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Where to Next? Time to guess...

After our recent cruise with NCL Joy I desperately searched for another cruise for us to take for our summer vacation. Like in the past, they do NOT like to offer many Caribbean cruises during the summer. I'm honestly not sure why. It's irritating for me. We always take a summer vacation and would love to be on a cruise exploring different places. But they make it very hard...unless you want to visit the same spots that everyone goes to over and over again...Western: Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize and Roatan. While we love all of these ports, we have just went there and went there MANY times (land vacationing there would be a different story). Honestly, there's other cruise lines we'd like to come back to and other cruise lines we'd like to try. However, we have a BUNCH of Cruise Next certificates that was purchased pre-covid that we need to use up, which makes it hard to consider booking with another cruise line at this time. We feel a little trapped at this point. 

So land vacation it is for us this summer!! On our last land vacation to Isla Mujeres, I played a little game of guessing where we were going. I hope those that participated had a fun time and those that won liked it even more. :)  I have decided to do it again. This time the game will be a "little" different.

Each week, on Saturday, I will post a "hint" regarding where we are going. It will start with very generalized hints and get more specific as the time goes on. We leave in 7 weeks, so plenty of time for the opportunity to guess correct. 


*Only 1 guess per hint each week

*The first person to guess right will get a prize for sure (but you will not know if you got it right)

*Those that guess right after that will be put in a pot and a winner drawn for a prize.

Sounds fun right? I mean what do you have to lose by trying? Good Luck and today is the first I said, it's generic.


Week 1 Hint:

1) We will be going somewhere in the Caribbean for our land vacation



Week 2 Hint:

2) It is a (smaller) island and we have never done a land vacation here before



Week 3 Hint:

Sorry for the delay. I had a busy (1) day off and spent it with my grandson taking his 1st birthday pictures.   :)

3) It is considered part of the Western Caribbean

Remember, you can guess once a week and you can change your guess from the previous week.



Week 4 Hint:

4) It has a place no one wants to go but visitors go anyhow.



Week 5 Hint:

5) You drive on the left hand side



Week 6 Hint: Last Hint before we leave

6) It is known for a famous animal tour



Announcement & Winners:

Many thanks to everyone that played along. We are 1 week from our departure and are very excited to visit GRAND CAYMAN!! 

I had some awesome guesses and one awesome person was the very first person to guess correct. This person will be assured a gift from us from our trip:

*** Sheree***

As the weeks went on, more and more people guessed correctly and my excitement heightened to see all the people playing along...although I have to admit, finding clues that (I thought) might throw people off track was hard to do (and from all of those that were getting it correct, proved that I wasn't doing a very good job of this lol ). But none-the-less, I was having a good time with it and hopefully you all were as well. 

Winners that will be put into our drawing pot when we return are as follows:

Week 2: Michelle

                Louann H

Week 3: 0 correct guesses

Week 4: Louann H




                Melissa T



                Beth L



                Barb K




                Melissa F



Week 5:  Louann H

                 Donna G


                 Melissa T





Week 6:  Louann H

                 Deborah G

If there's anyone I missed and you don't see your name on the list, please reach out to me so that I can look it up.


Stay tuned for my review to start some time after we return on August 14th. After my review, we will have the drawing for the other gift as we did on our last land vacation and all the people that guessed correct will be sent a link to view the video. Make sure you send me your email so that I can send you the link to the video. 

Until then...happy vacationing to all. See you soon!


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