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I have always considered to go Le Galion. It is a highly suggested beach for families and supposed to be a calm area for children. We are not your "normal" family that needs a calm area for families because our daughter has been swimming since she was 3 years old and is quite good. So, we have just never made it here.

I had read that it was really torn up and no services here now that the hurricane had destroyed everything. But, I wanted to see for myself and at least go there.

Along the way there houses were just torn up. You could see the destruction everywhere. It was so sad.

We had arrived and it was quite sad.


Nothing all. The palm trees looked so scarce and sad. No vendors. No chairs. No nothing. Not even tops on the ladies that were there. Just saying...

This place was a lot bigger than what I had imagined.








Looking back at the beach area. At one point a 4 wheeler tour showed up for a few minutes and then they were off.








P4030966 copy.jpg

The water was nasty looking. It was green. It wasn't very appealing at all. It was so sad to see. There was a lot of sea grass in the area too. Which normally, sea grass doesn't bother me "too much" IF the water is clear. You can find some interesting critters in the sea grass, so there are some benefits. However, you couldn't see anything in this water.


If you look way in the distance, there was this "spot" of blue water. Then the water was green after that. I'm not sure what that was about. We went out there and hung out for awhile. It was about shoulder deep.


I seen someone in a tent as well. Maybe someone who had lost their home in the hurricane that lived in the area?








P4030968 copy.jpg

I'm pretty sure this mermaid can't see anything.








P4030974 copy.jpg

My little mermaid finally got some water in her system and enjoyed her time here.








Sakari all of a sudden decided she needed to "do her business". She wouldn't do it around us and decided to go to the other side for some privacy. LOL


Sakari over on the other side....








P4030973 copy.jpg

Kia had told us about a salt water Olympic pool that they had created in Le Galion for swimming and diving. It was all gone.


Here's a picture I found on the web (not mine of course) of the "pool" they had there. The internet said they used to have a diving platform too there.









I do know there used to be a platform out in the water that you could also jump from. It was gone. Here's a picture of it from the internet (not my picture).









And another picture of what Le Galion used to look like with the palm trees, chairs/umbrella rental and even water sports (not my picture).









We enjoyed our day and hanging out here as well. Any day is a good day at the beach.


(My camera fogging up of course).








P4030978 copy.jpg

We packed up our things a few minutes after 1pm and decided to head out. The sun was blaring and hot and there really wasn't any shade here.


I took one last picture of the beach area and then we were on the road again.








P4030979 copy.jpg
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