and was up at the counter in no time.

PB170279 copy.jpg
PB170280 copy.jpg

We ate here on our Breeze cruise (before it was called Pig & Anchor) and it was so yummy.


There wasn't many places to sit down outside so we opted to go inside and there was plenty of seating in Ocean Plaza (I think is the name).

PB170281 copy.jpg

So here is where the excitement of a bbq meal ended. Like was NOT good. The mac and cheese was cold. The chicken was cold and the sausage was a little tough. I'm not too picky of an eater (other than steak and chocolate) but this was just not satisfying. This was also the census of those around us at other tables. I overheard a family at another table say their food was cold and didn't taste good. I had the family next to us say "Is your meal cold too?". I seen several people get up and walk away from their uneaten food. What the heck has happened to this great food they had on the Breeze? We were really disappointed and wishing that we would have just went back to the Italian restaurant because we knew it was good. The only problem was, they were closed now.


I thought the sun setting made the clouds such a beautiful pink color on the tips.

PB170331 copy.jpg
PB170330 copy.jpg

So we were still hungry since we really didn't eat our bbq and decided a few hours later to head up to the buffet for dinner.

PB170350 copy.jpg

I think I over compensated for no lunch.

PB170351 copy.jpg

Sakari would leave another friendship rock.

PB170269 copy.jpg

We decided that we would hang out on the pool deck and watch movies tonight. They were playing a version of CARS that I had never seen (nor did I even know they had another version).

PB170352 copy.jpg

I went to get the movie blankets and some popcorn.

PB170354 copy.jpg

We tried to pick a spot with the least amount of air blowing. It was pretty chilly out tonight.


I also went and got my free drink from the bar. Yummy!

PB170355 copy.jpg

Kendra decided to forgo the movies and try again for family pictures. We had passed by one of the areas that had a beach scene and they had a cute little dock and she thought maybe this would entice Kam to cooperate for pictures.

23768873_10213609777812554_1670163876_o copy.jpg
23825469_10213609776732527_296437061_o copy.jpg

At first it was a go! She was liking it.

23798074_10213609783452695_135193774_o copy.jpg
23798302_10213609784212714_12310300_o copy.jpg

The lady kept trying to place Kam's hand over top of her cover up her kids club bracelet. Well, that didn't go over well with her. Kendra jumped in to save the day.

23768665_10213609786092761_1334464505_o copy.jpg
23825643_10213609781812654_291388382_o copy.jpg
23770392_10213609779812604_102346502_o copy.jpg

I think they pulled off some pretty good pictures for Kendra saying Kam just wouldn't cooperate.

Meanwhile our movie was ending and we raced to get to the atrium for the party. Everyone was gathered.

PB170358 copy.jpg

The captain of the ship made an announcement and also informed us that no one was driving the ship at this time.


Then the music started playing and the balloons started falling...

We eventually found our balloons we had made.

PB170361 copy.jpg
PB170362 copy.jpg
PB170364 copy.jpg
PB170366 copy.jpg
PB170363 copy.jpg

Shortly after the balloons fell, this crazy lady sat on the floor with a pen and just frantically stabbed all the balloons she could find as people looked on like she was nuts. Either she had a lot of frustration to get out, seen her final Sail & Sign bill, or in a former life was an ax murderer. Look at the guy on the bar stool. LOL

The dance floor was left with a lot of empty balloons.


We danced and danced and had a great time.


The party was over shortly after it began and we raced back to the room to put our luggage out. I learned my lesson on the last cruise and didn't make it back to the room to put everything out in time and I wasn't about to drag my luggage around with me all morning again.


We then headed back out to the pool deck for the second movie...MINIONS! (Despicable Me 3)

PB170379 copy.jpg

Kendra reminded me that if I had any money left on my casino card, I needed to have it cashed out tonight. I was pretty sure that I didn't and the more I thought about it, the more I thought there was a slight chance that I had won a jackpot and completely forgot about it. I just had to know so I raced off to the casino to check it. Yep, big winner I was this cruise...there was an entire .36 left on there. Hmm, I think I'll be generous and donate it. Keep the change.


We all headed back to the room and then we would discover that when the hubby changed out of his shorts and into his pants...he forgot to pull his s&s card out of the pocket. Guess where that pocket was? It was packed in the luggage that was taken away hours ago. Guess who's going down to customer service to stand in the long line of people who want to remove their daily service charges the night before the cruise ends? I'll give you a wasn't me!


Our towel ?animal? for the night...

PB170275 copy.jpg

Sakari was really missing her dog and decided that was the picture of the night.

PB180393 copy.jpg

We ate some pringles, or should I say we wore some pringles, and off to bed we went around midnight.

IMG_2525 copy.jpg
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