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Mitsugirly had a JOYful cruise

Day 7 April 13, Thursday: Cozumel, Mexico

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Well is it rise and shine time already? I mean have I even went to sleep yet? It sure didn't feel like it. Being up with cramps most of the night left me drained. But, I was feeling a little better when the loud obnoxious sound of my alarm went off and my eyelids peeled themselves open on cue. No more cramps, but my stomach was a little upset this morning.

Since I didn't get a chance to pack last night, it was time to pack this morning. I would check and double check and triple check again. Yep, I have everything I needed this time.

We headed up to the buffet for breakfast and I had three bites of eggs and a few pieces of bacon and really didn't feel like much more. I was afraid that it would upset my stomach more and we had a big day. I didn't even bother to take a picture of the food today.

Out to the deck for a few pictures of pulling into port.

P4130219 copy.jpg
P4130220 copy.jpg
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Once we were done, it was time to head off the ship. We were greeted by a scary jaguar, which I didn't realize they had jaguars in Cozumel. 

Today, the guys on the bikes would be working the docks and we weren't about to disrespect and say no to a ride. Yep, we happily fit into 1 seat comfortably. Another milestone.

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We made it to our drop off point.

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Now it was time to start our long journey through the port that never ends. They make it so difficult in this port. Instead of going right out to the street, you go up the escalator, across the shopping area over the street and to the end, then back down and back through the shopping area back to the street. #rollseyes  They always make sure that the escalator going from the top to the street is running in the wrong direction each time.

At least there's an escalator to take you up to the top within the port when you first start.

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The shops along the way:

P4131393 copy.jpg
P4131394 copy.jpg
P4131396 copy.jpg
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Once you make it out to the street you feel this feeling of accomplishment like you had just won a race. 

So, now it was time to find a taxi. We walked out to the street and a lady waved at me and said she'd take us to our location. She told us the cost would be $20. I was honestly not sure that this price seemed right but we were ready to get the day started!

We are going back to CHANKANAAB! We fell in love with this place back in 2011 and again in 2012. We've always wanted to return but have been out experiencing other places. When we went to Cozumel on our land vacation in 2021, I swore we would go back...but ran out of time. 

I gave Sakari the opportunity to come back here and do something "interesting" at Chankanaab, go someplace new (if that was possible) or go back to a place she really liked (Buccano's). She decided on the "interesting" idea...of course.

So, I told her we could do the SeaTrek or Snuba. She wanted to do Snuba even though we had just went diving the day before. Hey, I'm up for it!  Sakari said she loves Snuba because you don't have to carry the tank on your back. Ok, good enough excuse for me.

I did try to google video's or pictures of the Snuba there and I wasn't really sure that there was much to see. I did see picture's around the statues and I figured that was a great opportunity to see them up close. Good enough for me.

I booked using ShoreExcursioneer online. The total price for the Snuba would be $164.97. They required a $49.47 deposit at the time of booking. This did NOT include the price of admission to the park. Our excursion was for 10am. I figured we'd do this early enough to have the rest of the day to spend in the park. Perfecto!

Mapa-Chankanaab-2021 copy.jpg

We have arrived

IMG_0156 copy.jpg

Once we arrived we headed up to a worker to tell him we were there for a booked swim and I showed him my paperwork. They said they would go get someone. We sat at the entrance for a little bit waiting on someone to return. 

P4131399 copy.jpg

The hubby went off to find us some pop and I asked to go in the gates and go to the bano's, which is located behind the Chankanaab waterfall at the entrance. 

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Someone came to get us and they had wrist bands for us to put on. Then in we went.

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He led us to the area they do the swims. It was located by the "family" area beach, which is an easy entrance beach to a cove like swimming area.

P4131403 copy.jpg
P4131404 copy.jpg

We paid our balance and they told us we could just hang out for awhile or look around. We decided to go on a little self-guided tour toward the replica ruins.

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