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I Belize in MAGIC! MITSUGIRLY revisits the Western Route. My Novel.

Day 2: Getting on the ship, ship picture tour and our first day on board

So like I said, I was up at 6:30am thanks to B setting this alarm on the nightstand.


I allowed everyone to sleep in a little longer and then it was time to wake the crowd. If momma can't sleep, others shouldn't be allowed either right?


Everyone was up and getting ready and it started........the rain. Ugh! I just knew it. I had been checking the weather faithfully, prior to leaving for the cruise, and it said rain all week. Rain in Florida, thunderstorms every day in port, rain when we returned. Rain, rain, rain and raining it was. Just great!


By the time everyone was almost ready, I looked outside and seen this:

PB110094 copy.jpg

I was really hoping this was a good sign of the cruise to come.

PB110096 copy.jpg

I know the Caribbean can get rain...sometimes daily, and it never last very long. However, this wasn't a forecast for just rain or was THUNDERSTORMS in the forecast. Ugh! Well we had just experienced our first rain and on the day of embarkation. Just great.


I was hungry and had heard people mention there was a restaurant next door called Zachary's. I looked them up online and seen that they served breakfast and I gathered my clan and we headed next door.

PB110101 copy.jpg

When we arrived, there was an older woman that passed by us a few times without acknowledgement. She finally came back after we had been standing there awhile and said to "come this way" only to tell us to "hold on". She's in the picture rearranging the items on the table. It was already cleaned, so no clue why she felt the need to arrange it. As you can tell, it wasn't very busy.

PB110097 copy.jpg

It took us forever to actually be seated. It was odd and she was somewhat rude with her comments and attitude/voice. I'm not sure why.


Billy wanted lunch, but she said "no lunch, we are serving breakfast". We ordered our breakfast and then noticed a couple sitting that came about 10 minutes after we did and they....were....eating....lunch! Um, ok.


Now on to our food. It took awhile before it came out and when it did, it was a mixture of uncooked to over cooked food. My food was ok, but there were a lot of over cooked hashbrowns that were too hard to chew.

PB110098 copy.jpg
PB110100 copy.jpg
PB110099 copy.jpg

Brayden said his food was not too good and for B to say that, there's gotta be something wrong. The kid loves his food as you can tell by his weight gain over the last year.


Sakari ordered scrambled eggs and said "They are burnt mommy, I can't eat these". There was absolutely nothing on them that appeared burnt. I tried them, they tasted burnt. Weird.

At some point drinks were forgotten and then somehow spilled and went all over the table, floor and Kendra. The older lady did not seemed pleased with this and had some more snide remarks as she had to mop up the floor.


Kendra and Billy ordered steak and eggs. Billy said it was probably the worse piece of steak he had ever tasted from any place ever. Kendra did not like hers either. But when they were bringing out their food, Kendra was still trying to clean up the wet table they didn't clean and she (the older lady) was holding their plates and asked who got what and Kendra was still trying to clean the table and make room and the lady said "Here, figure it out and I'll lay it here" and pretty much slammed the plate onto the table in a different area. Like really rude. I have no idea what her problem was. I do know I would never return there again if I stayed in the area. I can't believe this place was recommended.


Billy couldn't even finish his steak and eggs and he was ready to go. By the time we made it back to the hotel room, he was throwing up. He said it just made him so sick. He didn't even make it to the bathroom and ended up heading to the first place he could when he walked into the room...the sink in the kitchen area. Whoops. They had to call maintenance to come unclog it.


Kendra and I decided to walk over to the surf shop down the street beside the gas station to look for a pair of flip flops for Sakari. Her dinosaur feet have grown so much over the summer that she is down to only a pair of Nike Slides that fit. I managed to find her a pair of flip flops so at least she had 2 pairs of summer shoes to wear instead of tennis shoes the entire cruise.


We packed up our things and checked out of the hotel at noon. I had a 11am check in time I believe, but since Kendra is a late bloomer and didn't book until much later than I did, I think her only choice was around 1pm. So, it really didn't matter when I got there and had to go off her schedule.


I called Lyft for a ride to the cruise port with an estimate of around $6-7 total plus tip. I sent Kendra a code for being a "newbie" and her ride was free. It's a lot cheaper than using the hotel shuttle or a cab. We did go in 2 separate vans. Kendra's pulled up first and off they went...meanwhile, we watched ours pass the hotel and then turn around.


