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 La Cueva Del Mar: OSJ


Favored by locals and tourists alike, La Cueva del Mar is the ideal spot for a casual lunch or dinner, as well as, a night out for drinks with friends thanks to its relaxed and lively atmosphere. Its original location is in Guaynabo, however, due to its meteoric success, in the past year it has opened two additional locations in Loiza Street and Old San Juan. Insiders tip: Regardless of what location you visit, the place is usually packed, so be prepared to wait to be seated.

A visit to La Cueva del Mar is not complete without ordering their scrumptious fish tacos. You can have them as an appetizer (one taco) or order them as a main course, which includes three tacos. The lightly breaded and crisp grouper bites topped with the crunchy slaw mixed with a mayonnaise and Sriracha based sauce will have you hooked from the first bite. They are the perfect complement to an ice-cold beer or drink. A definite must have when visiting La Cueva del Mar.

We decided to stop here for dinner and we were pleasantly surprised that it would become one of my favorite meals in OSJ.

The best tasting thing I have ever had. They were to die for! Even better than the shrimp. It made me wish that I had just ordered the fish tacos. I will know next time!!!

The hubby does NOT like fish...or seafood, but I have turned him on to shrimp scampi over the years and he will eat that. I insisted that he take a bit of my fish tacos and even though he put up one heck of a fight, he tried them and even liked it. Not enough to ever order any, but enough to not give me his puke face and that was good enough for me.


Hubby ordered chicken "balls" of some sort. Or maybe they were crispy balls of chicken. I can't remember the name. But they came and they were definitely CRISPY!

At one point he actually ask the waitress if they were over cooked and got the reply that's why they are called crispy chicken balls or whatever. Hmmm, makes sense right?


Sakari played it safe with regular chicken tenders. No crispy balls for her.





When we return to OSJ, we will definitely be coming back to this place!!!




We returned and like I said, we came back. :)

I just knew I had to order the fish tacos again. Last time I got 2 of each (fish and shrimp) and even though I'm a shrimp lover...the fish was so amazing that I knew I just wanted to order the fish only. They come with 4 of them and it is really hard to eat all 4. I really wish they had a smaller portion.  They also tasted a little different this time...still good, but a little spicy or hot. .I'm not sure what's different??? But they were still good.


After eating here twice, and loving it, I probably won't return back again because I like to experience new places and things. I would still highly recommend this place to everyone.


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