Our first glimpse of a ship in port:

PB190043 copy.jpg
PB190044 copy.jpg
23770247_10213609967017284_1838739687_o copy.jpg
23757744_10213609965937257_1297477339_o copy.jpg

And...Kam didn't get the memo about smiling for this one. She was ready to go and darted out midway during the snap!

PB190045 copy.jpg

You know it's about time to have some fun when you are walking the blue halls. Kam and Sakari was in the lead and excited.

PB110122 copy.jpg

Kendra was giving duck lips to someone on the phone.

PB110123 copy.jpg

We couldn't wait to see Kam's reaction.

PB110124 copy.jpg
PB110126 copy.jpg

I attempted a "stepping foot on the ship" pic but it was a little too dark in there.

PB110127 copy.jpg

We made it.

PB110129 copy.jpg
PB110128 copy.jpg

We headed straight to the bar to get our pop sticker. This would be the first time that I ordered this package prior to getting on the ship. You save a little bit of $$ and you can instantly start getting caffeined up. We normally do not drink alcohol when we cruise with Carnival. Maybe just a few here and there. I just can't justify spending that kind of money per drink. The drink package would never be worth it to us because we couldn't consume enough to make it worth the expensive price. So, we save our drinking for when we cruise with NCL and they are free.

However, Kendra didn't care what the price was and headed for her first alcoholic beverage.

IMG_2431 copy.jpg
IMG_2437 copy.jpg

This was her "birthday cruise" according to her fiance. He told her she could book this cruise as her bday gift from him (which her birthday is actually in September).


Daddy was chilling and oblivious to his background surroundings.

IMG_2439 copy.jpg

The girls decided to go out and dance on the dance floor in the atrium and were having a good time.

PB110133 copy.jpg

I picked up one of these so that I could figure my way around...only never to pick it up again and look at it. This is the sister ship of the Dream and Breeze. Pshhh, I know my way around already.

PB190009 copy.jpg

Since we were getting on the ship fairly late, we were told at check-in that our rooms would be ready.


We headed to find our lovely interior rooms. I had a room on deck 8 and Kendra on deck 6 and opposite ends of the ship. One would think I planned it this way, but honestly I didn't. Kendra actually took the last available interior at the time she booked so she was stuck with what they gave her.


When we arrived, we found this surprise for the hubby! We always sail on his birthday (lucky dog) and this would be the first time he had decorations to prove it.

IMG_2440 copy.jpg

He also had a beach towel and a picture frame to go with the decorations.



PB190020 copy.jpg
PB190021 copy.jpg

We decided to find some food since we were really not too satisfied with our breakfast.


We all split up and headed different directions from pizza to burritos to buffet.


I ended up with a burrito.

IMG_2441 copy.jpg
IMG_2442 copy.jpg

Brayden found a friend at the buffet. I have no idea where this came from or what they had to offer in there.

IMG_2443 copy.jpg

The hubby went to the bathroom and when he came out...everything was closed. Oops. He waited to long.


The safety drill was at 3:45pm and our meeting place was in one of the MDR. We sat down and was told to move that we were in the "special section". Wellllll excuuuuse me. I guess I'm not special after all.


The safety drill started and several voices gave us instructions on what to do in case we sunk, were attacked by pirates or any other odd things. This safety briefing was brought to you by Reverend Doctor E and he was HILARIOUS! So many voices and had people laughing during the entire drill. I love when they add a little bit of humor into it. I feel like it keeps people interested and listening and he definitely had the attention of all the guests. The drill started at 3:42 and ended at 3:45pm. Quickest, most entertaining drill ever!


After the drill we headed outside to watch the sailaway.

IMG_2445 copy.jpg

We met a couple and hung out with them for a little while as we pulled out. It was their first cruise and they were so excited asking all kinds of questions about the ports and such. She was a nurse...of course. I'm completely convinced that cruising is all nurses do. Every cruise there are so many of them. The weird thing is, we never seen this couple again during the cruise.

IMG_2450 copy.jpg
PB110147 copy.jpg
PB110149 copy.jpg

We headed down to the lido to dance all the cool dances they do at sailaway. It took awhile to locate Kendra. After the dancing was over, papaw Sam danced with Kam and she had a great time.

PB110154 copy.jpg

The ship photographer caught up with us...of course after dancing the day away with our messy hair, don't care look.

PB190038 copy.jpg

The wind had really picked up outside. It was getting a little chilly. I was a hot mess and so was my hair. We came back inside and decided to head to the room to see if our luggage had arrived (and it had).


I tried to take a picture of just how tangled my hair was, but it just wasn't giving the effect I wanted. It was seriously so tangled that I couldn't even run my fingers through it. It took me forever to locate my packed brush. I was almost starting to lose hope that I had even packed it (this has happened to me once before).

PB110156 copy.jpg

I noticed that we didn't have an ice bucket. What is going on here. We started out with ice buckets full out ice in the room. Then another cruise we got an empty ice bucket and had to ask for ice. buckets? I immediately called to ask for a bucket and they said they would deliver it and ask if I wanted ice daily. Absolutely! I had to have something to make my pop cold because the fridge/cooler isn't going to cut it.


I had most of our clothes and items put away when my ice bucket arrived...

PB110164 copy.jpg

Seriously? I don't even get an ice bucket with a lid to keep it cool? They have resorted to just a plastic pail? I'm kinda shocked. Like what did they do with all the ice buckets that they used to have in the rooms? Where are the tongs to pick up the ice? I would have to resort to using my hands? This is super weird.


We also did not have 3 pool towels (and only had 2). I'm pretty sure they know how many people will be staying in the room for that week. Most of the other times we have the correct amount so that tells me they must know ahead of time. Right?

So, since we are in the room, I might as well give you a tour of it. I hope you have enough time to stick with this part of the review...I mean this is a whopping 185 sq ft, so it may take awhile to show you around.


Our bedroom suite for the week.

PB170348 copy.jpg

Sakari's mini-suite bedroom for the week

PB170347 copy.jpg

Our suite living room for the week complete with loft over looking the room

PB110212 copy.jpg

The formal dressing room and hollywood movie star mirror and make up room

PB170349 copy.jpg
PB180383 copy.jpg

Our kitchen area with hidden refrigerator.

PB180384 copy.jpg

Hidden non-walk-in safe that doesn't even fit an 8x10 sheet of paper.

PB180386 copy.jpg

Our cooler to keep that pop at a luke warm temp for your convenience.

PB180387 copy.jpg

It came completed with a broken door hinge that wobbled every time you opened it.

PB120215 copy.jpg

It also came with a custom broken door shelf that was thrown to the side and a filthy shelf loaded with dust bunnies for your viewing pleasure.

PB110160 copy.jpg
PB110162 copy.jpg

I believe someone threw in some pop stains on it for extra points.

Go me! Cleaned and ready to load 3 shelves full of pop! Now only if it would arrive already!

PB180388 copy.jpg

Step into my walk in closet where you will find 3 huge doors to keep all of your crap out of site.


Behind door number 1 we have...shelves! Yippee. Plenty of room to put clothes.

PB180389 copy.jpg

Behind door number 2 we have hangers for all of those fancy-schmancy outfits you brought for the formal night...only I don't do formal, so this area was somewhat useless to me. I would stack our snorkeling equipment, towels and hang a few of our dress clothes in there...which don't consist of much...maybe 2 outfits each.

And behind door number 3 you have...another open area with more hangers and life vests. I would use this area as a place to store our dirty clothes during the week.

PB180390 copy.jpg
PB180391 copy.jpg

Next up is another broken door that wobbled as if the wobble song has just came on. It was our nightstand. Although still attached, it was barely hanging on.

PB120216 copy.jpg

Next up is our master bath.


We have the shower and toilet area, designed and arranged perfectly so if you get the urge to tinkle while in the shower, you don't even have to step out of it. Now that is convenience folks.

Directly in front of that is the mirror and sink area. Notice the awesome mirror attached to the wall that swings out. It's great for checking out your back side before leaving the room. Do these jeans make my butt look big? Don't take the word of your husbands...check it out yourself.

PB170344 copy.jpg
PB170345 copy.jpg

Loaded with those towels they keep reminding you of your duty to think long and hard about reusing the towels to save the world. I'm sorry but being in an interior room seems to have no way to dry a towel if you hang it up. It's not like at home where you can hang it up and there's a vent in there. It would take days to dry in the bathroom there and therefore, on the floor they go when I'm done with them. I usually take 2 showers a day and I'm not drying off with a wet towel.

My bathing suits take days to dry in there and although the whole pull out clothes line thingy across the shower is a great idea for dripping bathing suits, it gets really aggravating to constantly take the bathing suits off so that you can take a shower and then put them back up again...over and over and for 3 people ugh. I end up using every available area to hang them...towel racks, door knobs, whatever is available within my reach. They still don't dry so it's pointless. (Not to mention this shower had a constant drip and you could only use half of the line to begin with because it would keep your clothes wet).

PB170346 copy.jpg

So that completes our room tour. I hope you enjoyed your stay with us and please come again. Mi casa es tu casa. :D

Oh and btw, if any of you think I'm complaining about the little things in my room needing repaired, I'm not. I'm not much of a complainer. I could care less about the doors or whatever...maybe housekeeping didn't even know. Maybe someone on the last week broke it and didn't tell anyone. It's no big deal to me and that's why I never mentioned it to anyone (although I probably should have said something to maintenance so that it can get fixed for future resort guest in the room that just might have a relevance to making or breaking their Carnival experience. I mean little things like this can completely give them the "worst experience of their life" or in my terms, "on a scale of 1-10 how bad is the pain, I mean disgrace of the room?").


So how does everyone feel about a little tour of the ship about now? Yes? Yes! I see hands going up...especially from those that are getting ready to sail on the Magic.


Ok, majority wins and I over ruled. It's time for the ship tour. You can find that tour by clicking on the following...

So...back to our day...or at this point evening.


Our luggage had arrived per our butler and I started to unpack and put everything in it's proper place where no one would be able to find anything when it was needed for the next 7 days.


My pop had not arrived yet and now I was sitting there with a wine glass and melted ice that how now become "water on the rocks" with no caffeine in sight.


I was super tired from not getting any sleep the night before and I laid down to watch some t.v. waiting on my caffeine to arrive. I begged Sakari for a nap for mommy and she told me she would set her alarm for 7:15pm to wake me. It was already 6:40pm-ish. Sigh. Then by 6:55ish, our room butler, wait it is a girl, does that make her a butleress? Anyhow, she arrived and introduced herself and ask if I wanted 1 or 2x a day service. For the most part, I keep my room pretty clean (nothing like Kendra's of course where you can't see the floor by day 2), but I enjoy the freshen up in the morning and the turn down service at night. I feel all special and fancy-fancy by having this done. I'm sure the hubby enjoys a week off of not making the bed as well (rule in our house is last out of the bed makes the bed...and yes that includes all 8 fancy decor pillows that are only there for our viewing pleasure...and that means it's usually the hubby that gets this job). In reality, the only thing she would really be doing is turning down the bed and setting the "mood" lights on in the evenings. Super easy right? Yea, I'll take 2x day service please and thank you.


I'm pretty sure I didn't get the chance to nod off before that darn alarm went off and Sakari told me "times up".


I wanted to go to the Welcome Show because I had never been before. I have heard stories in the past that it is great and I figured I would find out for myself.

PB110166 copy.jpg

I believe I was told in the past that the welcome show involves bits and pieces of the shows to come during the week. However, that was not the case (or maybe it was just the wrong cruise line and NCL is the one that does that). The entire show consisted of Dr E, the cruise director. I have to admit though, it was a funny show that involved the longest wed couple to a newlywed couple. He used the newlywed guy for a skit that had us cracking up and involved using the guys arms as his own and making gestures depending on what Dr E said in the story. There was dancing involved and he did some dress up skits and so on. Pretty funny and I really liked this guy.


After the show, it was time for dinner. We "try" to do dinner in the MDR of the first night (and I've tried in the past to also go during sea days). I haven't been having too much luck with the buffet and Carnival on the last few cruises, so I was going to try to make it a point to go to the MDR more often this cruise. Stepping out of my comfort zone this time around...go me!

PB110168 copy.jpg

So what's on the menu...

PB110170 copy.jpg
PB110172 copy.jpg
PB110171 copy.jpg

Our bread basket came out. I think this is Sakari's favorite part of the meal each cruise.

PB110174 copy.jpg

We both ordered a salad...however, when they came out, they were both different. ??? How did this happen? Waiter...You look like a simple person, I'll give you just lettuce and croutons...and you sir, you look like a person that could use more, I'll give you something different with various opinions contained in your meal. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's how it went down behind the scenes.

PB110178 copy.jpg

Sakari ordered the "Strawberry Bisque". What the heck is a Bisque? She was confused and this confusion would last for quite some time. "I like strawberries, so this has to be good right mommy?" Yea, yea, I'm sure it is. Order it.


It came out...It was a strawberry that looked as if it was dissected and had a piece of grass on the plate. Oooooh, the look she gave me. She was speechless.

PB110177 copy.jpg

She really was...speechless...for quite some time. As a matter of fact, she didn't say a word until our server came back to pour in the rest of the meal. LOL


Then she perked up and was happy. Man that stuff was good!!!! I'll have to order it the next time.

PB110180 copy.jpg

I ordered the vegetable lasagna. I believe I had this the last time and it was so yummy. Well, not this time. There was just something about the way it "felt" and tasted. The consistency was sorta weird...maybe over cooked noodles and gooey? I guess that's the only way to describe it. It's just not what I had in the past.

PB110181 copy.jpg

I also ordered the mac & cheese & bacon. It's always so yummy.

PB110182 copy.jpg

Sakari ordered chicken breast...thinking it would be coming out as...a breast of chicken cooked on the bone. Instead it was just the breast and grilled. It was another "I'm shocked" moment for her.

PB110183 copy.jpg

And then this happened...I couldn't resist laughing and taking a picture.

PB110184 copy.jpg

The finished product...

PB110185 copy.jpg

Dessert Time. There was a couple one table over from us and I was admiring the way his desert looked. I inquired with our waiter what it was called and said I would like to try that and as a back-up I would also like the chocolate melting cake.

PB110186 copy.jpg

About me...I'm weird. I don't like steak. I don't like most red meat except hamburgers. I venture out maybe once a year and get a pork chop, ribs, or roast. I don't like chocolate...however, there are some exceptions to the chocolate rule. I like chocolate milk. I'll eat candy bars covered in chocolate but there needs to be something fantastic in the middle of cover most of the peanut butter. I do like brownies. I love white chocolate. I hate chocolate cake or anything else chocolate. So, the chocolate melting cake taste just like brownies to me and I do find it pretty good.


This is all I chocolate melting cake. Sigh I honestly didn't care for it.

PB110187 copy.jpg

Sakari played it safe with some ice cream.

PB110189 copy.jpg

The hubby ordered the fruit plate.

PB110188 copy.jpg

The ship photographer did catch up with us during our dinner. Sakari with her deer in the headlights look.

PB190039 copy.jpg

They also had a pirate that came around. I think Sakari has gotten over her fear of Pirates versus Mermaids. Or...she just feels comfortable around them because her mermaid status is a secret on the ship for the most part.

PB190036 copy.jpg

After dinner we decided to do a little shopping/browsing in the ship stores. I was on the hunt to find Sakari a pretty diamond studded lanyard so that I could cut off the plastic card holder and attach the other to her cell phone so that she could wear it around her neck. I was successful in finding one with blue-green-white studs that matches her peacock case. Score!

PB110191 copy.jpg

Remember the friendship rocks? It was time to place a few of those in various places around the ship.

PB110192 copy.jpg

SpongeBob was placed by the pool towel hut.

PB110197 copy.jpg
PB110198 copy.jpg
PB110200 copy.jpg

Sakari always begs for one of these suckers. She would successfully bribe Kendra into buying her one by the end of the cruise.

PB110201 copy.jpg

We headed back to the room because Sakari was complaining that she was tired and wanted to sleep.


When we arrived in the room and the hubby had a "gift" for it being his birthday...only we seem to get this spa gift card every cruise no matter if there's a birthday or not. We're no fools. The gift card is for $50 and I'm sure anything you do in there is at least twice the amount so it's a marketing scheme to get you to spend more money.


HOWEVER.....!!!!! You see that Pixel card? Well it was stuck to the spa card and I didn't even know it was in there and could have used it! Ugh...I'll check a little better next time. I discovered it after I got home and took this picture.

PB190004 copy.jpg

It was time to wind down and I always do that with my hot nightly shower to relax me. Only I didn't get very far because it wasn't draining...ugh

PB120214 copy.jpg

I would have to cut my shower super early and retire for the night. But first...I needed to get out my eye make-up remover sheets from my bag I hang over the door.


sniff sniff...hmm, these smell extremely good compared to what they used to. I usually take a few out of the original package and put them in a Ziploc baggie. So, there's no writing on the bag. Wait, these don't even feel soft like my eye make up remover sheets. sniff sniff again...OMG! These are the couple of dryer sheets I had put in a baggie to take with us on our land vacation to Aruba back in August and didn't use them because we didn't have a washer & dryer in the room like we were told. UGH! Ok, there's my blonde moment of the cruise. But in my defense, they look exactly the same and the same shape/size.


It was after 1am and it was time for bed. We had a big day tomorrow of doing absolutely nothing and I needed my beauty rest.

Oh...the ship was ROCKING!!! Like bad! There were barf bags everywhere. Of course it doesn't do anything to my crew (me, hubs and Sakari) and it's like getting drunk without the liquid.

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